Sunday, July 9, 2017

2017-07-09-121 Trump…

President Donald J. Trump has an opportunity to enter the history books as a president for the ages.  But the winds of socio-political changes may be too much even for Donald J. Trump.

A president who is always remember is Ronald Reagan.  He is the only other president who had a much similar vision of what America is and should be.  Ronald Reagan served two full terms and did much to impact America and the world.  But it didn’t take long for his successors to undo most of what Ronald Reagan had put in place.  And now we once again have a man in the White House with Reagan like vision.

But concerns mount. Donald Trump is seventy-one years old right now.  He will be seventy-four at the beginning of his second term should he run again and win.  That means Trump will be seventy-eight years old at the end of a second term.  Two terms as president is a lot to put on a man of those years.

And as we all can see by now, the whole world is against Donald Trump.  Trump is clearly working to make America great again.  This is working against the globalists elite views.  This goes against everything that the socialists, communists and Marxists have been pushing over the last one hundred and twenty years or so on a global basis.  Most of the American political elites also subscribe to the socialist advances both on the left and the right.  So Trump also gets resistance from within his own government and from most of his own party.

So there may be some plans developing which we know nothing about yet.  A report from the New York Times fuels speculation that VP Mike Pence may be laying ground work for financing his own political aspirations.  Although the article indicates that Pence representatives have indicated that Pence is building support for the Trump-Pence campaigns, the article infers that Pence is working his own opportunities with Republican donors.  One cannot reasonably blame him for that if it is true.  But one must wonder what would be the political timing on that.

Past speculation held that most Republicans believed Trump would not finish his first term.  For whatever reason one might presume from death to resignation to impeachment, many Establishment politicians believed that the Washington Deep State would force Trump out of office.  That is looking increasingly less likely as Trump survives the six month mark of his first term in office.

So, the next opportunity for Pence would be in the speculation that Trump might not seek another term as President.  This is due to the super-stress on Trump and his family related to the massive resistance they are getting from virtually everyone.  One might speculate that one four year term is enough of that continuous war.  In that case Pence would be ready to make the run for office.  And building on this, if Trump were to decide not to run then it might be in Pence’s best interest if Trump actually did resign before the end of his presidency so that Pence could assume the Oval Office and run his first term campaign as president.  But this is just wild speculation.

But the most obvious timing would be that Donald Trump has a successful first term and that he takes the Republican nomination for President without any opposition.  Presuming a successful re-election, Pence would be out another four years before his own opportunity would come knocking.  That’s a full seven and one half years from now.  Is that too far into the future to be courting the big Republican moneybags?

Of course, this story linked below is from the New York Times.  So for all we really know it’s all fake news.  Right??!!!
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