Thursday, June 29, 2017

2017-06-29-116 Free for Everyone…

The ultimate in socialism and-or communism is everything free for everybody.  Who’s going to pay for all that free?  Who cares!  As long as it ain’t me!  Right?

Well, once again we are getting a new page out of the old Republican play book.  It’s all about massive reductions in everyone’s taxes!  Yahoo!  Right?  Mo’ money in my pocket!  Less money in Uncle Sam’s pocket!!!  Right on!!!  Who hates that??? 

But the government just keeps on spending that money!  All the money they just cut out of the tax revenues is still being spent by the government.  Hence we have a DEFICIT!  See?  The money coming in is LESS than the money going out!  And mostly the money going OUT is the welfare state!!! 

Now informed citizens will pull out the famous napkin that Arthur Laffer used to draw his famous Laffer Curve for Ronald Reagan.  People will say that the revenues from taxes will go UP because of the improved circulation of cash in the economy as people spend more of the money they keep.  And to an extent it is true.  But a big part of the Ronald Reagan plan was, allegedly, to cut spending by the same amount as the tax cuts.  This did not happen.  So, the net net of the Reagan tax cut was a massive cut in taxation as spending continued unabated.  It was a double windfall for government and the people.  The only problem was the massive deficit.  And no one seemed to care about that!

Now it looks like we are on the same track again.  Tax cuts are most certainly an answer.  But no one is talking about spending cuts.  Not at all.  And that’s going to be a monster problem sooner than we think.

Socialism runs on borrowed money that will never be repaid to the lenders.  This is happening right now in Puerto Rico, the state of Illinois and even Venezuela.  Eventually, there is no more money to borrow and the system collapses in on itself.  When the lenders demand to be paid they are sent to the guillotines.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

2017-06-28-115 All News is Fake News…

The smartest way to consider all news is to view it from the standpoint of fake news.  How does one do that?  Listen closely and ask yourself questions about what you are hearing.  Is what you are hearing possible?  Who did it?  Why was it done?  What was the motivation?  Sometimes, as one considers news stories, motives seems to be left out of news stories. 

The issues regarding news have been known since the beginning of print media.  Certainly, in the United States we only have to look at the “news” industry during the elections of our second and third presidents to see how the politicians of those days understood the power of the written word.  Perhaps they understood more about the power of the printed word then than we do now?

So I would postulate that all news is fake.  That is all news is biased.  That means that all news reporting is done for a reason.  The primary reason for reporting news is to generate revenues or sell papers, magazines, books.  This includes advertising revenues as well as unit sales revenues.  In the radio and television news business the primary reason for reporting news is to generate advertising revenues.  So whatever pulls the eyes to the news stories, whatever sells the news is good for the news business.  This always leads to hype.

But news is also an important resource to government and other organizational bodies for propaganda.  At its base level propaganda is simply media designed to influence the way the population thinks about things.  Anything.  And most reporters, news writers understand this.  This is why most reporters, journalists and news writers have the motivations of activists.  They want to move their audience in a particular direction or take a particular action after their audience reads their stories.  Like it or not, that’s propaganda. 

So, when you read a news story the first question that should occur to you is why did they print this story?  What are they trying to do with this story? Are they simply reporting facts?  Or is there another motive to the story?  All of this is determined by the styling and structure of the story in question.  Are there only facts presented in the story?  Or does the writer use many adjectives and descriptive words in and around the facts?  What kind of adjectives are they, good or bad, happy or sad, enraging or funny? 

The one thing that no one can defend against are the truly fake news stories.  These are news stories which have some or all of their facts completely wrong.  One might read of a man who was shot down by a cop as he tried to surrender.  Only much later does this story prove to be completely incorrect.  The thug was attacking the cop at the time.  But the lies are printed because that was the story that could cause the most inflammation and the most readership.  It’s propaganda pure and simple and in its worst form.  And there isn’t much one can do to detect it until later stories appear which contradict the original story.  But by then the damage is done.

News stories should be evaluated with a critical eye and ear.   They should also be evaluated with skepticism until confirmed.  And one should always remember that the writer is just not reporting facts but is trying to influence readers to feel a certain way, think a certain way and even act in certain ways.  This makes the entire news media industry powerfully influential.   It is also disconcerting that only 6 mega-corporations own 90% of the entire news media industry in the United States.  It’s become a monster propaganda machine.
These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America
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Monday, June 26, 2017

2017-06-26-114 Crimes of the Previous Administration…

It’s been alleged to me over the years that the specific reason that new administrations don’t pursue charges of wrongdoing against previous administrations is because the new administration wants the same kind of courtesy once it is out of office.  Yet the new administration cannot ignore the crimes of the previous administration since they ran on a ticket of correcting these crimes and “locking them up.”

