Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 05, 2015 – The End of Hillary…

Don’t count her out.  It may look bleak.  Hillary’s mail-gate makes her look like a common criminal who deliberately evaded the laws of the United States.  But when does that ever stop the communists/socialists/fascists?  It doesn’t.  This is the CHANGE!   How are you liking it so far????

Too many powerful, rich and deviously clever people have “invested” too much in Hillary to have her fail AGAIN!  When did she fail before?  I will only point out the most important failure of her socialist life – Hillarycare.  Many, many people from around the world have apparently contributed what amounts to billions of dollars to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton “Foundation”.  They won’t take too kindly to that investment going down the drain, I suppose. 

Do you think the Department of Injustice under the CommieCrats will properly investigate and prosecute Hillary Clinton?  LOL!  Get ready for what might be the greatest kabuki dance ever as they weave and duck their way around the laws of the United States.  Oh, wait!  I am WRONG!   The greatest kabuki dance ever was ObamaCare!   Oh, NO!  It was illegal immigrant amnesty!  Oh, there are just too many to list.  But Hillary-mail will go right under the rug right in front of our eyes.  Watch carefully.  Always look at the other hand.  That’s where the trick is done.  Hell!  They won’t even try to hide it anymore!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 03, 2015 – Netanyahu Speaks…

Something deeper must be going on than we all see in the media right now.  It’s all about our first moooooslim, gay president ousting the current prime minister of Israel at the next Israeli elections in mid-March.  But there must be something else going on that the American public does not know about and the mainstream media will not tell us.

Messages are sent during such public policy speeches as the one Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made today before a joint session of Congress.  Sometimes they are very subtle references.  Sometimes they are outright statements.  I don’t think there was much in the way of subtlety in Netanyahu’s speech.  He made his case for the real and present threat to the existence of Israel.    This was to be completely expected.  But why was the president so adamant about stopping Netanyahu’s speech?

Could it be that Netanyahu’s speech before the joint session of Congress would negate any political advertising and attacks against Netanyahu at home?  Most likely but we in America will never get to know the whole story.  Could it be that Netanyahu’s speech would prove that America supports him and Israel and opposes Iran and those negotiating with Iran?  Most likely.  Could it be that the attack plan that the political hit team that the president sent to Israel to advise the political campaign of Netanyahu’s opponents weakened with this speech before Congress?  Most likely.   So, it must have been ultimately important to the president that Netanyahu not speak before Congress.  But he did.

Clearly, this is only going to end one way.  Can you see that?  No amount of negotiation will settle the differences.  Just look at Ukraine which had an ironclad agreement with NATO to defend it as a deal for surrendering its nuclear weapons.  Now, Ukraine is defenseless against Russian aggressions and the NATO allies are frozen, tensions are escalating and Russia has threatened to use nuclear weapons if NATO intrudes directly in Ukraine.  This too will not end but one way.  Can you see that?

So regarding Israel and Iran, I guess the only question is how successful can Israel be if it does in fact go it alone.  It appears that there are a number of other Arab nations in the area that also see a grave threat to their existences if Iran is allowed to go nuclear.  They may very well contribute in some positive ways to an Israeli preemptive strike.   But if Israel cannot depend on any assistance then how successful will they be?  Because once Israel commits to the attack the world will react negatively to it regardless of how well works.  And what would be the extent of the attack?   Would they take out the Iranian leadership as well?  How long would it take after an attack before Iran can rebuild its nuclear facilities and continue to weapons production?  What would be the reactions of the rest of the world’s nations?  Would they stand back and watch?  Would they interfere as a U.S. newspaper reported that the president threatened to shoot down the Israeli planes that used Iraqi air space?  Would Russia take this preemptive strike as a signal to launch on the United States?  Would China or its proxy North Korea take advantage of the preemptive strike to make moves on the world?

Once the strike occurs the world will change forever.  The radicals will come out of the woodwork from every corner of the world.  The result of a strike on Iran may very well be a worldwide strike upon Israel and even the United States.

Those are the stakes.  But there is no other way out of this.  We can wait until Iran has the bomb and then deal with that threat or the world can take action preemptively and deal with the results of that action.  But either way, the end results may very well be the same.

You might want to ask yourself if you are ready to die.  Because this will quickly become a worldwide conflagration and there is no way out.

