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2017-07-16-123 Breakdown or Survival…

This was a very great concern of mine for almost a life time now.  What is it?  It is that American politics gets so corrupted that the population starts looking elsewhere for “leadership”.  And who would America turn to in their hour of need for “leadership”?  My great fear is that they would turn to Hollywood.  They would turn to famous names who would suddenly find that their famous cache could instantly propel them into higher office without any campaign effort on their part.

This is what happened with the election of Donald J. Trump.  Everyone thought Hillary Clinton was a lock on the presidency.  All the “polls” apparently supported this “fact”.  Yet in the late night hours of Election Day November 8, 2016 we saw what some call an astounding victory over Clinton.  Others call it miraculous! 

And this was the first one.  The first outsider in American history to be elected to the top office of the United States.  Trump didn’t go through the corrupt political process, the corrupt deal making, the corrupt approval stream to get to the top office.  He did it himself and bypassed the corruption. 

Now what do we see?  Kid Rock is running for the Senate.  Kid Rock!  Did Kid Rock even graduate high school?  Can Kid Rock even read?  How much drugs has Kid Rock consumed during his entire rock and roll career?  But Kid Rock, because of his high profile name, may have a very good shot at influencing the people to vote for him regardless of his background, thinking or qualifications.  Let’s take a look!

Did you know Kid Rock’s real name is Robert James Ritchie?  Some of you probably did.  Many of you are probably wonder who Kid Rock is.  He’s no Kid anymore!  LOL!  He’s a grandfather.  His “story” is so descriptive that I am just going to link it at the bottom of this page.  Is this REALLY the kind of guy we want to see in the Senate?  I don’t know.  You tell me.

If this weren’t bad enough there is another on the horizon also.  The former professional “wrestler” turned Hollywood “actor” called “The Rock” is seriously considering a run for president.  And he won’t be running as a Republican.  His real name is Dwayne Johnson.  Did you know that?  Dwayne Johnson.  And now he thinks he can administer to the most powerful nation on Earth.  That’s quite an EGO growing there!  Don’t you think? 

But what about Dwayne Johnson.  Better look quick.  Because you can bet all the Internet information about “The Rock” will be scrubbed if he runs for office.  But according to a biographical source, Dwayne Johnson’s promising football “career” came to an end with an injury.  From there he entered professional “wrestling”.  And the rest is history.  He turned the wrestling gig into a career as an “actor”.  And that’s pretty much Dwayne Johnson’s background and qualifications for President of the United States.

There were a few examples in the past which you can point to for defense.  Ronald Reagan was the first “outsider” to find his way to the inside.  But Reagan followed a path.  Reagan gained a lot of political experience within the actors union when he became president of that organization early in his career.  Reagan was groomed carefully for politics with a General Electric speaking tour which covered several years through the 1960s.  And Reagan ran for and won the governorship of California. So Reagan had political experience going into his presidential election bids.

Then there was the other professional “wrestler” turned governor, Jesse Ventura.  I leave it to you to decide if Ventura was a successful governor.  Most people don’t know that Ventura won a surprising single term as mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.    I will leave it to you also to determine if his single term as mayor was any more successful than his single term as governor.  You will note that in both cases Jesse “The Body” Ventura decided not to seek re-election.  I wonder why that was.  They are interesting stories.  Look them up!  What was Ventura’s background?  After apparently graduating high school, Ventura enlisted in the U.S. Navy.  He successfully completed SEAL training and served from 1969 to 1973.  After discharge from the Navy he settled in California where he apparently joined a motorcycle gang and worked as a body guard for the Rolling Stones.  After two years this biographical resource says that Ventura returned to Minnesota where he entered community college.  He attended for just one year.  He then found his way into professional wrestling and the rest is history as we can say. 

So, here we are.  We have arrived.  We, the People, have a political class that is so corrupted by international politics and greed that we are turning to non-politicians in an effort to save our system of governance.  We are turning to people who have no experience, no background and no intellectual abilities to fix the political process.  This was my biggest fear.  That the American people would turn to any famous Tom, Dick or Harry or any Jane, Jan or Sally for president because they no longer trust the candidates of the political parties.

Is there and answer to this?  Maybe not.  This is political evolution, not revolution.  The electorate is seeking solutions outside the normally accepted solution box because those always fail the people.  Where will this lead us?  To no good, I am afraid.  Benjamin Franklin said that a republic can only be successful if the people are virtuous.  Today the people on the whole are no longer virtuous.  And that is why it will fail.

"The wise shall possess glory: the promotion of fools is disgrace." [Proverbs 3:35]

Don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If you survive the next world war!!!
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