Saturday, August 12, 2017

2017-08-12-133 Prophecies Fulfilled…

Are we watching prophecies from the past being fulfilled right now?

“…the Holy Father will have much to suffer, several nations will be annihilated…”.  So goes part of the prophecy of Fatima.  Many people presume this annihilation to be massive world war with destructive nuclear weapons.  It appears as though the world may in fact be on the brink of such a war right now. 

But nations can also be annihilated in other ways, as we are finding out right now.  The massive redistribution of Muslim “refugees” into and throughout Europe unabated is in fact the annihilation of nations.  Also included in this is the massive influx of Illegal aliens of all sort into the United States unabated and unrecorded until the election of President Donald J. Trump.  It’s the annihilation of several nations occurring right before our very eyes.  The prophecy is being fulfilled as we watch.

Prepare yourself for what is to come.  Those times are almost here.
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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2017-08-09-132 A Time to Pray…

To every season there is a reason.  And now it is the time to pray.

Now it is the time to pray.  Pray especially if you have never prayed before in your life.  What is about to be unleashed upon the world has never before been seen by human eyes.  The destruction that will be endured will be incomprehensible.   No one on the planet will be left untouched by what is to come.  Maybe it can be stopped.  But most likely it will not be stopped.  Prophecies will be fulfilled.  Prophecies must be fulfilled. So it is time to pray.

Pray for your families.  Pray for your children.  Pray for your nation.  Pray for your leaders.  Pray for the future.  Repent of your past.  This will be global in nature and scope.  The prophecies will be fulfilled.  There is no way around it.  What is about to happen has been earned.  It’s time to pray like you have never prayed before.

Pray for your own soul.  Pray for your own forgiveness.  Pray for your own repentance.  Pray for your own salvation.  Now is the time.

Don’t delay.  There may be no tomorrow.  It may end today.
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Monday, July 31, 2017

2017-07-31-131 Quick Entrance, Quit Exit…

So ten days ago Anthony Scaramucci  entered the White House in triumph as the new unifier and communicator of the President of the United States.   And today, after a filth laced interview, Scaramucci exits the White House under the stern gaze of President Trump’s even more newly hired Chief of Staff, John Kelly, formerly the Director of Homeland Security.

But the Scaramucci’s of the world run this world now.  They are the young, the undisciplined, the spoiled and the entitled.  They are the smartest of the smart.  No one can tell them anything they don’t already know or think they know.  They are all over the place.  You can find them all over the Democrat party.  But in the Democrat party they are heralded as leaders when they do what Scaramucci did.  Just look at all of the recent antics of the current Democrat National Committee Chairman, Tom Perez.  And the Democrats turn a blind eye and ear to it all.

I wonder how Scaramucci’s firing went.  Do you think John Kelly, former general of the United States Marine Corps, let fly a few invectives of his own over Scaramucci?  Do you think Scaramucci let a few invectives fly when he found out that Trump was giving him the DUMP after just ten days in office?  I wonder.

But most troubling of all it the issue of PERSONNEL.  How is Donald Trump selecting these people?  Where does he get the names?  Who puts them forward?  Why does Trump listen to them?  It a matter of personnel.  It seems that the wrong people are slipping ever closer to the President.  Bad people who do not share President Trump’s agenda for the nation are getting ever closer to the President.

It would be surprising to find out that President Trump has a real personnel problem on his hands.  Most of those who would normally be considered for nomination to the administration probably refuse to serve President Trump.  They are NEVERTRUMPERS.  Then there are those potential nominees who don’t want to be associated with such a contentious administration with enemies abounding.  It’s quite believable that many considered candidates simply don’t want to risk their careers for President Trump.

Furthermore, Trump would have to look deep outside the normal Washington circle for the kinds of people he really needs to support him.  Unfortunately, they have no political experience at all.  And that is lethal in politics and especially in Washington.

But we all knew this.  Right?  We all knew this when we voted for the outsider rather than vote to continue with the political insiders.  And I suspect that those who voted for Trump realized that of all those Republican candidates, Trump was the ONLY one who could successfully defeat the Wicked Witch of Washington.  So, we knew this would happen.  The Democrats would be against Trump because Trump wants to make America great again.  The Republicans would be against Trump because Trump was not a hard core career politician like they were.  The Deep State would be against Trump because all of Trump’s campaign agenda ran diametrically opposed to their globalist goals.   I hope Trump realized all this going in to the White House.  I certainly did.

But the Trump team is hampered with its own political inexperience in Washington.  And Trump can bring that experience into his team because they either refuse to participate or are out to sabotage Trump at every turn.

Trump’s administration will have to learn the lessons of the Obama administration.  Trump has a phone and a pen.  His administration will have to try to make America great again by bypassing Congress just as Obama did.  Trump’s worst enemy in Washington is his own party.  But Trump needs to find ways to go on offensive and put the Republican party and the Democrats on defensive.  He needs to do this with his pen and his phone.  And he needs to do it fast.