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 02, 2015 – Cognitive Dissonance Everywhere…

Cognitive dissonance is the psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously.  (You can look it up for yourself on the Internet if you don’t believe me.  Do it while you still have access to the Internet though.  One day the FCC may take that ability away from you but I put links below for your information.)   This psychological conflict produces a feeling of discomfort.  This psychological discomfort leads to an alteration in attitudes, behaviors or beliefs in order to resolve the conflict and restore psychological balance.  The example cited in the Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary is someone who continues to smoke even though it is known that smoking is bad for one’s health.  I personally find this particular example weak and biased but it was in the dictionary so I am referring to it here.  The reason I say it is a weak example is because I know and have known many, many smokers who acknowledged that smoking was bad for them yet they continued to smoke and enjoy it.  The knowledge that smoking is bad for one’s health does not cause changes in attitudes, beliefs or behaviors.

What made me start out with cognitive dissonance today?  It was an audio clip of Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, played by Sean Hannity today in which Netanyahu says in a speech that ties between the U.S. and Israel are strong.  Yet all of the CommieCrats are boycotting Netanyahu’s speech before a joint session of Congress.  The White House is in an uproar over Netanyahu’s speech and is working mightily to discredit and discourage him prior to his speech.  Even White House spokespeople claim that ties between Israel and the United States are strong yet they protest in most vehement ways Netanyahu’s speech before Congress.  How can this be?  Cognitive dissonance.

But then as I researched the subject of cognitive dissonance it occurred to me that this might be the key to our whole social problem.  Society has been manipulated for decades if not centuries by those who have raised cognitive dissonance to the level of both a science and an art, particularly political science and art of politics.  In what might be the worst case of cognitive dissonance, the Nazis placed above the entrance of the Dachau death camp the words “Arbeit Macht Frei” which roughly translates into “Work Makes You Free”.  But it must have been obvious that no one was going to work their way out of those death camps.  Cognitive dissonance.  The prisoners begin to believe that maybe if they work harder they will actually earn their freedom.  They change their beliefs, behaviors and attitudes in the HOPE of CHANGE.  Cognitive dissonance.

And that’s when it occurred to me that cognitive dissonance is the rule rather than the exception in our society today and the world in general.  It’s that nudging that many on the left cite as the means to the end which never comes.  This is why a president can claim to be a Christian yet wear a ring inscribed in Arabic with the words “No god but Allah.”  Cognitive dissonance.  This is why the same president has invited many Muslims who are members of or related to members of the Muslim Brotherhood to be White House advisers yet claim to be “friends” of Israel.  Cognitive dissonance.  This is why Democrats can say they are supporters of Israel yet refuse to attend a speech before a joint session of Congress by the Prime Minister of Israel.   Cognitive dissonance.

Look around at everything you see and hear.  Think about the cognitive dissonances presented to you on a daily basis on TV, movies, stage shows, books, newspapers, web sites and more.  Think carefully because this is the manipulation and control being exerted upon you.

With cognitive dissonance they will get you to accept your own slavery and like it as well!  You will LOVE living on your knees!  Many already do!

The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!
by Saul McLeod  published 2008, updated 2014

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 01, 2015 – The Bile Leaks Out…

The article linked below almost reads the message correctly but not quite.  The article says that former Maryland Democrat governor Mike O’Malley derided the politics of triangulation.   Specifically, the New York Times reports O’Malley said, “Triangulation is not a strategy that will move America forward. History celebrates profiles in courage, not profiles in convenience.”  The New York Times called this a “veiled” shot at Hillary Clinton.  And true it may be.

But I suspect and have always suspected that below the praises and smiles lauded upon the Clintons was an animus that can barely be described.  A hatred so raging since the 1990’s that it cannot be measured.  What is that hatred?  Hillary set back the cause of socialism/communism when she utterly failed to enslave the United States with government controlled health care more commonly called Hillarycare. 

Hillary Clinton set back the cause with her gargantuan failure and it would take the socialists/communists/fascists another 20 years of work to finally jamb government medicine down our throats.  And they have not forgotten how Bill-Hill then created the strategy of triangulation to win themselves a second term by cooperating with the middle-left and the middle-right to pull together a winning vote.  This was, in my humble opinion, the napalm on the fire of rage within the hardcore marxian Democrats. 

They have not forgotten.  How could Hillary, the supposed heir apparent, lose to a complete unknown called Barack Obama?  But she did!  She went from being the “anointed one” to the “REJECTED ONE”!   Even some of the Clinton’s closest political allies in 2008 slipped off the Hillary cart and jumped on the Obama bandwagon for the ride of their lives. 

So, I think Mr. O’Malley is simply giving voice to things that have been said in private meetings and gatherings since the 1990’s.   Smile at Hillary.  Kiss her ring.  But find someone else when the time comes.

