Thursday, December 21, 2017

2017-12-21-145 Sessions Looks at Uranium One…

An NBC report which appeared linked on the Drudge Report indicated that Jeff Sessions has ordered Justice Department prosecutors to look at the investigation of the Uranium One deal again.  Should anyone have any hope that a new look into the corrupt Uranium One deal would have a different outcome from the same people who saw no evil the first time?

As a matter of fact, all of the people involved in the cover up investigation are the ones who will be looking at the Uranium One scam again.  Additionally, all of the prosecutors are the ones who already looked into the Uranium One deal and found no evil.  And the cynic in me suspects that the wise old politician Jeff Sessions would not have launched the inquiry without already knowing how the results would turn out. 

So, I suspect the fix is in again just like it was for Hillary and FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to charge Hillary Clinton for obvious crimes regarding her private email server.  Now the fix is in for the second time to see no evil regarding Hillary and Bill Clinton’s deep involvement and pay to play for the sale of twenty percent of the United States uranium deposits to the nation’s number one global competitor, Russia.

I predict the outcome will be that there is no there there.  They will for many mysterious reasons not be able to draw and legal lines and against the Clintons.  And once again the Clintons will go unscathed for their obvious crimes.  They protect their own.
Prosecutors ask FBI agents for info on Uranium One deal
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Friday, December 15, 2017

2017-12-15-144 Trump Takes No Bait…

Robert Mueller is the bait.  Robert Mueller is the trap.  The bait?  The trap?  Yes.  The bait dangled in front of a supposedly na├»ve Donald Trump, the newly elected President of the United States.

Trump was expected to fire Mueller almost immediately.  That was key to the trap.  It was the key to the bait.  Trump’s opponents expected Trump to fire Mueller so that they could charge OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and start impeachment proceedings.   But Trump didn’t take the bait.  And Attorney General Jeff Sessions jumped out of the way of the trap by recusing himself of the “investigation”.  And that left pro-Hillary Rod Rosenstein in charge of everything Russian related.  And now Rosenstein sees no evil in Mueller and his rabidly anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-Republican team.

They knew there was no there there.  There was nothing to find from the start.  They all knew it.  The point was NOT to find ANYTHING.  They just wanted Trump to fire Mueller.  They expected that the impeachment proceedings would have started months ago.  They expected that the impeachment proceedings would be well underway by now.  Maybe they expected the impeachment to be finished by now.

But Trump didn’t take the bait.  Trump didn’t trigger the trap.  Instead he let an investigation into nothing continue and continue and continue.  Day after day, week after week and month after month, Mueller and his team began to look bad.  Then they began to smell bad.  And now they are smelling with their own corruption as Mueller’s team tries to find something, anything to charge Trump with.

And now enough has leaked to understand that this was a conspiracy created by those within the FBI at the highest levels and implemented by Hillary loyalists at the FBI.  This is the complete corruption of the top law enforcement agency of the United States.  And it also now involves a conspiracy to cover it all up.  That is Mueller’s job now.  Mueller and his people are insuring no charges are brought against the very people who conspired against Trump’s election.  Instead, Mueller is still desperately looking for something, anything to charge Trump with so that his team won’t look like the phony trap that they are.

So, Jeff Session’s cannot be expected to shut Mueller down.  And now Rod Rosenstein has put his full support behind Mueller and his investigation into nothing.  So, who is the ONLY person who can shut it down?  President Donald J. Trump.  But how does Trump shut it down without triggering the bastard Democrats and RINO Republican with accusations of OBSTRUCTION?  The ONLY way to do it is if the recommendations and calls for the shutdown of the Mueller frameup comes from other sources and become loud enough.  Already several members of the House have recommended Trump shut down the investigation and FIRE MUELLER.  But not the “right” members of Congress. I wonder if Trump is waiting for Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, two of the bluest Republican RINOs in the Establishment, to demand and insist that Trump shut down the investigation.  Only then would Trump have the moral authority to let Mueller go and NOT trigger accusations of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.  Only then can Trump move to shut down this obviously useless investigation into nothingness without calls for impeachment. 
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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017-12-6-144 Cool Hand Donald…

Some time ago, I characterized the appointment of this special counsel as a trap.  This special counsel was appointed even though the appointment violates the special counsel law which requires evidence of an actual crime.  This is no evidence of any crime and there never has been.

But the Democrats and RINO Establishment sympathizers appointed a special counsel anyway in violation of the law.  And from the beginning, the Democrats expected the newbie president, Donald J. Trump, to FIRE the special counsel.  And THAT would be the sole grounds for IMPEACHMENT.  In other words, the Democrats set a trap to frame Trump for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE CHARGES.  But it is and was dependent upon Trump firing the special counsel.

Now we can see that the special counsel has a big problem.  There is no original crime to investigate.  They have failed to find anything.  And I guess that by now the special counsel his pissed off that Trump has NOT fired him yet.  Instead, the cagey president let the investigation into nothing go nowhere as he knew it would.  So the special counsel is now standing there with no case, no charges, no accusations.  The special counsel has nothing because there is nothing.  The special counsel was supposed to be fired.  So the special counsel never expected to get this far into the “investigation”.

So, Trump never triggered the trap.  Trump did NOT fire the special counsel.  Trump let the special counsel run with it anyway.  And they have not been able to accuse Trump of obstruction of justice and set the grounds for impeachment. 

So, the special counsel has a problem.  He knows there is no crime.  He knows he will never find a crime.  But he must find a crime or he will look bad.  He has to find a way out of this investigation into nothing.  Trump is not going to give it to him.  The special counsel will have to find a way to terminate the investigation without finding any crime at all except for the process crimes with which they created to entrap their political targets.

Donald Trump is playing a very patient hand against the Democrats and the special counsel.  He is not going to submit to their bluff.  Trump knows he has the winning hand and he is playing it very, very coolly.  We might even call Trump “Cool Hand Donald”.  I like that!
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017-11-22-143 A Booming Economy…

Recently, I have seen something in my area that I have not seen since the 1960s.  What is it that I have seen?  It’s help wanted signs.  That’s right.  Help wanted signs in all sorts of local establishments.

The first one I saw was last week.  I was out for a drive and I passed a local gas station and repair shop that I have driven by for decades.  They had a “help wanted mechanics” sign outside their place.  I was shocked.  As I said already I have not seen help wanted signs in front of local establishments since the 1960s.  And yesterday, as I walked into my local supermarket I saw that their door was covered with several large signs advertising positions available in all departments of the store. 

Two things are most likely contributing to this phenomenon.  Donald Trump’s eviction of illegal immigrants and a massively improving economy.  And this is a good thing.  It is NOT a bad thing.  This is the natural course that should be part of the normal American economy.  But the influx of massive amounts of illegal aliens occupied any and all of the available jobs that might have gone to local American citizens.

And subsequent to this phenomenon, as labor supply decreases the wage requirements will OF NECESSITY INCREASE in order to entice local available labor to take those jobs still open.  So the minimum wage that the fascist socialist labor unions are pushing will no longer be needed.  This is called the supply and demand of a free economy.  But it was suppressed and distorted by the massive influx of illegal invaders who were taking these jobs at off the book rates way below the standard labor requirements.

This is a good thing that is happening to America.  It’s something that has been deliberately depressed by the Establishment politicians over the last 70 years.  And Donald Trump, the President of the United States and business man, has brought prosperity back to America.  That’s what it is called!  Prosperity!!! Prosperity for Citizens of the United States.
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Monday, November 20, 2017

2017-11-20-142 Preparing Roy Moore for the Win…

2017-11-20-142 Preparing Roy Moore for the Win…

By now I am certain that most if not all people have heard about Judge Roy Moore’s run for United States Senator from Alabama.  The Establishment Republicans appear to be desperate to keep Moore out of the Senate at all costs.  Someone has even gone so far as to produce fake evidence of Roy Moore signing some high school girl’s year book as a means of smearing Moore.

But here’s the real rub.  Is Roy Moore ready for the win?  Winning will be a great triumph of the crooked Establishment bastards that have smeared a good man.  Moore successfully triumphed over a crooked Establishment backed candidate in the primaries.  And Moore looks to be poised to win in the general special election in December.  But is ready for what will follow?

