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2018-02-02-005 The Strange Case of Actress Natalie Wood…

Why now?

More than any other question, I think that is the one that troubles and puzzles me now.  Why now?  More than forty years after Hollywood actress Natalie Wood’s mysterious death California authorities are once again taking up an investigation into her death as “suspicious”.  So, why now?

Is this another reaction to the “Me Too” movement?  Published articles on Fox News claim that more “witnesses” are “coming forward”.  So where were these witnesses forty years ago?  What are these “witnesses” saying now that they didn’t or wouldn’t or couldn’t say more than forty years ago?  Shouldn’t these “witnesses” be charged with obstruction of justice if their testimony now proves detrimental yet truthful?

The target of the renewed investigation is Hollywood actor Robert Wagner who is now in his late eighties.  Robert Wagner has once again been termed a “person of interest” in Natalie Wood’s death.  What does this mean?  Why now?  What could they prove now that they could not prove forty years ago?

The story of Natalie Wood’s last day has been muddied over the intervening forty years.  The summation of it was that Natalie Wood was on a yacht with her husband at that time, Robert Wagner, and his friend, actor Christopher Walken.  The boat’s captain was the only other person on the yacht at the time.  So we have three men and one woman on a private Hollywood yacht over-nighting on the water.  Get the picture?

Natalie Wood allegedly could not swim and according to past stories feared water.  So how could she have been on that boat?  The story goes that they were all drinking and that Natalie Wood slipped off the boat after having an argument with Robert Wagner.  At the time, her death was ruled an accidental drowning.  But questions have always remained and clouded the history of the event.

Could it be that those “witnesses” worked to protect Robert Wagner and each other for the last forty years?  Could it be that Hollywood aligned together to protect themselves rather than see justice done?  Could it be now that after forty years and Robert Wagner’s advanced years people are confessing the truth of that night so that they don’t die with the lie on their lips?  Was it deliberate murder?  Was it accidental manslaughter?  And why now?  Would justice be served to try, convict and sentence an eighty- six year old man after forty years to spend what life he has remaining in jail?

Why now?
Natalie Wood Case - More witnesses come forward in ‘suspicious death’ of star
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