Monday, July 31, 2017

2017-07-31-131 Quick Entrance, Quit Exit…

So ten days ago Anthony Scaramucci  entered the White House in triumph as the new unifier and communicator of the President of the United States.   And today, after a filth laced interview, Scaramucci exits the White House under the stern gaze of President Trump’s even more newly hired Chief of Staff, John Kelly, formerly the Director of Homeland Security.

But the Scaramucci’s of the world run this world now.  They are the young, the undisciplined, the spoiled and the entitled.  They are the smartest of the smart.  No one can tell them anything they don’t already know or think they know.  They are all over the place.  You can find them all over the Democrat party.  But in the Democrat party they are heralded as leaders when they do what Scaramucci did.  Just look at all of the recent antics of the current Democrat National Committee Chairman, Tom Perez.  And the Democrats turn a blind eye and ear to it all.

I wonder how Scaramucci’s firing went.  Do you think John Kelly, former general of the United States Marine Corps, let fly a few invectives of his own over Scaramucci?  Do you think Scaramucci let a few invectives fly when he found out that Trump was giving him the DUMP after just ten days in office?  I wonder.

But most troubling of all it the issue of PERSONNEL.  How is Donald Trump selecting these people?  Where does he get the names?  Who puts them forward?  Why does Trump listen to them?  It a matter of personnel.  It seems that the wrong people are slipping ever closer to the President.  Bad people who do not share President Trump’s agenda for the nation are getting ever closer to the President.

It would be surprising to find out that President Trump has a real personnel problem on his hands.  Most of those who would normally be considered for nomination to the administration probably refuse to serve President Trump.  They are NEVERTRUMPERS.  Then there are those potential nominees who don’t want to be associated with such a contentious administration with enemies abounding.  It’s quite believable that many considered candidates simply don’t want to risk their careers for President Trump.

Furthermore, Trump would have to look deep outside the normal Washington circle for the kinds of people he really needs to support him.  Unfortunately, they have no political experience at all.  And that is lethal in politics and especially in Washington.

But we all knew this.  Right?  We all knew this when we voted for the outsider rather than vote to continue with the political insiders.  And I suspect that those who voted for Trump realized that of all those Republican candidates, Trump was the ONLY one who could successfully defeat the Wicked Witch of Washington.  So, we knew this would happen.  The Democrats would be against Trump because Trump wants to make America great again.  The Republicans would be against Trump because Trump was not a hard core career politician like they were.  The Deep State would be against Trump because all of Trump’s campaign agenda ran diametrically opposed to their globalist goals.   I hope Trump realized all this going in to the White House.  I certainly did.

But the Trump team is hampered with its own political inexperience in Washington.  And Trump can bring that experience into his team because they either refuse to participate or are out to sabotage Trump at every turn.

Trump’s administration will have to learn the lessons of the Obama administration.  Trump has a phone and a pen.  His administration will have to try to make America great again by bypassing Congress just as Obama did.  Trump’s worst enemy in Washington is his own party.  But Trump needs to find ways to go on offensive and put the Republican party and the Democrats on defensive.  He needs to do this with his pen and his phone.  And he needs to do it fast.

Donald Trump is for greater or lesser just a temporary stop gap.  Trump’s agenda of making America great again stands in opposition to worldwide Globalism, which is just another word for Communism.  The entire world has embraced Globalism and it will be extremely difficult to work against that.  And we have to remember that Trump’s Make America Great Again will last only for as long as Trump is President.  The very next President, Republican or Democrat, will begin dismantling everything Trump did just as George H.W. Bush dismantled most of what Ronald Reagan began.

In a way, Anthony Scaramucci’s quick in and quick out is a metaphor for what the world would like to do to Donald Trump.  A quick in to the presidency and then a quick out of the presidency.  Then the world can get back on track creating the one world governance that they are so close to completing.  Trump put a bit of a crimp in that plan.  But is won’t stop them.  It will only delay them.

The prophecies must be fulfilled.  Even as we watch they are being fulfilled before our very eyes.  Are you ready?

Don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If you survive.
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