Judge Moore will have to know that he will be treated with the greatest of contempt by just about every politician in Washington.  They all view him as radically outside of the crooked orbit because Roy Moore is a hardcore Christian who will not go along to get along.  Roy Moore’s vote will be crucial to those crooked bastards who want their evil schemes to continue unabated.  Moore will not go along. 

And Roy Moore will also experience the rejection of just about every bureaucrat in Washington as well.  Moore had better be VERY careful about who he lets into his office, his orbit of advisers and consultants.  Each one will be looking to aid Moore’s enemies during the course of Moore’s first term in office.  They will be looking to frame Moore 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until they succeed.  I am sure Roy Moore is a smart man, certainly smarter than I.  But he is going into the shark pool with people who are just as smart or maybe smarter than he.  It is a dangerous place to be especially if he is alone.

I hope Roy Moore is already thinking about those he will bring to Washington with him.  I am hoping that he ensures that they are trustable.  Because for the next six years, ALL of the Senators and MOST of the Congressmen are going to make Roy Moore’s life in Washington as unbearable as possible.  And this is just about the BEST the Roy Moore will be able to expect. 

A word to the wise, Judge Moore.  Beware of the setups.  Learn as much as you can about the seedy, underbelly of the real machinations of your Washington counterparts.  Protect your integrity at all times.  And NEVER find yourself alone with your enemies even if they appear to be your friends.  Think ahead, Judge Moore, and be ready.  Because they are not finished with you and they never will be.
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

2017-11-18-141 Crippling America’s Naval Defenses…

Did you hear that the United States Navy suffered yet another damaging collision with a foreign vessel?  This time it appears that a Japanese tug boat “lost” power and drifted into the path of an American Naval destroyer.  The damage is claimed to be light and that is a good thing.  But still, it puts yet another American guided missile vessel out of commission until it is properly repaired.  This puts a bigger hole in America’s North Korean defense system.

Is it any wonder that there have now been FIVE U.S. Naval collisions according to ABC News?  Three were collisions with other large, fast moving vessels which inflicted great damage and took lives.  Those vessels are still out of commission.  Now just today, another one goes out of commission. 

Is it any wonder that all of these damaged vessels were “attacked” in the Pacific fleet?  Probably not.  But that’s only if you think like a conspiracy nut.  Otherwise, these are just four coincidental accidents.  Nothing more to see in it.  Just move along.  Right?

And how brilliant an idea would that be?  What idea?  To downsize your enemy’s Naval fleet by causing collisions with random civilian vessels.  No missiles fired.  No cannons roaring.  No declarations of war.  Just “accidents”.  Which over time reduce the preparedness of the Pacific Fleet.  Why?  Well, if those ships are designed to protect America from enemy missiles with an anti-ballistic missile system you would want those ships removed from service so you could launch your own missiles.  Each ship which is removed from service means less chance of defending against enemy missile launch.  Get it yet?  Understand what is going on here?  Probably not.  You’re probably more worried about your next doobie or what is on TV next.
US warship collides with Japanese tug boat
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Monday, October 23, 2017

2017-10-23-140 The Internet Through a Keyhole…

I think I might be ruining my eyes with my new smart phone.  It seems now that I have this device I am utilizing it for closer Internet access.  I seem to do a lot more reading now.  But the print on the smart phone is so small.  I think, over time, it is causing me eye strain.  The small print coupled with bad colors on web sites makes for poor reading environments.

I figured out how to tether my laptop to my cell phone.  Do you know what that is?  The cell phone has an app feature which makes the smart phone a Wi-Fi hotspot complete with WPA 2 password encryption.  This allows me to connect my Wi-Fi laptop to my cell phone.  I can access the Internet from my laptop through the smart phone.

So just this week I connected my laptop to the Internet and performed some update checks.  I updated my McAfee AntiVirus software first.  Then I performed a check of Microsoft Windows 10 updates.  And there were updates.  One update was a Microsoft “feature” update.  It turned out to be a seven gigabyte download!!!  Through my smart phone that took about five hours!!!  Then the Microsoft update installed and completed after another hour.  I was up the entire night monitoring the updates!!!  And that seven gigabytes of download impacted my monthly data limit of twenty-two gigabytes.  I am now trying to manage my way back to reasonable daily limits. 

I have not checked in with the hot spot app since the seven gigabyte feature update. I am fairly certain that there will be more updates for the new feature update.  I don’t want them impacting my data subscription this early in the data period.  I am not even half way into the data period yet but I have now used more than half of my monthly data limit.  I don’t want it impacted by more updates from Microsoft.  But I will have to eventually face the music soon.  As a matter of fact, I will have to run the hot spot to post this blog.

I created a monster spread sheet to track all of my data usage.  More on this in the next blog post.
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

2017-10-12-139 Was Stephen Paddock CIA???

Was Stephen Paddock a ghost?  It certainly seems like it so far.  The alleged lone wolf shooter with a massive amount of fire power in his Mandalay hotel room who opened up with automatic rifle fire on a crowd of country western concert goers seems to have absolutely no reason to do what he did, according to investigating officials.

Furthermore, it is alleged that he was a “wealthy” “professional” gambler.  It is alleged so far that he actually made his fantastic wealth from gambling.  Anyone with half a brain knows that no one makes wealth from gambling especially if they play the slot machines.  It’s just not possible.  So, from where did Paddock get his money.

The one good thing about the professional gambler story is that all of his gains would be in CASH.  So it would be extremely difficult to trace his cash gains.  It is also possible that government agencies could have funneled cash to Paddock.  It is also possible that Paddock made his gains through many deeply illegal means and washed them through the gambling casinos.  That’s the story that makes the most sense.  The professional gambling story is most likely just a front to cover Paddock’s illegal activities. 

But if Paddock were CIA that could also explain a lot.  And it could also be a BIG reason why not much information is getting out about Paddock.  The government wants to keep the truth buttoned up about Paddock.  Maybe one of their own went nuts and this is the result.

Stephen Paddock’s brother, Eric, gave a long, rambling half hour interview with reporters outside his home a few days ago.  During this rambling, Eric Paddock mentioned something about renting apartments.  He was using it as an example for something else.  But he indicated that he and his brother might have been in the apartment rental business.  Maybe that’s part of where Stephen Paddock got his money, real estate rentals.  But that would be traceable and had nothing to do with gambling.

So the question remains.  How could someone so allegedly wealthy leave virtually no trace behind himself?  How could he slip through his life without a digital lifeprint in the age of the Internet?  Unless he needed to be that way.  Unless there was good reason to keep himself virtually invisible.  What could that reason possibly be?

One thing is certain.  We, the People, will never know.  We will only know what the FBI wants us to know.  The rest will be covered up.
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Thursday, September 7, 2017

2017-09-07-138 Trump Deals, American Citizens LOSE…

Many pundits in the media thought it was very strange that Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein took a complementary tone in a speech she gave about a week ago to Democrat supporters.  It sent her audience into a raging tizzie that she should complement Trump.  Do you remember that?  I thought it was strange also.

Then about the same time Democrat Minority Leader Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi also made some complementary remarks about President Trump.  Very strange doings indeed!

Then Trump announced the deal he had reached with the Democrats just yesterday.  The deal was for support on the debt ceiling increase and also relief for Texas after Hurricane Harvey.  But there is obviously more to this deal than anyone has said.

Trump, I BET, told Democrats he would sign a DACA amnesty bill in six months if they can get one to his desk!  That’s the deal!  Trump is going to sell out his base for a win on the debt ceiling and Harvey relief!  That’s the real deal.  And don’t be surprised if Trump starts acting like Obama 2.0 in the months and years ahead.  I am beginning to worry that Trump has had enough of the RINO stonewalling and will do whatever Schumer and Pelosi want just for a few victories.

Trump and Sessions made a big deal out of proclaiming that they have ended DACA processes and policies.  But then the White House made clear that DACA would not die for 6 months.  So as of RIGHT NOW DACA still lives.  DACA has NOT died.  And Trump gave the Democrats six months to produce a Dreamer Amnesty bill and get it to his desk.  I bet he made the promise that he would sign the bill no matter what was in it!