So, what is a new administration to do?  Why it’s obvious!  Isn’t it?  Simply lay out some investigations.  Make lots of noise.  Ask lots of questions but none to direct.  And then after a year or two of foot dragging the reports are issued on a holiday Friday evening so no one reads them.  And the conclusions will always arrive at the summation that while there was possible grounds of wrongdoing these grounds don’t rise to the level of indictment.  Disgraced FBI Director James Comey already did this then he “investigated” Hillary Clinton’s private email server.  He declared many, many laws were broken but that there was no INTENTION to break the laws.  So Comey claimed no prosecutor would ever charge Hillary with a crime.  And so far no Hillary indictments are forthcoming.

Now the new administration is in power and struggling with the same issues.  They don’t really want to investigate, indict and convict because it would mean the NEXT opposition administration would do the same to them.  So, the idea is to create a lot of smoke and very little fire.  Show lots of hysteria at the committee hearings yet don’t probe for real issues.  And then after much sufficient time has passed they issue an all-clear and time to move on.

At the end of four Trump years, I predict no indictments of any Obama administration official.  For anything.  It’s time to move on to governance and ignore the crimes committed by the previous administration of which there are just too many to count!!!
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Sunday, June 25, 2017

2017-06-25-113 The Loretta Lynch “Investigation”…

Let’s see.  How many Republican investigations of Democrats have successfully produced any kind of criminal charges, prosecutions and convictions?  Let reduce that.  Shall we?  How many Republican investigations of Democrats have produced any kind of criminal charges at all.  I really can’t think of any.  Can you?

The most prominent investigation of recent years was the vaunted Trey Gowdy two year, multi-million dollar investigation of Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s failures as Secretary of State.  The BEST that we can attribute to Mr. Gowdy’s daily posing and posturing before the cameras was that this investigation might have contributed to Hillary Clinton’s loss of the 2016 Presidential election.  And for this we can be grateful if that was the objective.  But for all of the bluster and attributions of Gowdy, he proved not a single criminal wrong doing.  Like Hillary’s evil cohort Bill Ayers, Hillary is still “free as a bird.”

And this brings us to Loretta Lynch.  Disgraced FBI Director James Comey strangely blurted out that Obama U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch directed Comey to call the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server a “matter” rather than an “investigation”.  And strangely enough, while Comey saw need to document in detail his contacts with President Trump with scrupulous memos Comey apparently did not do the same for any of his contacts with Loretta Lynch.  So, it may very well be that Republicans are hanging their hat on another “he said-she said” accusation which will go nowhere.  And maybe that is the purpose of Mr. Comey’s testimony about Lynch.

In other words, the Republican “investigation” into Loretta Lynch will be NOT to find wrong doing but to clear her of ANY wrong doing.  Once the Republican investigation is “over” a vain report will be issued and everyone will go back to sleep again.  Lynch will not be charged with any crimes.  Lynch will not be accused of anything.  But Republicans will once again bluster and pose for cameras.

And don’t forget about the Democrats.  You can bet that Loretta Lynch is in deep meetings with the best Democrat strategists, lawyers, political advisors and shamans as they all assemble their questions for Lynch when she appears before the committees.  The Democrats will be MOST deferential, thankful, praising and groveling for Lynch’s “leadership” of the criminal Department of InJustice under Obama.  The sight and sound of Democrats licking proverbial boots will be so sickening most people will turn off the coverage of Lynch’s testimony. 

So ultra-liberal Republican Senator Charles Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has called for an investigation into Lynch’s possible obstruction of justice regarding the Hillary Clinton Email Server by the FBI.  Grassely and the Republicans will get up there and try to slap Lynch around a little bit.  But in the end, Grassely will do nothing but exonerate Lynch.  And just like Hillary Clinton and Bill Ayers, Loretta Lynch will get off “as free as a bird.”  These are my predictions.  This is how the play always plays out.  This is how the script always works out, with minor alterations based on characters in the play.

Are you ready for it?  Make sure you have an ample supply of BARF bags available!  The Senate is about to put on a show which may cost millions of dollars and amount to absolutely NOTHING!  AGAIN!
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

2017-06-22-112 Dr. Stephen Hawking Wants Interstellar Man…

Dr. Stephen Hawking, one of Earth’s most preeminent astrophysicists, repeated his call for the human race to find a way off planet Earth.  He believes this may be the only way to ensure the survival of the human race.

I found this exhortation to the human race quite interesting as most of the world did.  Because it seems to fly in the face of what the human race has been doing for the last fifty years.

Man’s race into space began in the late 1940’s and 1950’s as most humans must know from their history classes.  The ultimate race developed between Russia and the United States of America as we all redundantly know by now.  President John F. Kennedy committed the U.S. to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade of the 1960s.  By doing this Kennedy set a goal and time table which would measure the success or failure of the U.S. effort.

The U.S. succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations by landing not just one man on the moon but many men on the moon.  The exploration of the moon took on a routine event by the mid-1970s.  And then the moon missions were shockingly shut down.  No clear reasons were given but I always presumed that the CommieCrats wanted all that cash to go to the welfare state.  And that is probably what happened.  But it completely ruined NASA and its space exploration program.  It was obvious that they didn’t think spending the money to put the human race on another interstellar body was worth the time or money.

