Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017-01-04-004 Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia…

What’s the deal with Russia?  Have you noticed how Russia is in the news so much lately?  How can you miss it?  But it’s really important and you probably don’t know why.

1917 to 2017.  It’s been 100 years.  100 years since the Communist Revolution in Russia.  But it’s also been 100 years since another historical event occurred in 1917.  It’s the Miracle of the Sun and the Secrets of Fatima.

How is it that three itinerant shepherd children who could not read nor write claim that Russia would spread her errors throughout the world.  At the time of their pronouncements, the Russian Revolution had not yet occurred.  And how was it that these three itinerant shepherd children could predict that a miracle would occur at a particular place, at a particular time and a particular date?

Do you doubt it?  Why? The evidence of what happened at Fatima was documented by the biggest atheistic newspaper of the time.  The chief editor wrote the story describing what 70,000 people saw that day.  And he called it “unbelievable if you had not been there to see it.”  It’s on the web right now.  All you have to do is “research” it.

The roots of what we are seeing today are found in Fatima 100 years ago.  The answers to what we are seeing today can be found in Fatima 100 years ago.  But there are powers and influences who do not what this information to get out to the public.  They will do all they can to make sure the public stays unaware.

The prophecies say that “many nations will be annihilated.”  Wake up while there is still time.  Wake up.  Open your eyes and see what is truly going on.  The prophecies will be fulfilled.  It cannot be stopped.

It’s time to start praying because that is the only thing which will save us.
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