Donald Trump is for greater or lesser just a temporary stop gap.  Trump’s agenda of making America great again stands in opposition to worldwide Globalism, which is just another word for Communism.  The entire world has embraced Globalism and it will be extremely difficult to work against that.  And we have to remember that Trump’s Make America Great Again will last only for as long as Trump is President.  The very next President, Republican or Democrat, will begin dismantling everything Trump did just as George H.W. Bush dismantled most of what Ronald Reagan began.

In a way, Anthony Scaramucci’s quick in and quick out is a metaphor for what the world would like to do to Donald Trump.  A quick in to the presidency and then a quick out of the presidency.  Then the world can get back on track creating the one world governance that they are so close to completing.  Trump put a bit of a crimp in that plan.  But is won’t stop them.  It will only delay them.

The prophecies must be fulfilled.  Even as we watch they are being fulfilled before our very eyes.  Are you ready?

Don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If you survive.
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Friday, July 28, 2017

2017-07-28-130 Bad Chess Moves Continue…

I like President Donald J. Trump.  I voted for him.  I would vote for him again in a heart beat.  But the moves that he is making are simply mystifying.

Today Trump pushed Reince Preibus out as his Chief of Staff.  That was a good move.  Six months ago many told Trump that Preibus on staff was a direct connection to Paul Ryan, the Trump hating House Speaker.  Many predicted at that point that the Chief of Staff’s office would leak like a sieve.  And it has.

But today Trump appointed DHS Secretary John Kelly as Chief of Staff.  This is a bad move.  Kelly is as Establishment as anyone in Washington could get.  Kelly is a sympathizer to illegal aliens.  Kelly is anti-border wall.  Kelly re-appointed to the head of the Border Patrol the same guy who ran it under Obama!  How smart is THAT?  Do you think Donald Trump knows ANY of this?  Probably not.  And you can bet everyone around Trump is keeping it away from him!

Now, maybe this is just a good reason to appoint a better candidate to DHS?  Maybe Trump can find a candidate who will rip up those sanctuary cities and put their mayors in PRISON!!!  Maybe!  But I think I am dreaming.  I think 98% of everyone working around Trump works against him.  Maybe in little ways.  Maybe in big ways.  But I think everyone who has surrounded Trump has successfully put him in a Presidential Bubble and they mean to keep him there.

I hope some insiders get the real story of why Trump moved Kelly from DHS to Chief of Staff.  The master strategist Machiavelli said to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  That gets to be a very tight circle if you are the President of the United States.  I thought that Trump was doing this with Preibus.  But Preibus apparently could not be neutralized or controlled.  So now Preibus is out!  Good enough.

But it makes little sense to replace Preibus with a man who is just about as globalist as anyone can get.  And that will put Kelly at odds with all of Trump’s agenda.  So, do you think the leaks will stop now.  Nope!  I don’t.  If anything they will get worse.  What Trump needed to do was to put a man in there that he knew well from a lifetime of work.  Trump needed to put someone in there as Chief of Staff who would be as loyal to Trump as a brother would be.  But that did not happen.  I would be interesting to find out how Kelly’s name became the selected choice for replacement.  What idiot actually floated Kelly to the top?  Whoever that is must be watched very closely!

So, our chosen President still struggles against the quicksand of the Washington swamp.  But with each move he seems to fall deeper into the pit rather than move out of the pit.  It’s disappointing and heartbreaking to watch as the rest of those bastards in Washington pull him down.

I pray for Donald J. Trump every single day.  I pray because that’s about all I can do.  I pray that he keeps his health.  I pray that his enemies fail at every turn.  I pray that his family is protected from all the Evils of Washington.  Because Donald J. Trump is our last chance.  We will never get another one like this.  And the evil cabal of this world knows it.  With each success, with each passing day the evil cabal becomes more frenzied with stopping Trump from ruining their global plans.
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2017-07-25-129 Interbreeding Will Be the Norm…

An article published on the NZHerald web site claims that ancient humans may have interbred with a “ghost” species.  The story, if any of it is real, is linked at the bottom of this page.  The point is large and written with a paint brush big enough for a moron to see what they are indicating here.

Through their “scientific” research these scientists are trying to tell their human brethren that they may one day have to interbreed themselves with other perhaps less desirable members of the human or even animal species.

There have been quite a number of genetically based “research” in which “scientists” come to this same conclusion.  Lately, there were published articles on the “interbreeding” between modern man and the previously less desirable human species called Neanderthal.  So, articles like this are popping up on a regular basis now.

Should we doubt our erstwhile “scientists” or should be believe them implicitly?  There is no way to know certainly unless you become a genetics genius and analyze their data.  So, we are at the mercy of “scientists” who have already proven they are corruptible on a whole host of levels.

But it is the message of the article that they want you to remember.  Interbreeding with lesser life forms was normal at one time.  The implication is that it may be so again and they want YOU to be ready for it.  Imagine a time when you will be forced to interbreed with another race against your will.  Or imagine that you will be forced to interbreed with a completely difference species of animal such as gorillas, chimpanzees or dolphins.  Can you?  Would you?  In the world of the future you may have no choice.  The scientific technocrats who will be ruling the world will mandate it just like they mandated that you must buy health insurance.  Now that they have succeeded at that there is little they can’t mandate from us.