Man has not returned to any interstellar bodies since.  Instead man restricted himself to exploration of the universe from the bubble of Earth orbit with manned stations and orbiting telescopes.  Much has been learned during the intervening years since the end of the manned lunar missions.  And if anything some humans have learned that the human race faces the possibility of some Earth bound volcanic or military catastrophe or even an impact by asteroids.  The inevitability of some event seems to be increasing in order to prompt such a scientific luminary as Dr. Stephen Hawking to call for the human race to find another home.

But so much time has been lost in these intervening years.  Time that could have been used to develop new and efficient propulsion systems will never be gained back again.  It is time lost forever.  And one has to wonder why anyone saw any wisdom in shutting down space travel.  Surely that should have been the next goal after landing humans on the moon.  Finding a way to make the effort easier, cheaper and faster should have been the next goal.  But it wasn’t.

Looking back we might be able to see some reasons that were not so apparent as back then.  For instance, look around the world today and count the number of nations that have their OWN space industries.  Even some nations that might still be considered Third World nations have their own space exploration programs. This isn’t an accident of nature.  To me it appears that the United States space effort was shut down specifically to allow the rest of the world to catch up.  And now the whole world has caught up, now Dr. Hawking pontificates on the possibilities of interstellar migrations.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Most likely, the thoughts of the elites were that the United States was rushing out into space and would hog all of the interstellar migration for itself.  That needed to be stopped.  And it was stopped.  And only now, after most nations of the Earth have developed their own abilities to launch crafts, do the elites of the world promote the human species as an interstellar creature.  But what will that creature be taking with it into the Cosmos?  It will be taking Communism into the Cosmos and NOT Capitalism.  It will be taking Slavery into the Cosmos and not Freedom.  That’s why the U.S. space exploration needed to be stopped.  The elites of the world, the New World Order and the United Nations did not want the United States exporting Capitalism off the planet.  They wanted Communism exported off the planet.  And now they feel the human race is ready for that task.

By the way, Dr. Stephen Hawking suffers from a most grotesque human disease.  It’s called Lou Gehrig’s disease but the formal name for it is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  It is a degenerative neuromuscular disease which causes loss of all muscles.  The interesting thing is that Dr. Hawking has lived with this disease into his 70s now.  I think he might actually be a record survivor for ALS.  I don’t know.  But we can be sure that the Global scientific community must have great concern in keeping such a brilliant mind alive.  It almost seems to be a curse from God that a man with such an absolutely brilliant mind should become encased in a body that finds it virtually impossible to communicate.  I wonder if Dr. Hawking holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the one who lived the longest with ALS.  Just wonder.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2017-06-20-111 Is This Free Trade???

President Trump suggested reducing steel imports for reasons of national security.  This would require the redevelopment of the American steel industry after thirty years of abandonment and decay.  But it would clearly be GREAT for American security and American workers.

Now Germany threatens “retaliation”!  Is this really free trade?  Are we, the United States of America, indebted to buy Germany’s steel?  Are we required by some law and trade agreements that we MUST buy Germany’s steel rather than make our own steel?  Is this really free trade when a nation state threatens retaliation for cutting their imports for national security reasons?  Really?

Of course it’s not free trade.  It’s not fair trade either.  But for the United States workers it would be GREAT trade!!!  And note that Germany in the article below complains of the displacement of many German workers with the reduction of U.S. imports.  And then they threaten to RETALIATE????   I say DO IT MR. PRESIDENT!!!!  DO IT!!!  Show those BASTARDS we don’t give a dam for their workers and we DO give a dam for AMERICAN WORKERS!!!!

This is a prime example of the trade system that the global communists have created throughout the world.  For America, it is a virtual one way trade where Germany does major imports and imports virtually nothing from the United States.  It’s time to stop this nonsense of globalism before it destroys the American economy!!!  Whoops!!!  It’s too late now!!!  The economy is collapsing as we watch.  But most of America is in denial about it right now!  But soon the food shelves will be empty.  THAT’s when we will become brutally aware of America’s economic collapse.

Do it, Mr. President!  We, the People, have little to lose and much to gain out of your steel import cuts!  Do it!!!  This isn’t FREE trade!!!  This is EXTORTED trade!!!
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2017-06-20-110 The Strange Case of Otto Warmbier…

Who was Otto Warmbier?  How does a twenty-two year old University of Virginia student find himself in North Korea?  How many other Otto Warmbier’s are there running round North Korea at this time?  How many other Otto Warmbier’s have been to North Korea?  What was Otto Warmbier really doing in North Korea?

I include a link to a very interesting USA Today article which will probably disappear from the Internet pretty soon.  It raises more questions about Otto Warmbier than it answers.  But let me throw out some for “speculation”.  Was Otto Warmbier a CIA asset in training?  Was Otto Warmbier a communist spy in training?  Was Otto Warmbier an asset of international organizations undergoing some sort of indoctrination?  We don’t know.  But one might be able to wonder.