So, DACA isn’t going to die.   If the landscape shapes up the way it appears to be then DACA will become the law of the land.  Trump seems to have agreed to it.  We shall see.    Maybe this is the price for a second term?

Maybe all of Trump’s supporters should start feeling like one of his EX-WIVES?
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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

2017-09-06-137 The End is Not the End…

So, when does DACA really end, Mr. President?  U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a wonderful statement about the illegality of DACA and how his Department of Justice terminated it.  But, Mr. President, you said it would terminate in six months.  That not terminating DACA.  Is it?  So, when does DACA officially and completely end, Mr. President?

All you have done, Mr. President, is muddy the water now.  No one knows what is going on anymore.  No one knows if the policies of Obama are still running or if they have been officially terminated.  I am guessing that they are still running even though Jeff Sessions went through his big song and dance routine about ending DACA.  I am betting that NOTHING has happened between the day before Jeff Sessions’ big announcement and the day after Jeff Sessions’ announcement.  Nothing has changed. 

It seems to me like you are really trying to have your cake and eat it too, Mr. President.  It seems to me you want to keep your promise to kill DACA dead yet you don’t want to disaffect the portion of the potential voting public who want to keep DACA.  Hence, you gave it six months to live.  So, DACA is not dead yet.  And if I hear your message correctly, Mr. President, DACA will never REALLY die.  Will it?

What I don’t understand it the change in attitude, Mr. President.  This is something that an Establishment politician would pull on the LEGAL citizens of the United States, Mr. President.  It’s NOT what we elected you to do.  Ted Cruz would have done this.  Any of the other candidates would have done this.  It seems to be like you are turning into one of those other candidates, Mr. President. 

I only hope that the 2018 mid-term elections go against Democrats big time.  Not only that, I hope that all of the Republicans get primaried out of the Congress for even MORE conservative Republicans.  It’s a long shot but it’s the only shot we have.  The bastards in Congress right now are not looking out for the citizens of this nation. 

I guess this was to be expected.  After all, this is politics.  But I really expected more from you and your administration than we have gotten so far, Mr. President.  And it seems like your administration is slipping into the swamp.  Maybe this was to be expected also.
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Monday, September 4, 2017

2017-09-04-136 A War with One will be War with All…

Does any other American hope that our leaders at the highest levels of the government have this well thought out?  America through its own series of faults has let at least one third level malevolent state develop weapons of mass destruction.  And now they face the results of their own policies with a mad Asian apparently intent on destabilizing the world.

We all must know that we have been lied to by every single presidential administration about North Korea ever since the armistice terminated hostilities on the Korean peninsula.  Indeed, many past administrations contributed mightily to the North Korean march to nuclear power status.  They simply kicked that bad can down the road as the old saying goes.  But now the can cannot be kicked down the road anymore.  It’s right in our face now.  All the time it was being protected by China and Russia.

But any kind of military strike on North Korea will not be an isolated act.  We, the People of the United States, know this.  China will not tolerate it.  China will see it as an attack on its old ally.  So, we can expect China will react militarily if there is a strike on North Korea.  Potentially, China will launch a first strike upon the United States in an attempt to neutralize the U.S. action on North Korea. 

But don’t leave Russia out of this monstrous equation.  Russia has already come down on any side that is anti-U.S.  So, Russia will also side with the NoKos.  It may very well be possible that Russia will also launch a well timed first strike against the United States AFTER China’s first strike in order to finish the job.  It has the potential of being a conflagration never conceived by humanity.

Then there are other second level malevolent nuclear actors who most likely would try to take advantage of the exploding Third World War.  Although they have their own local enemies to deal with it might be to their advantage to work with the rest of the world against the United States in the event of nuclear war break out. 

And this brings in another facet of the world geo-political alliances.  Can the United States really depend upon any or all of its alleged allies when nuclear war breaks out?  We already know that Merkel of Germany has indicated otherwise.  Obviously, the European Union is driven in the same direction.  So, the United States allied forces of NATO may very well balk when they see the missiles of the two most powerful nuclear nations raining down upon the world’s most powerful nuclear nation.  After all, if the NATO nations survive the nuclear war they will have to find a way to get along with the “winners”.  Right?

So, I suspect that the United States will stand alone against the missiles of North Korea then China then Russia then maybe Pakistan then maybe Iran.  And this doesn’t count any other nations around the world which might have been secretly set up and armed with nuclear missiles to contribute to the final annihilation of America.  I suspect there are many such nations throughout the West Indies, South and Central America.

I don’t know that we have much of a choice any more.  The United States played the global cards very badly since World War Two.  And now we find ourselves in a very precarious position.  You know the globalists in Washington DC don’t want you to think about any of this.  Just keep shopping as George W. Bush told us to do after the muslim attack on America on September 11, 2001.  Hey!  We are just a few days away from the anniversary of that horrific day.

Unfortunately, this is in the prophecies.  And prophecies must be fulfilled or they would not be prophecies.  Would they?  Billions will die when it happens.  Are you ready for it?  The survivors will envy the dead.  Are you ready for a truly global trauma of proportions never dreamed before by the human mind? 

I hope the leaders at the highest levels of our government have this well thought out.  The scary part is that they do, that they expect the worst and that they want the worst to happen.  It may very well be part of their plan to bring about their New World Order.

Don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If you survive.
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Friday, September 1, 2017

2017-09-01-135 Cut the Cord…

I cut the cord with my cable company this past month.  I am now free and clear.  They have their “rental” equipment back and I am free of the ever increasing bills.  In truth, I should have dropped them years ago because of financial situations.  But I really wanted to keep their Internet connection.  That was the ONLY good thing about them and it was really important to me.  And the slow rise in charges each month didn’t seem like a lot.  But over time it became a burden.

I had the whole package from them.  They were my TV provider, my home phone provider and my Internet provider.  And when I first signed on with them their rates were reasonable.  There was a cost savings to move my home phone from the Plain Old Telephone system of AT&T to my cable company.  For technical reasons, it turned out to be a big mistake.  The POTS telephone system remained running when cell towers and cell phones ran out of electricity during power outages.  POTS is and always will be a MORE RELIABLE phone system than the cell phone system.

But the cable company seemed to have this way of “pushing” products on you that you don’t want and don’t need.  It first happened to me when I received an email from them saying that my “Family Package” was no longer a product being offered.   But they would “upgrade” me to a better package for just ten dollars a month more.  Well, I was pretty angry about that but what could I do.  So I took it.

And over the years, new and increasing taxes added on to the cable burden.  Not only was I paying all the extra federal taxes on my cable bill, I was also pay the same taxes on my cell phone bill.  Another reason to drop cable. 

But lately they have been pushing me to subscribe to anther package I don’t want.  They were pushing ShowTime.  I didn’t want it and didn’t need it.  But I could tell that they would just dump it on my bill soon enough.  And on top of THAT they were also pushing another ten megabytes per second of Internet speed on me.  Each of these were for ten dollars per month EACH!  And neither of which I needed.

That’s enough!  My cable bill was almost at two hundred dollars a month now and they wanted to push these new charges onto my account.  Enough!  I could lease a decent car for that kind of money instead of driving a sixteen year old car!  So, I cut the cord.  Now they have nothing from me and I am free.  I turned to my cell phone provider for Internet as that is all I need.  Right now I am still sorting out details of usage.  I signed up for a twenty-two gigabyte a month “unlimited” plan for ninty-five dollars a month.  But simple math will tell you that’s less than a gigabyte per day.  If you know anything about video content most people watch that before breakfast.  I know I did.  I am still working out the details on the Internet access.

A couple of days ago I heard talk show host Michael Savage make a prediction that cable companies will all go broke within three years.  He alluded to the competition with smartphone Internet access.  I was shocked because this is exactly the way I was going.  Maybe Savage will be right.  Maybe not.  I wish he had spoken more about that subject.  Maybe he will in the future.

So, now I am without a home phone for the first time in my life.  It feels kind of weird.  I have no television either but I really don’t miss that except maybe for Turner Classic Movies and Fox Business Channel.  Those were the ONLY two channels I ever watched whenever I did watch TV.  The rest of my channels could have been scrapped!  But cable does not work like that.  Does it?