The question remains to be witnessed – Will Hillary run a campaign all the way through to another rejection or will she realize that her “comrades” don’t love her and quit the race for the greater good?  I am betting that the REAL powers behind the Democrats are looking for yet another mystery person to run like they did in 2008.  Another REAL unknown to foist upon the nation.  Who will it be this time?  One thing I am thinking, it won’t be Hill-Bill.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28, 2015 – The Truth According to Google…

Below is linked an article which details how Google is going to modify its search engine.  Instead of ranking web sites based upon the number of links to the site Google is going to try to divine the “truthfulness” of a site and base its ranking on it.  Do you think it is a coincidence that Google is going to modify its search rankings just days after the government seized the Internet? 

So, what do you think will happen with the “new” ranking systems?  The “truth” that the government and politicians WANT you to see will always make it to the first page of Google.  Anything that the government and the politicians think is “false” will be relegated to the back pages if they make it to the search at all.  Get it yet?

So, if we consider Google’s change in web site rankings, what do you think the results will be if you search for information on say “global warming” or “climate change”?  I think you will ONLY see the pages that promote it and support it.  Any opposition pages will be considered “untruthful” or “false” and relegated to the backmost pages if they make it into the Google search at all.  Can you see the censorship yet?  Someone in great power wants to make the decisions on what is true and what is not.  Then they want to force those decisions upon you.  But most dummies on this planet won’t ever get it.

Step by step or half-step by half-step or two steps forward then one step backward the world is turning into a prison system, the kind of Orwellian world that the book 1984 warned us about.  This is what happens when power accumulates into fewer and fewer hands.  Soon the one percent will have ninty-nine percent of the power as well as the wealth.  They may already have it now.

The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!   Your Slavery!!!  And it’s coming fast!!!


Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 21, 2015 – Why Now, Rudy…

Two years into the second and hopefully the end of the Obama presidency and Rudy Giuliani goes on a Truth Tour.  He’s getting enormous press, most of it negative, for slamming Obama’s policies and questioning Obama’s “love” of American.  I don’t question Obama’s “love” of America.  I am certain Obama doesn’t even “LIKE” America let alone “love” America. 

So, I think Giuliani is right and correct in his assessments.  But my question is “Why NOW???”  Why two years into a second and hopefully final term does Giuliani smash the press barrier?  I can’t see any other possible reason but political.  I don’t think this could possibly be off-the-cuff, unstaged and unplanned.  This had to have a basis in causality.  Will We, the People, ever discover the cause of Giuliani’s staggering statements?  Probably not but I am betting that this is a staged press event for the 2016 presidential elections.  I am guessing that Giuliani is acting for the Party or a particular political candidate who wants to start the attacks yet remain in background.

Unfortunately for America and We, the People, Rudy Giuliani is 6 years too late.  The damage is now done to America and it is permanent and terminal.  There is no opposition candidate of worth in the political field.  None that would or could reverse the severe damage that has been done to America and the world.  Well said, Rudy!  But I was saying it the day before Obama’s first election.  Where were YOU then, Mr. Giuliani???   But it’s too late now!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 19, 2015 – Negotiating with ISIS via the Media…

All the pundits are criticizing the president for his despicable speech at his extremist summit held this week in Washington.  But all are actually criticizing all aspects of the speech as bad policy.  No one has taken the view that the president was actually trying to negotiate with ISIS via his speech.

What did the president offer ISIS?  Money!  American money!  Money in droves!  After all, he sees that the Islamic terrorists are driven by poverty.  Oddly enough this is the same thing that drives American minorities to crime.  Get it yet?  Well, the president is making an offer via his speech to ISIS.  ISIS and the Islamic terrorists can get money from us in the form of “investments” and “jobs”.  And maybe for this the Islamic terrorists of ISIS would stop their activities.  Can you say “REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH”?

The president was actually quite brilliant with this speech.  He most cleverly carved up the issues of Islamic extremism and equated it with practically every other human failing on the planet.  By doing so, the president justified the Islamic extremists.  Then he uses some deft political language to jam the Islamic terrorism of ISIS into the plan for global redistribution of wealth.  This is ALSO what the talking empty head at the State Department did when she said that terrorists needs jobs. 

It will be interesting to see if the Islamic terrorists of ISIS respond in any positive way to the president’s offer of American cash.  I would bet that since ISIS is currently so successful in its conquering way it will view the president’s offer of cash as a fearful response to their success.  In doing what he did, the president will actually encourage ISIS to continue and expand its current course. 

The president revealed much of his evil hand with this speech at the extremist summit.  If you live in America you should be afraid.  VERY AFRAID!  For your LIFE!!!