The first odd thing is that Otto Warmbier’s “journey” to the evil nation of North Korea originated from CHINA of all places.  Yes!  Otto Warmbier was “vacationing” in China prior to his “tour” to North Korea!  The article linked below says that a company called Young Pioneer Tours which is a CHINA based tour company took responsibility for Otto Warmbier’s experiences in North Korea.  The company decided it will send no more Americans to North Korea after this incident.  How nice of them!  So considerate!  But the questions remain.  How did Otto Warmbier join up with Young Pioneer Tours?  Where did Otto Warmbier get the cash for the trip to China?  Young Pioneer Tours brags on its web site that they provide budget travel to destinations your mother would rather you stay away from, according to the USA Today article.

Was Otto Warmbier’s mysterious coma and death related to some kind of North Korean brainwashing experimentation?  Was Otto Warmbier being prepared as a future asset within the United States of America by North Korea?  Did the asset preparation process go horribly wrong? 

According to the USA Today article, Young Pioneers Tours was founded by Gareth Johnson in 2008.  That coincides with the election of Barack Hussein Obama.  Young Pioneer Tours catered to people who “shy away from group tours” according to the article.  This means that the people being channeled to China and North Korea were lone travelers.  Suspicious yet again!!!  Gareth said he fell in love with the people and culture of North Korea, according to the USA Today article.  How can anyone fall in love with that hell hole of a nation?  But it only makes the whole story stranger still.  And that’s not the end of it.

According to the USA Today article, Young Pioneer Tours is based in Xi’an, China.  But there are offices in Almaty in Khazakstan, Darkar in Senegal West Africa, Havana in Cuba and North Korea.  According to the article, all tours begin and end in Beijing, China.  And according to the article, the tours offer THEMES ranging from POLITICS to bike riding along the DMZ between North and South Korea.  Notice it’s the politics as a theme.  Hint!  Hint!

There is much, much more going on here than meets the eye.  How did Otto Warmbier get “recruited” to go on these tours, first to China and then to North Korea?  What was Warmbier’s intentions while in North Korea?  What was Warmbier going to bring back with him when he returned to the United States, a love of communism and a hatred for America?

There is so much more to Otto Warmbier and his death than will ever be acknowledged.  Most of it is probably CIA Top Secret.  But you can bet many, many other Otto Warmbier’s went through the same “process” and are back in the United States right now.  Maybe many of our Senators and Congressmen are former Young Pioneer Tour customers who are now seeking the destruction of the United States from within.
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Monday, June 19, 2017

2017-06-19-109 Megyn Kelly – Fair and Balanced???

So, NBC aired Megyn Kelly’s much lauded interview with radio agitator Alex Jones the other night.  Many say it was a ratings failure.  Many say it was an extraordinary triumph of Good over Evil.  I guess it depends which mirror you look through.

I did not watch the interview.  I decided that any main stream media produced video of an interview with a lightning rod of a subject will not be fair and balanced.  And if the interview can be pre-judged as not being fair and balanced then what good is the interview in the first place?  After all, if the interview were truly fair and balanced the controversial subject of the interview, Alex Jones, might appear sympathetic or even correct in his views to some if not all of the viewers.  But that’s not how they wanted it to appear.  And too much can be done in the editing room to make someone look bad.  The editing room can make a person look good or look bad.  We’ve already learned much about this from the old CBS gotcha news show “Sixty Minutes”.  I have not watched that show in decades although I understand it is still running on TV.

Did Megyn Kelly get Alex Jones to exhibit the racism that he is accused of so much?  No or we would have heard about it before the airing of the show.  Did she attempt to understand where Jones was coming from or what he was trying to do?  Well, that didn’t seem to be a part of the plan.  Did it?

I was shocked that Alex Jones took Megyn Kelly’s bait for the interview.  Maybe Jones is the kind of guy who is wooed by the pretty face.  I suspect that he is.  And Jones clearly thought it was a mistake after he did the interview.  Jones was trying desperately to get NBC to drop the interview.   Advertisers left the show but not because they were driven away by potential boycotts.  They dropped their support because of the nature of the Alex Jones’ controversy.

NBC decided to air the interview and it didn’t do as well as they thought it would which is surprising.  I thought surly the controversy surrounding the interview would draw curiosity seekers if nothing else.  But the turnout didn’t happen and Jones got pretty much what he wanted or tried to turn it into, a disappointment for Megyn Kelly and NBC.

Fox News, Kelly’s previous employer, just this week dropped their tagline of “Fair and Balanced”.  They claimed that it was too much associated with Roger Ailes, the longtime CEO who resigned under questionable circumstances and passed away a short time later.  But the symbolism is obvious.  Is it not?  By dropping the “Fair and Balanced” tagline one could read into it that they will no longer try to be “Fair and Balanced”.  Maybe they don’t even care anymore.  Who knows?

And the same applies to Megyn Kelly.  “Fair and Balanced” not so much on NBC, an organization well knows for supporting the Left and Democrats as though they were a part of the Democratic National Committee.  Maybe that’s why so few turned out of Kelly’s interview.  Both sides presumed in advance what the result would be. And no one cared.  So much for “Unfair and Unbalanced”.