All I know is that I cut the cord with my cable company.  And I feel GREAT about it.  Too bad for them!  So it goes.
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2017-08-22-134 Judgement Upon America…

The die is cast.  The eclipse marked the change in America.  It’s going to be obvious to some soon enough.

Many, many Americans believe that the hand of God assisted in the election this past November.  Through all odds, the challenger conquered a Goliath.  And much of America was relieved that a suspected criminal was not elected. 

This eclipse will mark the change in the current administration.  Profound change from what had been expected.  Watch the words carefully.  And more importantly, watch the opposition fade way.  The Beast has taken over anyway.  We will never know the whole story.  Ever!  But we will witness it through words and actions and reactions and deeds.

The prophecies must be fulfilled.  And now they will be fulfilled.  Things are going to happen that many through history said would never happen and could never happen in America.  But it is happening now.  And it will get worse. 

Expect Trump’s opposition to start equating his newly formed strategy in Afghanistan with the Vietnam War.  Expect Antifa to take up the side of the Weather Underground of the 1960s in opposition to the Afghanistan War.  Expect the Mainstream Media to pump up the comparisons and contrasts between Trump and Afghanistan with Nixon and Vietnam.  And don’t be surprised if they concoct a very good reason to re-institute the draft.  After all, Afghanistan isn’t going to be like Vietnam if everyone doesn’t have skin in the game.  Don’t be surprised.  It’s all in the plan.  No, they won’t drop their race war.  It will continue to be a big part of the game plan.

All prophecies will be fulfilled right down to the last jot and tittle.  If you don’t know what those prophecies are then you better find out while there is still time.
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Saturday, August 12, 2017

2017-08-12-133 Prophecies Fulfilled…

Are we watching prophecies from the past being fulfilled right now?

“…the Holy Father will have much to suffer, several nations will be annihilated…”.  So goes part of the prophecy of Fatima.  Many people presume this annihilation to be massive world war with destructive nuclear weapons.  It appears as though the world may in fact be on the brink of such a war right now. 

But nations can also be annihilated in other ways, as we are finding out right now.  The massive redistribution of Muslim “refugees” into and throughout Europe unabated is in fact the annihilation of nations.  Also included in this is the massive influx of Illegal aliens of all sort into the United States unabated and unrecorded until the election of President Donald J. Trump.  It’s the annihilation of several nations occurring right before our very eyes.  The prophecy is being fulfilled as we watch.

Prepare yourself for what is to come.  Those times are almost here.
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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2017-08-09-132 A Time to Pray…

To every season there is a reason.  And now it is the time to pray.

Now it is the time to pray.  Pray especially if you have never prayed before in your life.  What is about to be unleashed upon the world has never before been seen by human eyes.  The destruction that will be endured will be incomprehensible.   No one on the planet will be left untouched by what is to come.  Maybe it can be stopped.  But most likely it will not be stopped.  Prophecies will be fulfilled.  Prophecies must be fulfilled. So it is time to pray.

Pray for your families.  Pray for your children.  Pray for your nation.  Pray for your leaders.  Pray for the future.  Repent of your past.  This will be global in nature and scope.  The prophecies will be fulfilled.  There is no way around it.  What is about to happen has been earned.  It’s time to pray like you have never prayed before.

Pray for your own soul.  Pray for your own forgiveness.  Pray for your own repentance.  Pray for your own salvation.  Now is the time.

Don’t delay.  There may be no tomorrow.  It may end today.
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Monday, July 31, 2017

2017-07-31-131 Quick Entrance, Quit Exit…

So ten days ago Anthony Scaramucci  entered the White House in triumph as the new unifier and communicator of the President of the United States.   And today, after a filth laced interview, Scaramucci exits the White House under the stern gaze of President Trump’s even more newly hired Chief of Staff, John Kelly, formerly the Director of Homeland Security.

But the Scaramucci’s of the world run this world now.  They are the young, the undisciplined, the spoiled and the entitled.  They are the smartest of the smart.  No one can tell them anything they don’t already know or think they know.  They are all over the place.  You can find them all over the Democrat party.  But in the Democrat party they are heralded as leaders when they do what Scaramucci did.  Just look at all of the recent antics of the current Democrat National Committee Chairman, Tom Perez.  And the Democrats turn a blind eye and ear to it all.

I wonder how Scaramucci’s firing went.  Do you think John Kelly, former general of the United States Marine Corps, let fly a few invectives of his own over Scaramucci?  Do you think Scaramucci let a few invectives fly when he found out that Trump was giving him the DUMP after just ten days in office?  I wonder.

But most troubling of all it the issue of PERSONNEL.  How is Donald Trump selecting these people?  Where does he get the names?  Who puts them forward?  Why does Trump listen to them?  It a matter of personnel.  It seems that the wrong people are slipping ever closer to the President.  Bad people who do not share President Trump’s agenda for the nation are getting ever closer to the President.

It would be surprising to find out that President Trump has a real personnel problem on his hands.  Most of those who would normally be considered for nomination to the administration probably refuse to serve President Trump.  They are NEVERTRUMPERS.  Then there are those potential nominees who don’t want to be associated with such a contentious administration with enemies abounding.  It’s quite believable that many considered candidates simply don’t want to risk their careers for President Trump.

Furthermore, Trump would have to look deep outside the normal Washington circle for the kinds of people he really needs to support him.  Unfortunately, they have no political experience at all.  And that is lethal in politics and especially in Washington.

But we all knew this.  Right?  We all knew this when we voted for the outsider rather than vote to continue with the political insiders.  And I suspect that those who voted for Trump realized that of all those Republican candidates, Trump was the ONLY one who could successfully defeat the Wicked Witch of Washington.  So, we knew this would happen.  The Democrats would be against Trump because Trump wants to make America great again.  The Republicans would be against Trump because Trump was not a hard core career politician like they were.  The Deep State would be against Trump because all of Trump’s campaign agenda ran diametrically opposed to their globalist goals.   I hope Trump realized all this going in to the White House.  I certainly did.

But the Trump team is hampered with its own political inexperience in Washington.  And Trump can bring that experience into his team because they either refuse to participate or are out to sabotage Trump at every turn.

Trump’s administration will have to learn the lessons of the Obama administration.  Trump has a phone and a pen.  His administration will have to try to make America great again by bypassing Congress just as Obama did.  Trump’s worst enemy in Washington is his own party.  But Trump needs to find ways to go on offensive and put the Republican party and the Democrats on defensive.  He needs to do this with his pen and his phone.  And he needs to do it fast.

Donald Trump is for greater or lesser just a temporary stop gap.  Trump’s agenda of making America great again stands in opposition to worldwide Globalism, which is just another word for Communism.  The entire world has embraced Globalism and it will be extremely difficult to work against that.  And we have to remember that Trump’s Make America Great Again will last only for as long as Trump is President.  The very next President, Republican or Democrat, will begin dismantling everything Trump did just as George H.W. Bush dismantled most of what Ronald Reagan began.

In a way, Anthony Scaramucci’s quick in and quick out is a metaphor for what the world would like to do to Donald Trump.  A quick in to the presidency and then a quick out of the presidency.  Then the world can get back on track creating the one world governance that they are so close to completing.  Trump put a bit of a crimp in that plan.  But is won’t stop them.  It will only delay them.

The prophecies must be fulfilled.  Even as we watch they are being fulfilled before our very eyes.  Are you ready?

Don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If you survive.
Anthony Scaramucci’s Wife Filed For Divorce
Why Anthony Scaramucci Is The Man Trump And America Need
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Friday, July 28, 2017

2017-07-28-130 Bad Chess Moves Continue…

I like President Donald J. Trump.  I voted for him.  I would vote for him again in a heart beat.  But the moves that he is making are simply mystifying.

Today Trump pushed Reince Preibus out as his Chief of Staff.  That was a good move.  Six months ago many told Trump that Preibus on staff was a direct connection to Paul Ryan, the Trump hating House Speaker.  Many predicted at that point that the Chief of Staff’s office would leak like a sieve.  And it has.

