Sunday, April 30, 2017

2017-04-30-082 Happy 100 Days in Office!!!

One hundred days is approximately one quarter of a year.  I am happy for Donald Trump’s 100 days in office.  As I write this Trump is about to speak at rally in Harrisburg, Pa.  Trump will list all of his accomplishments in the first 100 days which are many.  But I am most appreciative that Hillary Stalin is NOT the president of the United States. 

In my humble opinion, if Trump did nothing else for the next four years, it is enough that Trump prevented the most corrupt, evil human beings from assuming the presidency.  I believe that is Trump’s GREATEST accomplishment and contribution to the history of America.  Trump spared us from the grips of traitors, monsters who could have taken us to depths we have not yet experienced in human history.

But those depths of evil are only one election away.  And soon those monsters of socialism, communism and fascism will return to the United States.  And if we are unlucky, Trump himself will turn into the socialist that he was not during his campaign.  There is much to indicate this is happening.  But the elites of the world in business, politics and even religion have a world view of unity which is driven by the new term for communism, globalism. 

Now we see a “retail ice age” in the United States.  The consumer market is starving.  As the consumer market starves less products are purchased.  As less products are purchased more retail stores close.  You can check the numbers for yourself.  But if I remember correctly around 3,500 retail stores closed last year and the number is around 6,500 stores closing this year.  Many pundits are excusing it away.  But only fools will ignore this.  It’s the final result of economic collapse.  But it’s brilliantly happening so slowly that no one is noticing it.  For now!  But soon it will be too obvious to ignore.  When the food shelves go bare you will notice it.  But by then it will be too late.  We are on our way to Venezuela.

This is a result of destroying our internal economic system for a global order which is doomed from the start.  This is the result of cutting the population off from its own natural resources.  This is a result of tilting “trade” to the advantage of other countries so that our manufacturing base leaves for cheaper labor.  They said the United States would become a “service” oriented economy.  Then that was outsourced also.  Now there is now economy left.  Now no one has jobs or jobs that pay well enough.  On top of that you have a government sucking ever more money out of the economy in taxes and fees, most notably the accursed Obamacare.  It’s all designed to disintegrate the American economy.  It’s being brilliantly accomplished by the finest, most evil minds on the planet.  It is working.

We all have to realize that whatever Trump does, great of small, it will be only temporary.  It will be as temporary as all those Executive Orders Trump reversed.  The next socialist to occupy the White House will go on a tear to reverse Trump’s reversals.  And as for the laws, I don’t expect much out of the Republicans.  They are all worthless.  All of them.  Behind their smiles of nationalism or free enterprise or Bill of Rights “supporters” they are all globalists too.  They are owned by the One Percent of the One Percenters.  Trump might sincerely want to Make America Great Again.  But that’s really never going to happen.  There are just too many more people who, globally, want to see America destroyed.

There’s no way out of this.  The trend is towards ever greater enslavement and censorship.  The movement is always towards the left and totalitarianism.  The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Slavery under a technocracy which will decide everything for you if they let you live at all.  It’s Your Future!!!  It’s Your Slavery!!!  If you survive!!!

So, Happy 100 Days!  Just remember that it’s only temporary.  It’s as temporary as Donald Trump’s presidency!
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