It’s a tough lesson for those who want to shape the thinking of the American public.  The American public is so sick of bias that they just don’t show up any more for the garbage the NBC editors put together.  But NBC won’t give up.  Neither will Megyn Kelly.  They won’t change.  They can’t.  It’s their life’s motivation in news media to drive the public culture and thought to the way that they think and see things.  Only their frustrations will continue to be exhibited.  And the results will be many more James Hodgkinsons.
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

2017-06-15-108 Extreme Radicalism From the Far Left…

Is it any wonder that the first shots in anger over politics would come from the crazies who supported Bernie Sanders presidential campaign?  The radicalism of violence is always a part of the activist mindset.  And one almost exclusively finds the activist mindset on the Democrat side of the aisle.

The Democrat side of the aisle harbors the worst of the worst from all models of totalitarianism.  They even harbor anarchists who fight simply for the fight and nothing else.

So, James Hodgkinson was the shooter. And the left is trying to make something out of the fact that Hodgkinson was at one time a registered Republican.  Who even knows if that is true or not?  What is known is that his Facebook page was COVERED with support for self-admitted socialist Bernie Sanders.  But was even more important, it was covered with hatred for any and all Republicans, Donald Trump and everything that wasn’t Bernie Sanders.

But where did James Hodgkinson get the weapon that he used in the attempted massacre of Republicans?  Where did he get all that ammo from too?  He was well prepared for what he did!  And probably most importantly, it seemed he had NO intention of surviving his outrageous assault.  So, how did Hodgkinson find out where the Republicans practiced?  How did he find out the time that they would be there?  Who were Hodgkinson’s contacts in the Washington DC and Alexandria, Va. area?   How did Hodgkinson support himself for this entire year since he was a resident of the north central states until this year?  Why was it so important to Hodgkinson to take up arms against a perceived enemy?  Was he on drugs?  Was he on alcohol? 

James Hodgkinson is the ultimate Alinsky activist.  Hodgkinson was so filled with political hatred that he decided to take murderous action that he apparently knew would result in his own death.  Why?  This is what the Democrats have been working towards since the 1960s and 1970s.  The radical revolution of the 1960s failed.  It failed because they did not occupy any of the government itself.  They thought they could conquer the government and rile up the population to overthrow it.  But that didn’t happen.  So they decided to work from the inside.  They decided to rise up in government in political elected positions and within the government bureaucracy.  And now they do have the government on their side.  So there will be nothing to stop a re-creation of 1968, those years of activist violent political revolution.  That is what is coming.  That is what James Hodgkinson is all about.  It’s about inflaming the individuals to a frenzied level until they finally take action like James Hodgkinson did.

It’s pure Alinsky-ism.  That’s what we are watching right before our very eyes.  But no one seems to know it.  But the Left knows.  Obama knows.  The Clintons know it.  Most of the politicos know it.  But the general population is by and large not in on the plan, the joke, the goal, the secret. 

James Hodgkinson is a manifestation of the anger expressed by Kathy Griffin and her Trump head stunt.  Hodgkinson is a manifestation of all the raging anger express by most liberal celebrities.  We know who they are.  This is only the start.  But this time it is much harder to see where this will end up.  Many pundits have already made predictions and those predictions are not good.
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Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017-06-11-107 The Russians…

It may be my simple, humble opinion.  But I believe that the Russians have no idea what is happening to them.  It’s happening to them sure enough.  But they probably don’t fully understand what is happening or why it is happening.  And to a greater extent, most of the world does not understand what is happening in Russia to Russia or for that matter the rest of the world.

We, the world over, are witnessing the fulfillment of the Prophecies of Fatima.  Look them up.  Study them.  A cursory review of the story of Fatima will surprise and shock you.  And when that happens you may begin to understand all that you see and hear about Russia today. 

Russia will become God’s chastisement of the world.  The errors of Russia will spread throughout the entire world.  But in the end, Russia will be converted.  As you investigate the Apparition of Fatima during 1917 you will discover that in Russia the people are undergoing a new resurgence of Christian faith.  This resurgence is extending to the highest levels of the Russian government even though most of those people have been educated from the worst stock in the world.  And just as Babylon became God’s chastisement of the Israelites so too will Russia become the chastisement of the world.

If you look back on recent history, events will prove this true.  Just fifteen years ago both Russia and China had virtually no presence in the Middle East.  Yet within the last 10 years or so they both have grown their presence to include military and naval forces throughout the Middle East but most especially in Syria.  And Syria seems to be the lynchpin to the Middle East.  If you know anything about the Bible’s Book of the Apocalypse, also known as the Book of Revelation, you can sense that the world is aligning for the fulfilment of those prophecies also.

And prophecies are meant to be fulfilled.  God may be beseeched to delay fulfilments.  But prophecies must be fulfilled or they are not prophecies at all.  This is the 100th anniversary of Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun.  And now we are witnessing the fulfilment of those prophecies whether we want to or not.  And most of the secular humanistic world does NOT want to see this or acknowledge this. 