But today Trump appointed DHS Secretary John Kelly as Chief of Staff.  This is a bad move.  Kelly is as Establishment as anyone in Washington could get.  Kelly is a sympathizer to illegal aliens.  Kelly is anti-border wall.  Kelly re-appointed to the head of the Border Patrol the same guy who ran it under Obama!  How smart is THAT?  Do you think Donald Trump knows ANY of this?  Probably not.  And you can bet everyone around Trump is keeping it away from him!

Now, maybe this is just a good reason to appoint a better candidate to DHS?  Maybe Trump can find a candidate who will rip up those sanctuary cities and put their mayors in PRISON!!!  Maybe!  But I think I am dreaming.  I think 98% of everyone working around Trump works against him.  Maybe in little ways.  Maybe in big ways.  But I think everyone who has surrounded Trump has successfully put him in a Presidential Bubble and they mean to keep him there.

I hope some insiders get the real story of why Trump moved Kelly from DHS to Chief of Staff.  The master strategist Machiavelli said to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  That gets to be a very tight circle if you are the President of the United States.  I thought that Trump was doing this with Preibus.  But Preibus apparently could not be neutralized or controlled.  So now Preibus is out!  Good enough.

But it makes little sense to replace Preibus with a man who is just about as globalist as anyone can get.  And that will put Kelly at odds with all of Trump’s agenda.  So, do you think the leaks will stop now.  Nope!  I don’t.  If anything they will get worse.  What Trump needed to do was to put a man in there that he knew well from a lifetime of work.  Trump needed to put someone in there as Chief of Staff who would be as loyal to Trump as a brother would be.  But that did not happen.  I would be interesting to find out how Kelly’s name became the selected choice for replacement.  What idiot actually floated Kelly to the top?  Whoever that is must be watched very closely!

So, our chosen President still struggles against the quicksand of the Washington swamp.  But with each move he seems to fall deeper into the pit rather than move out of the pit.  It’s disappointing and heartbreaking to watch as the rest of those bastards in Washington pull him down.

I pray for Donald J. Trump every single day.  I pray because that’s about all I can do.  I pray that he keeps his health.  I pray that his enemies fail at every turn.  I pray that his family is protected from all the Evils of Washington.  Because Donald J. Trump is our last chance.  We will never get another one like this.  And the evil cabal of this world knows it.  With each success, with each passing day the evil cabal becomes more frenzied with stopping Trump from ruining their global plans.
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2017-07-25-129 Interbreeding Will Be the Norm…

An article published on the NZHerald web site claims that ancient humans may have interbred with a “ghost” species.  The story, if any of it is real, is linked at the bottom of this page.  The point is large and written with a paint brush big enough for a moron to see what they are indicating here.

Through their “scientific” research these scientists are trying to tell their human brethren that they may one day have to interbreed themselves with other perhaps less desirable members of the human or even animal species.

There have been quite a number of genetically based “research” in which “scientists” come to this same conclusion.  Lately, there were published articles on the “interbreeding” between modern man and the previously less desirable human species called Neanderthal.  So, articles like this are popping up on a regular basis now.

Should we doubt our erstwhile “scientists” or should be believe them implicitly?  There is no way to know certainly unless you become a genetics genius and analyze their data.  So, we are at the mercy of “scientists” who have already proven they are corruptible on a whole host of levels.

But it is the message of the article that they want you to remember.  Interbreeding with lesser life forms was normal at one time.  The implication is that it may be so again and they want YOU to be ready for it.  Imagine a time when you will be forced to interbreed with another race against your will.  Or imagine that you will be forced to interbreed with a completely difference species of animal such as gorillas, chimpanzees or dolphins.  Can you?  Would you?  In the world of the future you may have no choice.  The scientific technocrats who will be ruling the world will mandate it just like they mandated that you must buy health insurance.  Now that they have succeeded at that there is little they can’t mandate from us.

Interbreeding will take care of so many human problems.  It will be a great leveler of the races.  The smarter races will become dumber as they interbreed with dumber races.  All races will eventually disappear into one basic hodge podge of a mess.  It will remove the differences that divide the races until humanity becomes one.

Can you see it?  Can you see the predictive programming here?  These seeds subtly drops in readers minds will be absorbed almost unknowingly.  Yet the seeds are being planted.  Do you know what is coming?  Can you see it?  Can you feel it?  Perhaps they are actually getting ready to propose interbreeding with alien life forms from distant stars?
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Monday, July 24, 2017

2017-07-24-128 An Example of Fake News…

The headline of the article blares the news to the world!  The headline states that “There Could be Water Inside the Moon”.  The article goes on to give quotes from serious scholars and other pundits about water “inside” the moon.  But what is the KEY to this piece of news?  And make NO mistake about it this is KEY!

The KEY to this article is the word “COULD”.  It stands for a possibility.  It stands for uncertainty.  As much as water “could” exist deep inside the moon this word also includes the possibility that there could be NO water anywhere inside the moon.  This article linked below is not an announcement of a positively confirmed presence of water inside the moon.  It seems that is never done.

So what might be the purpose of this kind of article which only presents a “possibility” that water might exist inside the moon?  Most likely this is a public plant of propaganda for the purpose of promoting dollars for exploration.  A propaganda piece like this might actually drum up political and public support for money to explore the possibility that water exists inside the moon.  But the KEY is that this is not news.  It’s propaganda for some alternative purpose.  This is an example of fake news.

Do you remember the Mars rovers?  Decades ago the United States launched two roving vehicles which would allegedly explore the surface of Mars.  The rovers were designed with equipment to perform soil analysis and rock studies.  The two rovers successfully landed on Mars and for ten years they tracked around all over the planet.  And some fifteen years or so later, NASA has still not announced anything significant from those Mars explorers.  Why?  There was so much talk about finding real, live microbiological Martians on the surface or close to the surface of Mars.  Notice NASA still has not confirmed anything on that?  Wonder why?

So the Moon’s interior COULD contain LOTS of Water.  Or it could NOT.  Is that any way to run science?  It seems the human race is spending so much on space exploration but the results are dubious at best.  At least they don’t appear to be announcing anything they might have found.
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Friday, July 21, 2017

2017-07-21-126 Mueller is the Next Trap…

It should seem obvious.  It appears to be obvious to me.  It is obvious to you?

Mueller is the Trump Trap.  The out of control Department of Justice appointed an out of control special counsel with no apparent limits or goal or objectives for an investigation into what no one is sure of.  There is no underlying crime to investigate so Mueller and his cohorts will search for something to accuse Trump and his administration.

Mueller hired attorney investigators for his staff who are almost all Hillary Clinton donors and supporters.  One attorney actually worked for the Clinton Foundation as an attorney.  One can’t set up a more biased staff to “investigate” Trump and Company.  And I suspect Mueller is doing it all deliberately.  I suspect Mueller is DARING Trump to fire him.  I suspect Mueller WANTS Trump to fire him!  Why?  Because in the firing of Mueller and the shutdown of Mueller’s investigation the Congress and the Democrats will rage that Trump is obstructing justice, again!  And this will form the basis for IMPEACHMENT, if the plan works out the way the Deep State, the Establishment, the Republicans and the Democrats all want it to work out.

Trump is eventually going to have to fire Mueller.  That’s the only way this outrageous witch hunt will end.  And Trump’s enemies are waiting for him to do it.  They’ve plotted out all their alternative moves after Trump fires Mueller.  All of Trump’s enemies most likely have already be furnished with the talking points necessary to broadcast after Trump fires Mueller.  The onslaught of accusations of coverup and obstruction of justice will make the firing of failed former FBI Director James Comey look like a picnic.

I suggest that the Trump team ensure they have visited ALL of the possible reactions to the firing of Mueller.  I suggest that the Trump team have control layouts of how to react in each possible case in advance of the firing of Mueller.  This will abrogate the vicious reaction that the news media will put to a frenzy after Mueller is fired.  Furthermore, Trump should have all possible legal moves outlined, documented and ready to implement if at such a time occurs that Trump’s own party deems it necessary to file articles of impeachment against him.  We certainly know there will be no grounds.  But that may not stop them from making the accusations.  And if they can get a conviction without proof they will do it.

