Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017-07-06-119 The Reports of Their Demise…

Haven’t we all learned by now not to do this?  At least not to do it until it actually happens?  What is that?  Forecast the demise of organizations, groups and even political parties.  That’s what.  Usually, the reports of their demise are greatly exaggerated to paraphrase Mark Twain.

The latest prognostication of demise comes from the venerable Rush Limbaugh.  Rush predicted that CNN was just about finished because of all the Fake Network News CNN has been reporting.  While Rush may be right that CNN has put out an extraordinarily large amount of incorrect news reports it certainly has not lead to its demise, at least not yet.  And most people, I am sure, have wondered how a network with so few viewers manages to pull in the advertising revenue that it does.  It’s certainly not because the advertisers are getting their product messages out to a huge audience of viewers.  Not at all.  So something else must be going on which causes some of the largest corporations in America to take out advertising on a network with a terribly small audience.  What could that be?

CNN will continue just as it is with its ever shrinking audience.  One might expect that CNN will continue to be funded by advertisers even if there were literally NO views, NO audience.  Why?  It’s all about politics.  It’s all about influence.  It’s all about brainwashing.  Not the advertisers.  They wouldn’t be brainwashing many viewers at all with their messages broadcast on CNN.  Rather, it about keeping a politically functioning entity called CNN alive in order that certain people, groups, parties and academics can have a platform from which to speak, even if no one listens to them anymore.

Do you remember way, way back to about the year 2008? The Democrats succeeded in getting their presidential candidate elected to the White House.  This gave the Democrats the House, the Senate and the Presidency.  And they Democrats in both houses had supermajorities.  This meant they didn’t need any Republican support at all to pass anything they felt like passing.  And they did when they jammed us with the (Un)Affordable Health Care Act.  Remember?  Back then lots of people were talking about the end of the Republican party!  Remember?  People made predictions of Democrat domination of the government for the next forty years!

Didn’t happen.  Did it?  Now the table has quite reversed.  Now the Republicans hold both Houses of Congress and the Presidency.  And they still can’t get anything done.  But the demise of the Republican party was greatly exaggerated as we can see now.  And so it goes.

So don’t go declaring that one organization or another is all but dead until it is in fact dead.  The one can proudly pronounce the demise of that organization and put forth reasons that lead to the demise.  But let the demise occur first.  Regarding CNN, it probably should die a slow bankruptcy.  But CNN plays a very important functional roll in news control and population influence.  And those certain people who want and need that news control and influence will continue to fund CNN regardless of the viewership size.

It’s all propaganda.  Every story you read, every story you watch on TV.  It’s all designed to communicate not just facts but feelings, passion, emotion, anger, envy, jealousy to get the you to take actions favorable to the broadcasters’ point of view, for instance voting for a particular candidate.  In the end, they will want you to vote for your very own slavery.  That’s how slick it will be.

And don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If you survive.
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