Interbreeding will take care of so many human problems.  It will be a great leveler of the races.  The smarter races will become dumber as they interbreed with dumber races.  All races will eventually disappear into one basic hodge podge of a mess.  It will remove the differences that divide the races until humanity becomes one.

Can you see it?  Can you see the predictive programming here?  These seeds subtly drops in readers minds will be absorbed almost unknowingly.  Yet the seeds are being planted.  Do you know what is coming?  Can you see it?  Can you feel it?  Perhaps they are actually getting ready to propose interbreeding with alien life forms from distant stars?
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Monday, July 24, 2017

2017-07-24-128 An Example of Fake News…

The headline of the article blares the news to the world!  The headline states that “There Could be Water Inside the Moon”.  The article goes on to give quotes from serious scholars and other pundits about water “inside” the moon.  But what is the KEY to this piece of news?  And make NO mistake about it this is KEY!

The KEY to this article is the word “COULD”.  It stands for a possibility.  It stands for uncertainty.  As much as water “could” exist deep inside the moon this word also includes the possibility that there could be NO water anywhere inside the moon.  This article linked below is not an announcement of a positively confirmed presence of water inside the moon.  It seems that is never done.

So what might be the purpose of this kind of article which only presents a “possibility” that water might exist inside the moon?  Most likely this is a public plant of propaganda for the purpose of promoting dollars for exploration.  A propaganda piece like this might actually drum up political and public support for money to explore the possibility that water exists inside the moon.  But the KEY is that this is not news.  It’s propaganda for some alternative purpose.  This is an example of fake news.

Do you remember the Mars rovers?  Decades ago the United States launched two roving vehicles which would allegedly explore the surface of Mars.  The rovers were designed with equipment to perform soil analysis and rock studies.  The two rovers successfully landed on Mars and for ten years they tracked around all over the planet.  And some fifteen years or so later, NASA has still not announced anything significant from those Mars explorers.  Why?  There was so much talk about finding real, live microbiological Martians on the surface or close to the surface of Mars.  Notice NASA still has not confirmed anything on that?  Wonder why?

So the Moon’s interior COULD contain LOTS of Water.  Or it could NOT.  Is that any way to run science?  It seems the human race is spending so much on space exploration but the results are dubious at best.  At least they don’t appear to be announcing anything they might have found.
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Friday, July 21, 2017

2017-07-21-126 Mueller is the Next Trap…

It should seem obvious.  It appears to be obvious to me.  It is obvious to you?

Mueller is the Trump Trap.  The out of control Department of Justice appointed an out of control special counsel with no apparent limits or goal or objectives for an investigation into what no one is sure of.  There is no underlying crime to investigate so Mueller and his cohorts will search for something to accuse Trump and his administration.

Mueller hired attorney investigators for his staff who are almost all Hillary Clinton donors and supporters.  One attorney actually worked for the Clinton Foundation as an attorney.  One can’t set up a more biased staff to “investigate” Trump and Company.  And I suspect Mueller is doing it all deliberately.  I suspect Mueller is DARING Trump to fire him.  I suspect Mueller WANTS Trump to fire him!  Why?  Because in the firing of Mueller and the shutdown of Mueller’s investigation the Congress and the Democrats will rage that Trump is obstructing justice, again!  And this will form the basis for IMPEACHMENT, if the plan works out the way the Deep State, the Establishment, the Republicans and the Democrats all want it to work out.

Trump is eventually going to have to fire Mueller.  That’s the only way this outrageous witch hunt will end.  And Trump’s enemies are waiting for him to do it.  They’ve plotted out all their alternative moves after Trump fires Mueller.  All of Trump’s enemies most likely have already be furnished with the talking points necessary to broadcast after Trump fires Mueller.  The onslaught of accusations of coverup and obstruction of justice will make the firing of failed former FBI Director James Comey look like a picnic.

I suggest that the Trump team ensure they have visited ALL of the possible reactions to the firing of Mueller.  I suggest that the Trump team have control layouts of how to react in each possible case in advance of the firing of Mueller.  This will abrogate the vicious reaction that the news media will put to a frenzy after Mueller is fired.  Furthermore, Trump should have all possible legal moves outlined, documented and ready to implement if at such a time occurs that Trump’s own party deems it necessary to file articles of impeachment against him.  We certainly know there will be no grounds.  But that may not stop them from making the accusations.  And if they can get a conviction without proof they will do it.

We all knew it would be like this when we voted for Trump.  Trump is the outsider.  Trump was the only candidate promising to Make America Great Again.  And that’s why Trump is hated so much.  And Trump has virtually the whole world going against him.  The only ones with Trump are his base supporters and voters.

If Trump fails then we all fail.  The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If Trump fails!!!


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