We all knew it would be like this when we voted for Trump.  Trump is the outsider.  Trump was the only candidate promising to Make America Great Again.  And that’s why Trump is hated so much.  And Trump has virtually the whole world going against him.  The only ones with Trump are his base supporters and voters.

If Trump fails then we all fail.  The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If Trump fails!!!


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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

2017-07-19-125 Trump Tried…

Well, I think we can all say that President Donald J. Trump tried.  He promised he would repeal Obama Care.  He promised that he would repeal and replace Obama Care.  He pushed, prodded, begged, cajoled, embarrassed, exhorted, pleaded and negotiated with his Republican In Name Only Establishment party to produce a suitable Health Care replacement act and pass it. 

But they failed.  Congress failed.  The Republican Congress failed.  Is it any surprise?  If you are any bit savvy about politics you HAD to KNOW this was going to be the final result.  But the failure was certainly NOT President Donald J. Trump’s fault.  Trump tried.  But he doesn’t write the laws.  The President does not order Congress to vote for the laws.

It’s hard to say that Trump could now use Obama’s strategy of bypassing Congress.  Remember?  Obama had a pen and a phone. Executive orders were the rule of law.  So, how can President Trump use executive orders as a means of bypassing Congress and forcing the new direction on health care.  It seems Trump won’t.  Trump has already said that they will let Obama Care die.  It’s going to be massively painful for We, the People, as more and more of our incomes become absorbed into health care premium payments.  Those payments become redistributions of wealth that fund subsidies for “poor” people who can’t afford any premiums.  They also become subsidies to help keep insurers alive.  LOL!

Now the Elite Fools move on to “tax reform”.  Anyone want to bet the tax reform package ends in the same kind of RINO stagnation?  Don’t think for one second this is not strategically planned.  The whole structure of the Republican party is so craftily set up to produce exactly these kind of results.  The Democrats push to the far left.  When the people get sick of the Democrats they vote for Republicans who simply seem to be unable to undo anything that the Democrats did.  So the people vote for Democrats who again push the nation to the far left.  And so the cycle goes with Republicans winning as the only other go to party who then promptly fails to deliver on any promises to reverse the slavery of socialism.

The whole world is against Trump.  The whole world is against Making America Great Again.  The Democrats certainly are.  The Democrats are the leaders of the Tear Down America klan.  But this is now a global goal.  The leaders of the G20 who just met proffered all sorts of anti-America plans most of which Trump rejected.  This includes the slavery that would have chained America to a massive wealth redistribution scheme via the Paris Climate Accord.  That’s all it was.  It was a global socialist legal agreement which put the United States alone and a major contributor to any and all global climate change plans.  So the whole world is against Trump.

We knew this from the start.  Didn’t we?  We all hoped that Trump would be able to drain the swamp.  But now we see exactly how big that swamp is.  We see exactly who is involved in that swamp.  We see why they want the swamp to continue and to succeed at the expense of the wealth and freedom of the citizens of the United States.

Trump is being tied down at every level imaginable domestically and internationally as he tries to undo the socialist entrapment of America.  I don’t know at this point if there is any way for Trump to continue with success in this endeavor.  But at least he tried.  He gave it his best shot.  It’s just that the WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST HIM SUCCEEDING. 

Don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  Orwell was right after all.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2017-07-18-124 RINO Health Care Death is GOOD…

President Donald Trump was saved today.  The Republican alternative to Obama’s socialized medicine died a slow death in the Senate.  And this is a GOOD THING!  I wonder if Trump KNEW all along that this would be the result.

Many putrid pundits will try to hang the failure on the president.  But it is clearly not the president’s fault nor his responsibility.  It was Congress’s job to come up with an alternative and they failed.  They failed big time. The Senate in particular failed spectacularly!

So, we are still enslaved by the Obama UNAFORDABLE Health Care Act.  The collapse continues unabated.  The skyrocketing premiums continue unabated.  The mandatory tax penalties are still in force for the entire nation.  And it is the complete responsibility of the Democrats.

Maybe Trump’s real plan was to let Congress fail.  Maybe Trump knew they would.  And then Trump would simply let Obama Care fail, whatever that means.  How far can it go?  Will every state lose all of their insurers?  Will EVERYONE eventually be paying the mandatory tax penalties because they cannot buy health insurance from anyone in their own state?  Is that the end of Obama Care, paying massive tax penalties for virtually no services?

I would guess the next step in the Trump plan would be to push the responsibility for fixing the Unaffordable Health Care onto the people who gave it to us in the first place.  Maybe Trump and company should start pushing the failure on Schumer and Pelosi?  Maybe Trump should now be demanding that the Democrats come up with a fix for their own Frankenstein Health Care Monster?  Maybe that’s the next step?  Put the blame for the health care wreckage on the Democrats and make them live with it for the next four years!

Of course we all knew the gutless GOP Senate would do this.  Right?  I fully expected they would not be able to come up with something.  And they didn’t.  So I am not disappointed.  I am disappointed that they could not agree to tear down Obama Care completely.  I am disappointed that the Republicans could not take us back to the days before Obama Care enslaved us all.  I am disappointed that the Republicans are so enamored of power that they could not take the yoke of slavery that the Democrats put on us off.  That’s a real disappointment and a real danger.

Why?  Because we are still enslaved.  Obama Care is government enslavement on a scale never seen before in the United States of America.  Obama Care shreds our rights and our liberties.  Obama Care makes us serfs to the Federal government.  And the Senators know this.  This is what they WANT!  They DON’T want that to change!  EVER!  And it won’t!  They just proved it today.
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

2017-07-16-123 Breakdown or Survival…

This was a very great concern of mine for almost a life time now.  What is it?  It is that American politics gets so corrupted that the population starts looking elsewhere for “leadership”.  And who would America turn to in their hour of need for “leadership”?  My great fear is that they would turn to Hollywood.  They would turn to famous names who would suddenly find that their famous cache could instantly propel them into higher office without any campaign effort on their part.

This is what happened with the election of Donald J. Trump.  Everyone thought Hillary Clinton was a lock on the presidency.  All the “polls” apparently supported this “fact”.  Yet in the late night hours of Election Day November 8, 2016 we saw what some call an astounding victory over Clinton.  Others call it miraculous! 

And this was the first one.  The first outsider in American history to be elected to the top office of the United States.  Trump didn’t go through the corrupt political process, the corrupt deal making, the corrupt approval stream to get to the top office.  He did it himself and bypassed the corruption. 

Now what do we see?  Kid Rock is running for the Senate.  Kid Rock!  Did Kid Rock even graduate high school?  Can Kid Rock even read?  How much drugs has Kid Rock consumed during his entire rock and roll career?  But Kid Rock, because of his high profile name, may have a very good shot at influencing the people to vote for him regardless of his background, thinking or qualifications.  Let’s take a look!

Did you know Kid Rock’s real name is Robert James Ritchie?  Some of you probably did.  Many of you are probably wonder who Kid Rock is.  He’s no Kid anymore!  LOL!  He’s a grandfather.  His “story” is so descriptive that I am just going to link it at the bottom of this page.  Is this REALLY the kind of guy we want to see in the Senate?  I don’t know.  You tell me.

If this weren’t bad enough there is another on the horizon also.  The former professional “wrestler” turned Hollywood “actor” called “The Rock” is seriously considering a run for president.  And he won’t be running as a Republican.  His real name is Dwayne Johnson.  Did you know that?  Dwayne Johnson.  And now he thinks he can administer to the most powerful nation on Earth.  That’s quite an EGO growing there!  Don’t you think? 

But what about Dwayne Johnson.  Better look quick.  Because you can bet all the Internet information about “The Rock” will be scrubbed if he runs for office.  But according to a biographical source, Dwayne Johnson’s promising football “career” came to an end with an injury.  From there he entered professional “wrestling”.  And the rest is history.  He turned the wrestling gig into a career as an “actor”.  And that’s pretty much Dwayne Johnson’s background and qualifications for President of the United States.

There were a few examples in the past which you can point to for defense.  Ronald Reagan was the first “outsider” to find his way to the inside.  But Reagan followed a path.  Reagan gained a lot of political experience within the actors union when he became president of that organization early in his career.  Reagan was groomed carefully for politics with a General Electric speaking tour which covered several years through the 1960s.  And Reagan ran for and won the governorship of California. So Reagan had political experience going into his presidential election bids.

