Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 21, 2014 – Bad Law Begets Worse Law…

It happened in Argentina.  I thought it would happen in the loonytoon land of California but it happened in Argentina. 

You have no idea how bad this is going to be for the human race.  What am I talking about?  An Argentinian court granted human rights to an animal.  In yet another perversion of philosophy, law and nature an orangutan held in a zoo in Argentina has been decreed to have a “human” right to freedom. 

This is so grossly dangerous that it cannot be exaggerated.  Why?  Because this is yet another advance of the uber-left, Marxian delusion.  It may seem novel and maybe even generous now.  But the left wing is always known for expanding in ways never considered possible or even plausible.  Just look how “queer” marriage has expanded not just in America but around the world.  Yet just 10 years ago the idea of two same sexes marrying would have been just a laughable joke even in the queer community.  Now it’s the law of the world.

So just think to yourselves where the Marxists will take “human” rights for animals now.  For quite some time, animal rights groups have been openly advocating for voting rights for animals in the United States.  I don’t know how those animals will seriously cast their votes but the animal rights groups want those votes.  I guess the president of the animal rights group will cast the animal votes.  The animals will be represented by someone who knows their needs and votes.  But it is coming with a vengeance now.  Just because a creepy judge in Argentina decided that a single orangutan deserved a “human” right to freedom.

Imagine a day when all animals are off limits from our food lists because a court deemed that it was inhuman punishment to animals to use them for food.  All meats, all fish, all insects everything off limits because it violates their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of their happiness.  It is coming at us with a vengeance now.  Of course the REAL purpose of all this is to depopulate the world.   Think about it carefully.  If you slowly but inevitably remove the sources of human food then the human race starves to death.  And it will.  And this is the beginning.

This is bad law made by a bad court in a bad country by bad people.  It may seem novel and even quaint now.  But this is going to kill us.  And that is the whole purpose of it.  Can’t you see what they are doing yet?

The Marxian nightmare continues to grow right before our eyes.  The world is LITTERALLY going CRAZY!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 20, 2014 – The Race War Starts…

Two cops were gunned down in, of all places, Brooklyn, New York by what a Fox News analyst described as a “deranged” gang member from Baltimore.  According to Fox News Online, the gunman was “killed by suicide.”   A link to the article is below.

It will be very interesting to see how the media handles it.  Will the race hucksters in Washington even mention this assassination of cops?  Will the race hucksters in the White House find a way to justify it?  I am betting they are cheering and celebrating in the White House and Justice Department right now.  One thing is certain – the New York City protesters who were chanting just the other day “What do we want?  Dead cops.  When do we want it?  NOW!!!”  have their wish.  Now they have dead cops deliberately assassinated. 

It’s only just begun.  But it couldn’t have started without the election of the first black, mooooslim president.  Any bets the gunman looks like he could be Barack Obama’s son, if he had a son?

December 20, 2014 – Where’s the News…

What happened to the Ebola outbreak in Africa?  It just fell off the planet.  No one talks about it.  You don’t even know if it is still raging anymore.  Amazing!  Is it not?

What happened to all those Ebola victims who were penetrating the U.S. successfully?  The first report in months appeared on Drudge Report saying that a kid in Chicago had been detained.  But up until this last report you might believe that there are no longer any occurrences of Ebola or Ebola like symptoms in travelers from West Africa.  Amazing!  Isn’t it?

What happened to Fukishima?  The worst nuclear incident in the history of the human race with the real possibility of destroying a large portion of the Earth ecosystem has disappeared from all news reports.  You would never have known that it took place at all!  Or you might mistakenly think that the whole problem has been resolved and cleaned up.  Amazing!  Isn’t it?

If the media can hide the Africa Ebola outbreak, the Ebola appearances in the United States and the deadly fallout of Fukishima what else are the media covering up? 

