Monday, February 6, 2017

2017-02-06-019 First Trump, Then Brady…

It was a magical win for the New England Patriots yesterday at Superbowl 51.  In the first half it looked like New England had stayed in New England.  The team that was playing looked like they were half asleep.  The score was 28 to 3 with the Atlanta Falcons romping the Patriots like they were a high school football team.

But the Patriots came out of the bunkers after the half time show with new fire.  And flame up they did!  Brady brought them back to tie the game up within the last three minutes of the game.  And in a happenstance of luck, the Patriots won the overtime coin toss and elected to receive.  This gave them the edge they needed and they converted it into a single drive for a touchdown to win the game in sudden death.

So, that makes two come from behind victories in four months.  First there was Donald Trump’s totally unexpected come from behind to wallop Hillary Clinton for the Presidency of the United States.  Then there was the come from behind win of the New England Patriots for Superbowl 51.  Spectacular!

Of course, if the Patriots had lost the mainstream media pundits would have used the loss as a harbinger of things to come for Donald Trump.  Why?  Because Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback and team leader, was a Trump supporter from the beginning of Trump’s campaign.  Brady took a LOT of heat for it which, IMHO, included all that crap about the deflated footballs.  If the Falcons had won the pundits would have compared the victory to a future victory over Trump and his supporters.

But in true heroic fashion Brady and the Patriots turned what appeared to be a monster loss into a stunning victory.  This took the air out of the anti-Trumpers campaign immediately.  Now they must skulk away and lick their wounds over this loss also!!!

All things are political in the end and so too will be Superbowl 51. Watch and listen to the talking heads tomorrow as they do what I just did here – compare the Patriot’s win to Trump’s win.  Seems only natural to me.  I wonder if they will be rioting over the Falcon’s loss in Atlanta?  Maybe the Falcons should stay away from the city for a week or two?
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