Then there was the other professional “wrestler” turned governor, Jesse Ventura.  I leave it to you to decide if Ventura was a successful governor.  Most people don’t know that Ventura won a surprising single term as mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.    I will leave it to you also to determine if his single term as mayor was any more successful than his single term as governor.  You will note that in both cases Jesse “The Body” Ventura decided not to seek re-election.  I wonder why that was.  They are interesting stories.  Look them up!  What was Ventura’s background?  After apparently graduating high school, Ventura enlisted in the U.S. Navy.  He successfully completed SEAL training and served from 1969 to 1973.  After discharge from the Navy he settled in California where he apparently joined a motorcycle gang and worked as a body guard for the Rolling Stones.  After two years this biographical resource says that Ventura returned to Minnesota where he entered community college.  He attended for just one year.  He then found his way into professional wrestling and the rest is history as we can say. 

So, here we are.  We have arrived.  We, the People, have a political class that is so corrupted by international politics and greed that we are turning to non-politicians in an effort to save our system of governance.  We are turning to people who have no experience, no background and no intellectual abilities to fix the political process.  This was my biggest fear.  That the American people would turn to any famous Tom, Dick or Harry or any Jane, Jan or Sally for president because they no longer trust the candidates of the political parties.

Is there and answer to this?  Maybe not.  This is political evolution, not revolution.  The electorate is seeking solutions outside the normally accepted solution box because those always fail the people.  Where will this lead us?  To no good, I am afraid.  Benjamin Franklin said that a republic can only be successful if the people are virtuous.  Today the people on the whole are no longer virtuous.  And that is why it will fail.

"The wise shall possess glory: the promotion of fools is disgrace." [Proverbs 3:35]

Don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If you survive the next world war!!!
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

2017-07-13-122 Coup Attempt after Coup Attempt…

So the latest fake news is much ado about nothing, again.  Donald Trump Jr. apparently took a meeting with a Soviet female lawyer because Jr. was told by a third party of a third party that she had bad dirt on Hillary Clinton.  When this Soviet lawyer met with Trump Jr. she apparently had no idea what Trump Jr. was talking about regarding dirt on Clinton.  The Soviet lawyer was there to talk about an American law which restricted American “adoptions” of Russian “orphans”.

So, it appears that Donald Trump Jr. was set up.  But the question is who set up Trump Jr.  It all appears that the collusion seems to be coming NOT from within the Trump administration or campaign.  Instead it all appears to be coming from the outside.  Additionally, it appears that all of the coup attempts appear to be created between Russia and Democrats or Russia and RINOs.  That’s where the REAL COLLUSION seems to be happening.  It appears that McCain colluded with the Russians to obtain information destructive to Trump.  It is OBVIOUS Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton colluded with the Russians in the sale of 20% of the United States uranium supply to Russia.  It is OBVIOUS that our very ow FBI is tainted with Russian collusion.  The Deep State is the enemy within!  The conspiracies with the Russians ALL seem to stem from the DNC, the Democrats, the news media, the FBI and the RINO Establishment.  But NOT from Donald Trump!!!

The American press will never be friendly to Trump.  The American press will never be friendly to a Republican president.  If any other Republican candidate had managed to be Hillary Clinton then that person also would have encountered the massive resistance of the Deep State.  The Deep State is dangerous to our nation.  The Deep State is the real problem here.  The Deep State MUST be eliminated.

Enough is enough.  The Communist Democrats must be held to account as well as the RINO Republicans who refuse to carry out Trump’s agenda for which We, the People, voted.  It’s time to hold all these BASTARDS accountable before they destroy our nation completely!!!

Remember the alternative!  The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  But it already may be too late!!!
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Sunday, July 9, 2017

2017-07-09-121 Trump…

President Donald J. Trump has an opportunity to enter the history books as a president for the ages.  But the winds of socio-political changes may be too much even for Donald J. Trump.

A president who is always remember is Ronald Reagan.  He is the only other president who had a much similar vision of what America is and should be.  Ronald Reagan served two full terms and did much to impact America and the world.  But it didn’t take long for his successors to undo most of what Ronald Reagan had put in place.  And now we once again have a man in the White House with Reagan like vision.

But concerns mount. Donald Trump is seventy-one years old right now.  He will be seventy-four at the beginning of his second term should he run again and win.  That means Trump will be seventy-eight years old at the end of a second term.  Two terms as president is a lot to put on a man of those years.

And as we all can see by now, the whole world is against Donald Trump.  Trump is clearly working to make America great again.  This is working against the globalists elite views.  This goes against everything that the socialists, communists and Marxists have been pushing over the last one hundred and twenty years or so on a global basis.  Most of the American political elites also subscribe to the socialist advances both on the left and the right.  So Trump also gets resistance from within his own government and from most of his own party.

So there may be some plans developing which we know nothing about yet.  A report from the New York Times fuels speculation that VP Mike Pence may be laying ground work for financing his own political aspirations.  Although the article indicates that Pence representatives have indicated that Pence is building support for the Trump-Pence campaigns, the article infers that Pence is working his own opportunities with Republican donors.  One cannot reasonably blame him for that if it is true.  But one must wonder what would be the political timing on that.

Past speculation held that most Republicans believed Trump would not finish his first term.  For whatever reason one might presume from death to resignation to impeachment, many Establishment politicians believed that the Washington Deep State would force Trump out of office.  That is looking increasingly less likely as Trump survives the six month mark of his first term in office.

So, the next opportunity for Pence would be in the speculation that Trump might not seek another term as President.  This is due to the super-stress on Trump and his family related to the massive resistance they are getting from virtually everyone.  One might speculate that one four year term is enough of that continuous war.  In that case Pence would be ready to make the run for office.  And building on this, if Trump were to decide not to run then it might be in Pence’s best interest if Trump actually did resign before the end of his presidency so that Pence could assume the Oval Office and run his first term campaign as president.  But this is just wild speculation.

But the most obvious timing would be that Donald Trump has a successful first term and that he takes the Republican nomination for President without any opposition.  Presuming a successful re-election, Pence would be out another four years before his own opportunity would come knocking.  That’s a full seven and one half years from now.  Is that too far into the future to be courting the big Republican moneybags?

Of course, this story linked below is from the New York Times.  So for all we really know it’s all fake news.  Right??!!!
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Friday, July 7, 2017

2017-07-07-120 E-Begging Ain’t Begging Anymore…

People still seem to get upset about e-begging.  What is e-begging?  It’s an outright request for voluntary contributions over the Internet.  These contributions are not considered charity of any sort especially by the government unless the e-beggar is a registered charitable organization with the government.  So those who are not registered charities must declare all contributions received as income and those who donate cannot deduct these contributions from their taxes.  This is considered e-begging.

It’s been said that beggars on the streets can make a LOT of money.  And furthermore, it is all off the books because it is all cash.  Naturally, this irks the government because it receives no tax revenues from this cash income.  And if beggars can do well with a cup and a sign on a street sidewalk then web sites or YouTube channels can do so much better.  The worldwide exposure allows e-begging to really pull in the big bucks.

But there is a major difference between street beggars and e-beggars.  One gets nothing from street beggars.  Oh, some may play instruments and some may do magic or other such street performances.  But most sit in their own squalor and dirt begging for assistance of any sort.  They play upon the good nature of the people passing by them.  And the worst of these are the aggressive beggars who pick on people for a few bucks and get upset if they don’t get what they want.

On the other hand, e-beggars usually present a service of some kind over the Internet which they are trying to support and produce.  More than anything else this harkens back to the days of the supported artists of the 15th and 16th centuries.  Artists were supported by wealthy patrons who would provide them funds to live on as they worked to create their art.  The artists could concentrate on their art rather than have to work a job to support themselves.  Patrons were rewarded for their favors by being associated with the artists themselves and they perhaps shared in the receipts of any art that the artist should successfully sell.  And most of today’s e-begging takes this form and as such it is not really begging.

