Friday, January 20, 2017


To repeat an often repeated quote, “FREE AT LAST!  FREE AT LAST!  THANK GOD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE AT LAST!!!”  And so it goes with the peaceful replacement of a totalitarian, socialist, un-Democratic, monster with a Freedom-Loving, Independence-Minded Capitalist as President of the United States.  We, the People, can feel the chains that have been UNBOUND from our hearts, our minds and our liberties.  We, the People, can feel the lightness of Freedom now that the monster is gone.  I thank the Lord, my God!

No more do We, the People, have to endure with silence the clever slights and jabs of racists as they blame whites for all their problems.  No more do We, the People, have to endure the absolute lies of the most UN-DEMOCRATIC of parties in the history of America.  No more do We, the People, have to endure the bashing of America by the most UN-AMERICAN president to ever occupy the White House.  America’s long and torturous nightmare of incompetence, corruption and ineptitude is finally over.  I thank the Lord, my God.

And I noticed that ALL of the religious invocations during the Trump Inauguration or the subsequent ceremonies were all Judeo-Christian.  Most notably was the absence of Islam.  And this I heartily endorse!  America was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and that’s the way it must stay to survive!  If you don’t like it you are free to leave and find place on Earth that caters to your particular beliefs!

I wish Donald Trump Godspeed and God’s protection for the next four years.  There is much to be concerned about.  But I do believe that it was the Hand of God that delivered Donald Trump to America at this point in time for a specific purpose.

But remember that Donald Trump has the whole world against him.  All the enemies of America, foreign and domestic, will be working together to defeat Trump and his programs and policies.  This includes members of his own political party.  So the danger hasn’t ended.  In many ways the danger has increased because now Trump actually has assumed the reins of power.
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