Saturday, July 1, 2017

2017-07-01-117 Bernstein’s Malignant Words…

The opposition to President Donald J. Trump seems to be ramping up a new avenue of attack now that the false accusations of Russian collusion have fallen apart for the communist Democrats.  Carl Bernstein, the reporter who made his sole claim to fame with Watergate, is back out in front again and a shill.  This time Bernstein is signaling the press to do something even more treacherous.

Berstein calls on the press to do a “different kind of reporting” although he doesn’t detail what that kind of reporting should be.  One thing we might immediately presume is that it won’t be honest reporting and it certainly won’t be fair reporting.  Berstein goes on to say that he perceives this presidency as a “malignancy”.  How’s that for characterization?  Berstein characterizes Trump’s presidency as a cancer.  And what is done to a cancer?  Radiation, chemotherapy and eventual surgery are the standard tropes for cancer as we all know.  So Berstein’s indirect and succinct words call for the removal of the president without actually saying it.  Very BRILLIANT! 

Most troubling is the things Berstein “leaked” about the military, the intelligence agencies and the Republican leadership, also referred to as the Deep State or the Establishment.  Berstein claims that they “know about the malignancy and it has them worried.”  Berstein claims that “They are worried about his character.  They are worried about his temperament and his state of temperament…”.  The story in the Washingtom Examiner below goes no futher with details so we don’t have any of Berstein’s sources for any of this and he could be making it all up.

But the inference seems clear that Berstein is calling for some kind of actions within or from the military and the intelligence communities against a duly elected President of the United States.  Are Berstein’s words code to certain members of those communities he specified?  Is Berstein passing on to those communities judgements and conclusions from some outside entity or force?  Is Berstein passing on to the military and intelligence communities instructions from outside of normal channels or even cryptographical channels or spy channels?  Is Berstein passing on directions via the use of main stream media to those in the military and intelligence communities who understand what Berstein is really saying without saying it?

Berstein’s comments are MUCH more than simple statements from a simple reporter to other reporters.  These words are heavily loaded and coded perfectly to get the message across to those who are waiting for it.

Clearly, Berstein’s call for a “different” kind of reporting means that it is a kind of reporting that currently does not exist or has not been used.  Is he talking about pure propaganda?  Is he talking about pure lies?  What could Berstein possibly be calling for here?  Some people know.  Some people understand what he is saying without saying it.  And they are apparently ready to do what he is asking.

This won’t just be an attack on the president and his administration.  This will be a full out frontal assault on the consumers of news, the American people.  Of this We, the People, must be very careful to discern.  Because they will now try their best to discredit President Trump in any way they can, especially when it comes to the President’s state of mind.

Just remember and never forget that THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD IS SLAVERY!!!  YOUR FUTURE!!!  YOUR SLAVERY!!!  Donald J. Trump is probably the first president of the United States since John F. Kennedy who is fighting AGAINST that slavery!!!  And that’s why there is SO MUCH opposition to Trump.
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