The reason for this post is that recently a long time YouTuber posted a video that he was going to drop the services of his Patreon account.  Patreon is a web site which provides Internet users with a way of accepting donations for the purpose of supporting the users.  Anyone can open a Patrion account and begin requesting contributions.  But they must keep in mind that these contributions are deemed as income by the federal government and must be declared on taxes as income.  Since this is all digitally recorded, the e-beggar cannot sneak the income into the wallet as cash like the street beggars can.

But this particular YouTuber could no longer stand the accusations of being called an e-beggar, getting cash for nothing and living well on it.  So he decided to drop his Patreon account.  He decided that he would no longer accept those kind of contributions and close his account.  And this is the source of this post.

The fact is that users get a product or a service from the support of the web site or the YouTube channel.  YouTube used to be a great place to set up a channel and begin producing video content.  If the Internet like your channel you would draw a lot of views, a lot of subscribers and with this you would draw a lot of automated YouTube advertising.  A successful YouTube channel could self-fund the creator of content by the advertising dollars.

But all this has now changed on YouTube.  And it will most likely change across the Internet as well.  The reason is that the YouTube advertising scheme ran from YouTube algorithms which ascertained popularity as the means of assigning advertisers to a YouTube channel.  YouTube has gone extremely political now.  As a result, many advertisers have pulled their advertising on YouTube until YouTube can guarantee that the ad revenue from their ads will not go to YouTube channels which they find offensive.  And this has decimated the YouTube platform now.  YouTubers who used to receive great income streams from advertising revenues have seen their incomes drop significantly, in some cases completely.  All YouTubers are affected by this.

One way around this is with the patron form of support.  And you will find many if not most YouTubers now promoting Patreon accounts.  Most free web sites also request for support of their sites through the use of contributions.  It seems like this is going to be the next wave in revenues over the Internet.  And what of it.  If you like the channel enough to send the content producer a few bucks then what of it to those who find it objectionable.  What is it to them?  It’s only jealousy.  That’s all.  It’s jealousy that some people can produce high demand content while they can’t.  So they resort to name calling and all sorts of accusations.  But what of it?

The patron system may be the better solution than the advertising solution.  But this will cut YouTube out of the revenue stream entirely.  YouTube will find itself providing the access to content but no longer benefiting from that access to content.

Maybe this is why YouTube is reconstructing itself into a Hulu or Netflix type service.  They want to sell YouTubers subscription services and convert from a free service to a paid service.  Already, YouTube has created two pay services.  One is advertising free service.  For about $10 a month Youtube will restrict all advertising to your viewing.  The other service is a monthly paid service to access television type programs.  Some will be first time content created for YouTube by professional producers in Hollywood.  The rest will simply be repeated movies that we have already seen on cable TV a million times.

I can see a time when YouTube begins shutting down all of the free accounts in favor of all those paying fees to access YouTube.  But I won’t be one of them.  Too bad because this is really going to ruin the Internet.  But maybe that’s what they want now.
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017-07-06-119 The Reports of Their Demise…

Haven’t we all learned by now not to do this?  At least not to do it until it actually happens?  What is that?  Forecast the demise of organizations, groups and even political parties.  That’s what.  Usually, the reports of their demise are greatly exaggerated to paraphrase Mark Twain.

The latest prognostication of demise comes from the venerable Rush Limbaugh.  Rush predicted that CNN was just about finished because of all the Fake Network News CNN has been reporting.  While Rush may be right that CNN has put out an extraordinarily large amount of incorrect news reports it certainly has not lead to its demise, at least not yet.  And most people, I am sure, have wondered how a network with so few viewers manages to pull in the advertising revenue that it does.  It’s certainly not because the advertisers are getting their product messages out to a huge audience of viewers.  Not at all.  So something else must be going on which causes some of the largest corporations in America to take out advertising on a network with a terribly small audience.  What could that be?

CNN will continue just as it is with its ever shrinking audience.  One might expect that CNN will continue to be funded by advertisers even if there were literally NO views, NO audience.  Why?  It’s all about politics.  It’s all about influence.  It’s all about brainwashing.  Not the advertisers.  They wouldn’t be brainwashing many viewers at all with their messages broadcast on CNN.  Rather, it about keeping a politically functioning entity called CNN alive in order that certain people, groups, parties and academics can have a platform from which to speak, even if no one listens to them anymore.

Do you remember way, way back to about the year 2008? The Democrats succeeded in getting their presidential candidate elected to the White House.  This gave the Democrats the House, the Senate and the Presidency.  And they Democrats in both houses had supermajorities.  This meant they didn’t need any Republican support at all to pass anything they felt like passing.  And they did when they jammed us with the (Un)Affordable Health Care Act.  Remember?  Back then lots of people were talking about the end of the Republican party!  Remember?  People made predictions of Democrat domination of the government for the next forty years!

Didn’t happen.  Did it?  Now the table has quite reversed.  Now the Republicans hold both Houses of Congress and the Presidency.  And they still can’t get anything done.  But the demise of the Republican party was greatly exaggerated as we can see now.  And so it goes.

So don’t go declaring that one organization or another is all but dead until it is in fact dead.  The one can proudly pronounce the demise of that organization and put forth reasons that lead to the demise.  But let the demise occur first.  Regarding CNN, it probably should die a slow bankruptcy.  But CNN plays a very important functional roll in news control and population influence.  And those certain people who want and need that news control and influence will continue to fund CNN regardless of the viewership size.

It’s all propaganda.  Every story you read, every story you watch on TV.  It’s all designed to communicate not just facts but feelings, passion, emotion, anger, envy, jealousy to get the you to take actions favorable to the broadcasters’ point of view, for instance voting for a particular candidate.  In the end, they will want you to vote for your very own slavery.  That’s how slick it will be.

And don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If you survive.
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Sunday, July 2, 2017

2017-07-02-118 The War for YOUR MIND…

There really is a war being fought right now.  It’s all around you.  You see it every day.  You hear it every day.  You read it every day.  It’s the war for YOUR MIND!

It’s a war to control your mind, your thoughts, your conclusions and your very actions.  It’s a war fought with words both written and spoken, pictures, videos, headlines, news stories, commentaries and more.  Each story you hear.  Each story you read.  Each story you watch begs to influence you to think a certain way, to feel a certain way, to react a certain way.  Billions if not trillions of dollars have been invested in this kind of research over the last one hundred years.  In his last years in office, Barack Obama signed legislation which would invest billions of government (taxpayer) dollars into physical brain research.

Donald Trump, President of the United States, tweeted a video today.  The video is an old video of him participating in a professional wrestling stunt where he attacks someone outside the ring and leaves him devastated on the ground.  Only in this re-released video, someone had Photo Shopped the logo of CNN new network over the face of the hapless victim in the wrestling video.  It’s hilarious!  And it’s full of meaning.  And this has triggered virtually everyone in the news media.  They don’t see it for what it really is.  Instead they see it as an indication of wishing violence upon reporters.  Well, maybe they are right.  After all, they’ve been dreaming of Trump’s assignation ever since Trump won the Republican nomination for President.

Some pundits stress that Trump is not acting presidential.  They scream that Trump should stop tweeting.  But the opposite is true.  Trump is using the best of social technologies to bypass the media altogether.  And this is really pissing the media off.  The media is no longer the message.  The media no longer controls the message.  And we can see this every day as the psycho reporters of CNN rage at the president’s press secretaries about everything from no cameras filming to the questions being asked to allowing more conservative press into the briefings.  And the CNN reporters are truly out of control, disorderly and in one’s humble opinion verging on the dangerous.

This is exactly why Trump WON!  Trump is not one of THEM.  He’s a complete outsider.  This is why Trump was elected.  And this is exactly what We, the People, who voted for Trump expect of him.  So let Trump tweak the noses of the fake news CNN reporters.  Piss them off with more tweets!  Trump is living inside the heads of his entire opposition and he is LOVING IT!!!  And so am I!!!

But remember, folks, that they want to stop Trump.  They want to go back to the way it used to be.  The want to put the nation back on that track so that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!! Your Slavery!!!  Venezuela is the future of the world!  North Korea is the future of the world!  That will be Globalism.  Globalism is global Communism.  And that is the Slavery of which I speak.  Starvation.  Poverty. Destitution. Slavery. Police State. Lawless.

There really is a war on for YOUR MIND!
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