Monday, April 17, 2017

2017-04-17-071 YouTube is Changing…

Subscription based.  That is the direction of YouTube.  It should be obvious to all now. 

YouTube introduced YouTube Red some time ago now.  It is a monthly subscription offering which allows you to sidestep all advertising on YouTube, for now anyway.  And YouTube introduced a new fee based feature called YouTube TV which supposedly streams TV to you wherever you are.  So that’s two new fee based services which they are promoting over the old, free, advertiser based services.  YouTube is taking the You out of YouTube slowly.

Well, I will not go along with it.  Why?  Well the first feature is a rue scam.  It’s the same kind of scam which sold cable television years ago.  Cable was first offered as a fee based television service WITHOUT ADVERTISING.  The key to its service was that it was fee based or subscription based so they wouldn’t need advertising.  But as the cable base grew to a tipping point where there were more subscribers than free TV the cable companies began advertising anyway.  If you remember they started in “limited” ways.  But the advertising soon exploded to the point now that it is actually worse than the advertising of free TV back then.  So now they have us suckers paying for television with advertising besides.  And we live with it like the fools we are!!!

Now YouTube appears to be wanting to convert to the same scheme.  They want subscriptions for their services and I believe they eventually will go back to full advertising once they achieve their goals of fee base subscriptions.  But at some point somewhere YouTube is going to have to force the offer.  At some point YouTube is going to MANDATE subscriptions to continue viewing and posting.  I am not sure when it will happen or what will happen at that point.  I suspect that many will just bow to their wishes.  But I won’t.  Those services will cost too much money for my pockets.  I am already paying for my cable television at the lowest plan I can get.  Plus, my cable company is my ISP provider and land-line phone service provider too.  You can imagine that is a hefty bill every month and growing.  And the thing is I only use the Internet now.  I rarely watch cable television anymore.  It’s such a barren wasteland!!!  If I could get only Internet service in my area I would drop cable TV like a hot rock!!!

This was my big concern over the years regarding Internet corporations.  That the greed of the Internet companies would eventually take over.  Instead of continuing the free services they would find ways to coerce their users into pay services.  I am talking about ALL of the Internet companies like AOL, Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and all of the others.  Some are doing well with advertising based schemes for their profits.  But others are not.  And for those who are not doing well the subscription fees are starting to look pretty good right now.

But there may be more to it than that.  With the current politization of corporations it may become more and more difficult to find and keep advertisers based on content particularly political content.  So free services based solely upon advertising may start disappearing across the Internet.  And I think that is the way YouTube is going.  If YouTube makes any kind of success out of it then you can be all the others will quickly follow. 

Maybe that was the goal all along.  I suspected that to be the case ever since AOL and Dog Pile first appeared on the Internet in the 1980s.  But free services have been a boom for the Internet over the last thirty years.  Now that may be drawing to a close.  Imagine if you had to pay for all your services.  Internet services might cost you your entire salary one day.  Maybe that’s what they want.
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