Monday, January 2, 2017

January 02, 2017 – 002 – Great Expectations from Donald J. Trump…

A “leader” in the communist, totalitarian Democrat party indicated to news media that she believed Donald J. Trump could and should “find common ground” with the Democrats.  To this I say HELL NO! 

I expect Trump to ride roughshod over all of those communist, socialist, fascist, totalitarian scumbags.  I expect Trump to make a mockery of those defective human beings called Democrats.  I expect Trump to override Democrats to the point where no one will EVER vote for a Democrat again.  And, hopefully, one day we will completely eliminate Democrats and their communist-socialist messages from the political landscape.  Or at least we can drive them back into their closets where they truly belong.

I don’t expect Trump to compromise on anything.  I expect Trump to use the powers that Obama used for eight years, his phone and his pen, to undo EVERYTHING that Obama put into place.  And I expect Trump to go a lot FARTHER than Obama ever did in the use of those powers to return America to freedom again by tearing down regulations that bind us down like Gulliver.

But great expectations will always fall short.  That’s the relativity of it all.  Trump has some pretty massive opposition standing in his way, not the least of which are most of his own Republican party.  Those Republicans In Name Only are massive beneficiaries of the Establishment game.  They are only too willing to cross the aisle and pretend to be Democrats to keep milking the American public of their hard earned tax dollars to benefit themselves, their families, their friends and their wealth constituents.  We, the People, are sick of it all!

I expect Donald Trump to return IN KIND the cooperation and negotiation that Obama presented to Congress.  Only I expect Trump to do it more so.  And I for one will back him up EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!
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