Monday, April 3, 2017

2017-04-03-058 Compromise…

Can the ultimately perfect Good compromise with the ultimately perfect Evil?  Can the ultimately perfect Evil compromise with the ultimately perfect Good?  What would be the outcome of such a compromise if it is possible at all?

It’s the kind of question that one might expect to be asked by high school history teachers or high school social science teachers or high school philosophy or religion teachers.  But the discussion isn’t about the ultimately perfect Good or the ultimately perfect Evil but compromise.  The discussion is about compromise and its results.

This question occurred again after the article linked below appeared online.  Some states are going to start teaching about the U.S. Constitution again.  Shock of shocks!  That must mean that most if not all states have stopped teaching about the U.S. Constitution.  Wonder why that is?

But the most important point is the content of these teachings.  I remember one of my high school history classes which was dedicated to comparative political processes.  It basically compared the U.S. political processes to that of the Soviet Union at the time.  And I still remember to this day that the first thing Mr. L taught us in that class was that the U.S. Constitution was a “living, breathing document.”  When asked to clarify that point Mr. L said that the Constitution can be changed over time to keep up with the standards and thinking of the days.  When I told my father this that very night my father almost exploded!!!

So my point is the content of these new state sponsored Constitutional instruction classes.  Are they going to be taught from a modern progressive standpoint?  If they are then the main instructional point will be how the Constitution is archaic and antiquated, that it requires updating to meet the changing times and is a relic of the past.  And this is dangerous.  But it is the sign of the times we live in these day, getting worse with every passing day.  One might suspect that this is an intended consequence rather than a random out come.

The only supporter mentioned in this article is a Democrat and the article points out the “concerns” that Trump and his supporters view the powers of the executive branch.  But there were NEVER any questions about it during Obama’s tenure.  I wonder why?  So we can conclude that the teaching lessons of these courses will most likely come out of Common Core, a huge propaganda machine for the communists and globlists.  And we can further bet that the high schools students will come out of these classes fully misunderstanding the entirety of the U.S. Constitution, hating it and demanding that it be rewritten.

It’s amazing to me that they can get away with this kind of brazen subversion and subterfuge.  But they have been doing it now for sixty years so they are very, very good at it.

Don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  That’s what the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Internet censorship is all about!!!  Do you see it yet???
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