If you give this any reflection and consideration then you must realize that this is all about the salvation of souls.  And only you can determine the salvation of your soul.  Consider it carefully.  Because time is short and they know it.
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Friday, June 9, 2017

2017-06-09-106 What Was Comey’s Purpose???

So, what was Comey’s purpose in testifying before the Senate “Intelligence” committee in public yesterday?  Comey seemed anxious and more than willing to go before the committee under oath.  And the foolish Democrats in the main stream media swore that Comey had a secret weapon with which to indict Trump!

But it didn’t happen.  Comey very much covered just about the same ground as he had already.  Comey did drop some information that he had not let out before.  But it was all in the positive for the President.  Comey confirmed for the first time in public that Trump was never under investigation by the FBI.  And Comey revealed that he was the leaker of his own memos on the Trump meetings.  And Comey revealed in a tangential way that Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch came to him and pressured him to use the word “matter” instead of “investigation” regarding the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server.  And so one must wonder what Comey’s testimony was really all about.

Did Comey go to this committee for the purpose of clearing President Trump?  Did Comey go to this committed for the purpose of “confessing” to the leaking of his memos?  Did Comey go to this committee for the purpose of redirecting investigations towards Loretta Lynch?  It seems so.  At least that’s how the whole circus turned out.  There was no smoking gun indictment of criminal wrong doing by Trump.  Quite the opposite.  Then Comey admitted being the one who leaked his own memos.  This might have actually put Comey in criminal jeopardy.  Why would he do this?  Then he drops the anecdote about Loretta Lynch pressuring him to rephrase the investigation of Hillary Clinton into a matter.  Even more strange!  Why would Comey drop a story like that at a committee meeting to investigate Trump and any Russian connections?  Very strange indeed.

Unless of course this was the whole purpose of the testimony.  1. Get Trump off the Russian hook, 2. Come clean about the leaked memos for perhaps a DEAL of some kind, and 3. Turn the tables on Loretta Lynch for whatever reason Comey might have had to do that.  Will Lynch be investigated now?  Should be.  But who knows about these bastards in Washington.  Mueller most likely won’t investigate her.  That leaves Jeff Sessions to take it on.

Seems to me that Mr. Comey might have made a deal for the opportunity to accomplish those three goals.  We may never know if a deal was made or what the deal was.  But I am just cynical enough to suspect that Comey wanted to testify to save his own butt.  And I suspect that is what happened yesterday.  We’ll see what comes of it all in the next weeks and months.

I am just glad I didn’t grow up to be the Director of the FBI!!
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

2017-06-08-105 Comey is a Real Nothing Burger…

The much ballyhooed Senate testimony of fired FBI Director James Comey resulted in a real nothing burger of a circus!  The ONLY thing that Comey may have done was incriminate himself in a possible crime by admitting that he leaked his Trump meeting memos to a Columbia University professor friend of his so the professor could leak it to the media.  It may very well turn out that some of the contents of Comey’s discussions recorded in those memos were classified.  But even if none of it was classified, the admission of leaking government documents and information could result in charges.

But as for testifying directly that Trump committed some kind of crime, any kind of crime, Comey came up short of saying it or anything remotely like it.  So, all the jackals on the Senate panel are disappointed as well as the uber-hysterical leftist mainstream media!  They were certain that Comey was going to deliver the indictment of President Trump today.  Didn’t happen!

So now maybe we can say goodbye forever to Comey and his clown posse as he fades off unceremoniously into the sunset of time.  But wait, if we are lucky the FBI will open an investigation into Comey and his leak.  Maybe that will result in charges against COMEY by the “Special” Counsel Former FBI Director Robert Mueller.  Probably NOT!  Mueller and Comey are practically lifelong buddys who worked tightly together in the past and know where each one has buried skeletons.  Mueller, I guarantee, will not investigate Comey nor charge Comey with any crimes.  Wink, wink!  That’s the way it goes in Washington DC.

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

2017-06-04-104 He Turned the Other Cheek…

Linked below is a story about a Coptic Christian who renovated a Mosque for free only to be killed by Muslims in that most recent attack on a bus in Egypt.  His name was 66-year-old Atef Mounir Zaki.   It struck me that Mr. Mournir Zaki was an example of Christ’s exhortation to turn the other cheek to one’s enemies.  Mr. Mournir Zaki turned his cheek and got killed for it.  In some circles he might be declared a martyr for Coptic Christianity.  Others would only say that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But then some other thoughts occurred to me.  The first was that maybe, just perhaps, Mr. Mournier Zaki’s murder at the hands of those to whom he was most generous was actually a punishment from God.  After all, Mr. Mournier Zaki aided and abetted a “religion” which raises a false god over God the Father and the Trinity of Coptic Christianity.   In aiding and abetting such idolaters Mr. Mournier Zaki actually transgressed the First Commandment of God.  Not only did he do that but he transgressed Christ’s most important law which is to love God with one’s whole mind, whole heart and soul.  Rather than advocating Christianity to the Muslims, Mr. Mournier Zaki promoted their continued idolatry.  So, it can perhaps be concluded that his death at the hands of his charity was from God Himself, a punishment for putting idolatry before God.

