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2017-02-12-024 Sixty Years of Failure…

Radio talk show host Michael went on a tirade last Friday against drugs.  It’s laudable and welcome.  Someone should be against drugs and drug use.  At least once a year he goes on a tirade about drug abuse.  But Savage seems to want to reduce or eliminate the “demand” for drugs.  This certainly would solve the problem and all the related problems of the drug crisis-the trafficking, the murder, the robberies, the burglaries and all the associated crime related to and derived from the drug trade.

This is not the first time Savage ran a show like this.  It’s a good thing.  But after sixty years of failure I find it almost grating that anyone would rant about the use of drugs in society these days.  It’s like someone complaining about having to go to school.  That’s how common drug use is these days.  I don’t think there is a person alive who now can claim they’ve never used drugs of any type, especially marijuana.  Surely there will be.  Police, government authorities, military and other enforcement types MUST deny use of drugs and be able to prove it with drug tests.  But I was in the military.  I know better.  It’s amazing where sailors can hide and USE drugs on ships let alone military bases.  I am sure most people know cops who bust people for heroin, cocaine or pot and then at night they use heroin, cocaine or pot for socialization. They may even DEAL drugs.  Who else would so easily get away with dealing drugs but cops?  Who’s going to question them?  Other cops?  Not hardly!  Their political bosses.  Not at all.  But that’s not the direction I want to go.

This is not the first time I have responded to one of Mike Savage’s rant on drugs.  Don’t get me wrong.  I agree with Mike on everything.  But it’s been sixty years now!  Sixty years of the “war” on drugs proclaimed by Tricky Dicky Nixon.  We are worse off now more than ever.  As I have already said drugs are now so common it is almost ludicrous to rant against them anymore.  You can’t hardly walk down the streets without sniffing the fumes of pot smoke.  You can’t hardly drive anywhere without following at least ONE car bellowing pot smoke.  Two generations have now been born since the onslaught of drugs began.  And those two generations know nothing but the use of drugs. 

I remember those times when there were no drugs on our streets.  The last of those days were in the mid-1960s.  At that time no one in the general public knew about drugs.  Drugs were relegated to specific areas of culture, most particularly the music industry and specifically jazz.  So the general culture had no experience with drugs. 

It was the college professors of the 1960s which induced the drug problem on America.  Timothy Leary was telling students to “tune in, turn on and drop out.”  Drugs flooded the colleges.  Experimentation in mind altering drugs became rampant and it turned into an expected experience for all liberal arts advance degree candidates.  And drug use spread from there.  It flooded the entertainment industry but this is an area where drug use was always big.  It was from the entertainment industry that most of the culture was developed especially from the rock and roll music industry.

The first time I ever smelled marijuana was on my school bus heading home one day from my Catholic high school.  I thought it was the seniors in the back of the bus smoking their cigarettes to be “cool”.  But someone told me later that it was “pot”. 

My Catholic high school administration became very concerned about the culture of drug use developing in society. So they decided an intensive education would be needed in drugs.  They made us student do reports on all the drugs of the time.  We had to do three page, five page, ten page and fifteen page reports on all the drugs of the time.  We had to cover sourcing, creation, use, networking, trafficking, penalties for use and effects of the drugs on the human body.  At a point there we students were probably more educated on drugs than many doctors were.

The Catholic high school administration even held informal conferences with students and their families to cover the evils of drug use.  And so it was with some irony that I and my mom and dad were invited to one such conference with four or five other families.  And one of those families was the chief of police of one of our local towns.  He, his wife and his son were sitting at the end of the table and they were going to direct the conference.  And I thought to myself, how would the chief of police react if I told him right then and there that it was his son who was smoking pot on the way home on my very school bus.  I really, really had to bite my tongue that night!  That’s when I saw the irony and the hypocrisy of drug use.  It was my first experience but it would certainly not be my last experience with the hypocrisy of drug use.

My forced educational experience in that Catholic high school ensured that I would never do those drugs myself.  And it was a long, long time before I ever came upon my first experience with pot.  You know how that goes.  Don’t you?  It’s usually at a party.  Everyone decides they are going to get high and someone just happens to have pot available.  What do you do?  I declined the first time.  And I became a real pariah with the group.  Some thought I was a narc (a narcotics cop or an informer).  The next time it happened they made sure that I participated in the “experience”.  There was no way to get around it.  And I became an accepted member of the “group”.  I was “cool”.  But in all my time, I have never purchased my own pot nor have I rolled my own.  It was always someone else’s pot.  There’s a name for a weasel like that but I don’t know what it is and I don’t care.

I once asked a member of that group I was in how many joints a day he smoked.  He laughed and then started counting.  Then he kept counting.  Then he admitted with a shock that he smoked ten to eleven joints EVERY DAY!  I asked him if he thought he might have a PROBLEM.   He laughed again and then admitted that he probably did have a problem.  Then he went off to smoke another joint.

I finally got out of that group and I have never used pot or any other drugs again.  Moreover, I refuse to associate with people who do.  This cost me some friendships over the years.  It cost me some business associations and job opportunities too.  But I don’t care.  I would rather live drug free in my life than have to tolerate someone who is always flinging cash into cheap highs.  It’s all about the addiction, people.  And it’s all addiction.

And that’s where the drug culture wins and most people lose.  It started in the colleges and if you didn’t do it you were a square, an outsider, un-hip.  And it got worse.  Eventually, jobs depended upon usage.  Drug use became as common as drinking water.  It became expected.  And it spread though society.  It moved from colleges to high schools.  How? The teachers again.  Those that were educated by the original drug use professors of the sixties moved into high schools.  And they began teaching high school students that drug use was “cool”.  And from there usage became even more common.  Demand for drugs skyrocketed.  And then it moved to grammar schools.  How?  The same way.  The teachers did it.  They carried their college and university shaped “experiences” into the grammar school classrooms with them. And the culture was created, shaped and maintained.  It still goes even to this day.

And Michael Savage wonders how the demand for drugs and be cut or eliminated.  You might as well ask people to stop drinking water as well because it isn’t going to happen.  Not unless each and every person swears off drugs.  What are the odds of that happening, Mike?

And don’t forget to always remember that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  Drug addiction is going to be a very, very big part of it!!!
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