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2017-05-12-085 God Bless Pat Buchanan…

I read Pat Buchanan’s latest column today.  I read it several times.  And the more I read it the more mystified I became.   I link to it at the bottom of this post for the readers’ information.

Mr. Buchanan starts by asking if anyone knows what the goal of the U.S. in the world is anymore.  Then Mr. Buchanan cites the Greatest Generation and their absolutely clear goal of defeating Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  He goes on to say that for their generation they knew with clarity what needed to be done.  He then says that after World War II Americans became divided.  But he does not expand on this point.  Instead he says the subsequent geopolitical situations gave rise to a “Cold War Consensus” that Stalin’s empire building needed to be contained and the U.S. would do it.  And one of these events is quickly passed over but is of so major a consequence that I am shocked he did this.  It’s the Korean Conflict.

Mr. Buchanan then jumps to the tragic experience of the Vietnam War and its “shattering” of the U.S. Cold War consensus.  I think this is true enough but it needs to be seen as a continuum of events rather than focusing on individual events and outcomes.

I personally feel that America’s enemies, foreign and domestic, realized that America would not be defeated at that time by direct military force.  America was capable of generating huge resources to support major military offenses around the world.  So, they had to come up with another way to defeat America.  And that strategy should be apparent to anyone who is willing to look at history and shine the light properly on it.

It started with the Korean Conflict.  I’ve often wondered why and how the United States could get itself apparently bogged down in a conflict against the tiny nation of North Korea just five years after defeating both Japan’s and Germany’s war machines.  How was that possible?  To me it still does not make any sense.  And if you look at it rationally I suspect it would appear the same to you.  General Douglas MacArthur had a plan to win in Korea but the Democrat President of the United States Harry Truman would not let him execute it.  This was the first conflict where the American political class restrained the military in the execution of a war effort.  Harry Truman fired MacArthur from his command of the war because MacArthur felt he could win it and said so in the press.  The rest of America’s generals took note.  This is the effort that America’s enemies created to destroy America.  And it was a pattern to a plan that they have used ever since.

The scheme would be repeated for the Vietnam Conflict.  Again, it was a conflict of communist aggression against a free American ally.  And again, the Democrats under Kennedy and most particularly Johnson would ramp up this war with a vengeance.  But once again, the American political class established all sorts of restraints for the execution of the war.  This virtually guaranteed no win, just stalemate and a lot of dead soldiers.  And for the second time since the fantastic war effort of World War II America failed to win.  Do you see the pattern forming here?  And what was the result of this at home in America?  Young Americans saw other young Americans being forcibly drafted into the military and sent to die in a place that the American politicians obviously had no interest in winning.  And no one wanted to die for that.  Do you see the results?  Do you understand what was going on over those year from 1945 to 1975?  Yes, the effort took 30 years but the effect was wonderful for America’s enemies.  America’s enemies had effectively destroyed the great American war machine of World War II and had turned America’s own citizens against its own military.  Do you see it yet?  Do you understand it yet?

But there is an even bigger strategy running behind what I just described here.  It has been a strategy developed and planned since the early 1700’s.  It’s a strategy that is aligning world governance. That’s what it is all about, Pat.  World governance.  Some people call it globalism.  I still call it world communism.  But that is what it is all about.  The First World War brought us the League of Nations but that fell apart.  So the Second World War brought us the United Nations and that has been held together since then.  But they still don’t have the world governance that banker James Warburg longed for when he told the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest."

So, does America have a goal?  No, not America.  It’s the globalists also known as world communists.  They have the goal, Mr. Buchanan.  And it involves all of us.  We will not be allowed to sit in isolation and rule ourselves as we have in the past here in America.  The global elites are out to change it.  We will have to surrender to world slavery by consent or they will take it by force.  But that’s the goal, Mr. Buchanan.  And they have it within their grasp right now.  They just need to seal the deal.  And a Third World War should do exactly that, Mr. Buchanan.  And this is why America’s enemies are so rabidly upset with President Donald Trump.  Donald Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again really could bring back that mega giant of World War Two.  And America’s enemies are deathly afraid Trump will succeed before they have a chance to finish their scheme of global world governance. 

The solution to “world peace” will not be found in the hands nor the hearts nor the minds of man.  Man is by nature too greedy and controlling.  There is only one way to world peace but the world refuses to acknowledge it.  The world rejects it.  So there won’t be world peace until the world accepts it.
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