In today’s world, this is truly inconceivable.  Most people will stutter and blubber about how a loving God could do such a thing.  But most people today completely discount any attribution that a loving God can also be a perfectly Just God.  And a perfectly Just God can punish not only in the next life but this one as well.  At least that’s another way to see this event.  This scares most people on Earth today.  People don’t want to hear about a Just God who punishes.  They will only believe in a Loving God who forgives everything all the time no matter what they do.  But if we don’t do that in our own lives why on Earth would we expect God to be like that?  Denying a Just God is to deny justice at all.  And maybe that is the root of the world’s problems since the beginning.

In the end, this story will be presented and consumed in any such way that it fits a politically appropriate point of view.  Ideologies drive politics and politics drives all in this world.  So, one side will present this one way, the other side will present it another as long as that presentation supports their political ideology.  In that sense, it’s always a matter of making the most out of the next available crisis.  But people rarely look beyond the politics.  And the politicians really don’t want anyone looking beyond the politics.  If you do, you might actually get to the Truth.
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Saturday, June 3, 2017

2017-06-03-103 Something BIG is Happening in America…

Yes, folks!  Something BIG is happening in America.  Something not ever seen before in the history of the United States and most likely the world.  Most people don’t see it.  Others see it but they misinterpret it.  Yet it is so stunning it cannot soon be ignored.  It strikes to the very heart of the nation and the world.  And it is bad.

We are living the destruction of the American middle class.  Many are apparently mystified by the “retail ice age” occurring in America right now.  What is the “retail ice age”?  Many, many retail chains and malls are losing sales at an astounding pace now.  So much so that between 3000 and 8000 retail stores will close this year alone, 2017.  Many malls are failing in America right now.  The propaganda main stream news likes to use the excuse that many more people are shopping on-line now so retail stores are losing out to the Internet.  But if that were REALLY true it would be obvious to all.  It would be obvious to the retailers and they would have adjusted their sales strategies accordingly.  No, folks, this massive reduction in retail sales in the United States cannot be blamed on the Internet alone.

The American middle class has been successfully destroyed.  We are witnessing the final destruction of the great American economic engine that drove not just America but the world.  In a brilliant plan of destruction, our leaders schemed with America’s international enemies to coerce the migration of America’s entire manufacturing capacity out to the rest of the world.  This was the first HUGE step on the road to destroy the American middle class.  Tax structures were created within and without the United States to encourage American business to migrate out of the United States and become importers of goods manufactured elsewhere.  Over decades this reduced the central pillar of the American middle class - America’s manufacturing industries.  As those workers became unemployed they either found new means of money earning or they fell upon the welfare state for subsistence.  And this was just the beginning.

Obamacare is the massive pile driver forcing the last stake through the heart of the American middle class.  Obamacare is sucking SO much money out of the pockets of the American middle class that there is quite LITTERALLY no money left for the essentials of life any more.  The American middle class has been legally forced to buy health insurance at whatever price the insurers want to charge them.  And it is breaking them.  It’s a beautiful Marxist plan to destroy the American middle class and put them completely under the control of the federal government.

The really scary part has not yet started but it will.  Watch carefully as your food supermarkets start to retract and shut down.  Watch as your food supermarkets start presenting bare shelves to its shoppers.  Then it will become obvious to all.  But by then it will be too late.  The panic will set in and take over the nation.  Everyone will be out for themselves.  It will truly become a fight for survival.  But there won’t be anything left for anyone.  The elites will have it all.  And they are not the SHARING types.

Donald Trump sees this.  Donald Trump sees what has happened to America.  Donald Trump sees the danger that the American people are in right now.  Trump sees the danger that even the stupid Americans don’t see.  Trump is trying to reverse the destruction of the American middle class.  Trump is trying to re-institute the drivers of the American economy and the American middle class.  But I suspect Trump is too late.  The gangrene of Marxism has permeated a majority of America now so that most people, even citizens, despise the very engines that created the Great American Middle Class, such has the welfare state grabbed the hearts and minds of Americans now.

Don’t think that the destruction of the American economy and the American middle class will have no impact on the rest of the world.  It has to have an impact on the rest of the world.  Over the last fifty years, America has been turned into the single greatest consumer of retail products in the world.  America has been turned into the global economic engine of the world.  The world imports most of its products to America.  This is why so many manufacturers have left America for sites around the world.  But if the great economic consuming engine of the American middle class fails what impact do you think that will have across the globe to all nations that depend upon American middle class consumption?  It doesn’t take a high IQ to see what will happen.  Does it?  All those manufacturing economies will feel the decrease in demand by the American middle class.  The great American middle class consumer has been starved of its enviable incomes.  The great American middle class cannot support itself anymore.  The great American middle class is falling into poverty.   And those manufacturing plants created across the globe will fall silent as American demand all but disappears.  All those global workers will become unemployed.  Without employment they will face welfare or starvation.

