Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017.01.03-003 All News is Propaganda…

Maybe you have thought about it before.  Maybe you haven’t.  And maybe you just don’t give a hoot about it.  But you have to understand one thing. Everything you read, everything you hear and everything watch is propaganda.  And this propaganda has been most successfully used to massively redirect local cultures and even the global culture.

One of the biggest propaganda lies out there in “journalism” is that news is objective.  No news is objective.  Why?  Because all news is reported from a point of view, the point of view of the reporter.  And that’s the real power of “journalism”, the ability to sway public opinion for or against something, the ability to promote certain ideas and condemn other ideas and the ability to highlight certain people while demonizing others.  And the more people you reach, the more power you have.

Every movie you have ever watched is propaganda.  Why? Because it is a story.  It’s a story created by writers.  Those writers used their experiences, biases, prejudices, opinions and ideas to create that story, whatever the story is.  By doing so they transmit their experiences, biases, prejudices, opinions and ideas to everyone who watches that movie.  And by doing that they attempt to implant those experiences, biases, prejudices, opinions and ideas into everyone who watches those movies.  And this has been very successful at modifying culture.

And these writers are even more successful today than ever before because most of the world and certainly the United States has moved from a reading culture to a watching and listening culture.  Most of what influences people today is found on television, in the movie theaters, on the terrestrial radio and on the Internet.

But the control of information is always and has always been crucial for governments and governance.  Nations have been motivated to war as in World Wars I and II.  Nations have been demotivated from war as in the Vietnam war.  And it was all through news reporting in newspapers, magazines, movies and radio.

That is why the global political elites and the trans-national business one percenters are frantic to establish a global Internet control program over news.  As Hillary Clinton herself said they are in an “information war and they are losing.”

What can we see in the coming years?  I expect that the social media will slowly go away or morph into something else other than what they are right now.  The global governments cannot let the social media continue to spread uncontrolled and unfettered information around the globe.  If they cannot control that information they cannot control the direction they want to take the globe.  So, the social media will become less social and most likely be redesigned to be more “business” oriented.  Imagine only businesses on Twitter or Facebook or YouTube or Instagram or whatever site you want to name.  The businesses advertise their products and services and you can go look at them.  But you will not have an account out there unless you are a certified operational business with a need to put your goods or services on the Internet.  The days of all individuals having multiple anonymous social media accounts will come to an end.  Email may still be available for individuals like it was in the beginning days of the Internet.  But that will be tightly watched and polluted with advertising such that it might not even be worth having.  The idea is to drive all uncontrolled information sources off the Internet and control the rest via global government licensing, regulations and certifications.

Eventually, the global Internet will become what it is in China or North Korea or Russia or Cuba or Venezuela or in any totalitarian regime, tightly controlled and watched.  As this happens, and it will happen, all of the information that travels across the Internet will simply serve the purpose of the global government.  It’s all quite Orwellian and as the old motto of Google used to say, “Don’t be Evil.”, it will be quite Evil!  It’s happening right now, right in front of your very eyes.  But most people are too stoned or too involved in their sports or too ignorant to see it and understand it.  And as George H.W. Bush said they will be successful.

So, don’t forget and always remember that the Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If you survive!!!
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