There is no way anyone can plan to protect themselves from what is about to happen.  Imagine, if you will, what is going on in Venezuela but on a global scale.  Can you?  Because that is what is coming, folks.
MAY JOBS +138,000...
94,983,000 NOT IN LABOR FORCE...
European officials say withdrawal threatens USA global stature...
THE DOCTOR IS IN. CO-PAY? $40,000...


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Friday, June 2, 2017

2017-06-02-102 Kathy Griffin’s ISIS Conquers America Tour…

Failed comedian Kathy Griffin drew a massive and continuing amount of condemnation for simulating an ISIS beheading for a failing studio photographer named Tyler Shields.  And with that Griffin launched her ISIS Conquers America Tour.  Ariana Grande will open and Rosie O’Donnell will provide comedy.  Suicide bomber vests will be given away free to all attendees.

Fortunately, condemnation of the horrific photo and video has been almost universal.  Griffin has lost most her career right now.  Many of her appearances have been canceled.  Corporations who had advertising agreements with Griffin have cancelled them and disavowed any sympathy towards the ugly act that Griffin performed in the video and the photos.

I for one never thought Griffin was particularly talented or funny.  To me she always existed on a “Below D List” level for entertainers.  That’s usually the level just about porn stars.  These “entertainers” make enough noise to keep a career going but they don’t hit the big buck heights.  Unfortunately, I also included ALL of those comedians who now host the late night talk shows in that same group of people.  So, the bar is definitely being lowered everywhere and that is understandable.

For me, Kathy Griffin’s career turn was inevitable.  She’s the kind of person who keeps taking it “to the edge” as the losers like to say.  It’s all she has.  It’s what keeps her career alive.  And obviously that means that one day she would take it over the edge.  As Griffin herself has admitted in public, she screwed up.  And now Griffin is going to have the same kind of career that Michael Richards now enjoys after his untimely blow up at some black audience members who were hassling him while he was performing.  But that’s what happens when you step up to “the edge”.  Eventually, you fall over.  And then you are gone.

But I don’t think so.  Kathy Griffin is the kind of hard core Hollywood survivor.  Griffin is in with a lot of Hollywood’s worst and most leftist creatures on the planet.  Someone somewhere will actually reward Kathy Griffin and continue to keep her vapid career going.  Like cockroaches, we can count on one thing for sure.  We haven’t seen the last of Kathy Griffin.  Unfortunately.
BACKLASH GROWS..,-Franken-dis-invites-comedian
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Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017-06-01-101 Today Trump Saved America, Bilderberg Conspires Against Trump…

Today President Donald J. Trump saved America’s sovereignty.  Trump pulled the United States out of that dreadfully entangling Paris Climate Agreement.  And in doing so Trump pulled us out of a growing global governance structure which would have crippled America with burdening climate demands and monstrous climate tax demands.  And U.S. citizens would have had no say in any of it.

The Bilderberg group is meeting again in Virginia starting today.  And at the top of their published agenda is the Trump Administration.  This is troubling to say the least.  Virtually everyone involved in Bilderberg as well as most nations on Earth wanted Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Trap.  And many of the CEOs who are meeting in Virginia have companies making massive amounts of government subsidies tied to the global “climate” hoax.  They are might pissed off.  This was a big one for Trump.  It’s not just an executive order on bathrooms or hiring practices.  What Trump did today was put a big hole in the plan of global communism.

Coincidentally with this event, it looks like Hillary Clinton might have gotten a thumbs up from the Bilderbergers to run AGAIN for president in 2020.  Hillary created a personal super PAC and is now running around the country shaking down her tree of supporters again.  She’s making lame appearances where she blames everyone but herself for her own loss.  And as a two time loser now she seems to be arranging for another attempt.

Speaking of attempts, the Bilderbergers must be absolutely apoplectic over Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.  And I personally would not put it past them to do whatever is necessary from their point of view to stop Trump and his agenda.  I am reminded of President Ronald Reagan’s first term at this point.  Reagan was working wonders at the very beginning of his presidency with much promise to come.  And just two months after Reagan’s inauguration, someone “lone nutter” almost succeeded in assassinating him.  Fortunately, Reagan survived and George H.W. Bush had to wait eight full years to finally ascend to the presidency, if you know what I mean.

So I pray every day for the health and safety of our great President, Donald J. Trump.  I pray that the Bilderbergers fail in every attempt to hinder or stop Trump in the course of his Make America Great Again agenda!  Trump is truly America’s last chance.  The WHOLE WORLD is against Trump.  Almost the entire Congress is against Trump.  Most of the American governmental bureaucracy is against Trump.  A huge portion of the American judiciary is against Trump.  The entire mainstream media is against Trump.  Trump has only the people who voted for him in his corner.  They are depending upon him and his agenda.  And the globalists want to stop him.
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