You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!
The Calm Before the Storm…

Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 18, 2014 – A Really Bad Idea…

This scene occurs in a movie producer’s office somewhere in Nowhereville, California…
PRODUCER:      OK, kid.  You have 30 seconds to sell me on your idea.  GO!!!
WRITER:     The C.I.A. forces two journalists to interview the North Korean president for the purpose of assassinating him! 
PRODUCER:    Is that all?
PRODUCER:      Is this a comedy?
WRITER:      No!
PRODUCER:      Well, is it fiction with fictional characters set in a fictional time?
WRITER:     No!  It’s right now with the current NoKo leader himself.
PRODUCER:     So these two journalists fail?  Right?  They escape or get killed or go to a North Korean jail?  Right?
WRITER:     No!  They are successful!  They blow his head right OFF!!!
PRODUCER:     I don’t think I’m getting this.  It’s ok to make a movie about the successful assassination of a sitting REPUBLICAN president.  But I don’t feel it about making a movie like this about a friend of the Democrat party.  Madeline Albright is a friend of his.  She went over there and danced with him.  He’s a friend of BILL’s!!!   HELL, HE’S A FRIEND OF DENNIS RODMAN!  I don’t want to screw with HIM!!!   I’m just not getting it.
WRITER:     You need another hit from my bong.
PRODUCER:     You don’t have enough crack to make this movie look good.
WRITER:      Yes I do!
PRODUCER:     Hmmmmm…   Suppose we make the two journalists bumbling Inspect Clouseau type characters.  They barely make it through training.  They get to the interview and then they kill each other!!!
WRITER:     No.
PRODUCER:     Well, suppose these two bumbling fools attempt to kill him but it appears as though they SAVE him from assassination instead!!!  They become godlike heroes of North Korea and the global Communist world!!!  
WRITER:     No.  Don’t change a thing.  This story is great!  We’ll make MILLIONS on it!!!!
PRODUCER:      Ok.  We’ll do it your way.  What could possibly go wrong???

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 17, 2014 –Communist to Communist…

In the dark of night, as Congress leaves for Christmas vacations and the president heads for Hawaii for a VERY expensive vacation Obama normalizes diplomatic relations with Cuba and the Communist Castro regime.  Fifty-three years after another Commiecrat put the Communist dictator on isolation and with no observable benefit to the United States Obama tears down all the walls of resistance against the Communist regime.  Maybe this is Obama’s Christmas present to the atheistic Communist Castro family?  Ho, ho, ho.  But this doesn’t surprise me.  Nothing that Obama would do that empathizes with our enemies would surprise me.  Remember what Hillary Clinton said?

My most outrageous suspicion is that Obama’s next step will include all of Cuba in Obamacare, extend Social Security benefits to all Cubans and give all Cubans immediate voting rights in all American elections now and forever.  Everyone talks about Obama working to close the Guantanamo Islamic prison.  But I am betting that Obama is working to close down the entire Guantanamo Naval Base and turn it over INTACT to the Castro family.   Anyone want to bet on this?  Some people are thinking that Obama is doing this to keep Russia OUT of Cuba.  I think the Russians will move right in.

Additionally, I expect Obama and the CommieCrats will make very lucrative deals to move more American jobs out of the United States, this time to Cuba.  I expect that Cuba will now be included in NAFTA and all of the other North American trade treaties.  As a matter of fact, that may be the WHOLE purpose of this.  Under the One World Government scheme Cuba is supposed to be a part of the North American Union.  It can’t be unless and until the walls that John F. Kennedy set up are pulled down.  And that is what Obama is doing.

Obama brings to fruition another dream of the American Communist Party and all of their sympathizers.  Isn’t it amazing?  Probably not if you REALLY understand what Obama is and is NOT.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16, 2014 - Revealing Their Hand…

As I said in a previous blog post, the CommieCrats are trying to corrupt the ONLY part of the government that relies on the reliability of its citizen participants and cannot be directly corrupted by the political process – our jury system.  As evidence of this I present for your review, if you care, an opinion article written by someone at Bloomberg.  The title of the article tells you all you need to know but the details are so dangerous to the trial process you must read it carefully.

They want the outcomes that they want.  They DON’T want the outcomes that the jury sees from the jury box.  The jury system is the ONE part of our judicial system which cannot be directly tainted by politics.  The random selection of jurors virtually guarantees this and they know it.

This is what they are trying to change.  If they could have their way they would probably do away with the trial by jury system altogether, I am sure!  Trial by judge only!  One judge, one opinion and heavily influenced by politics and money.  And I warn you to watch for that day.  It is coming much faster than you think it might.

Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014 – The Price We Pay…

Two customers stopped at a coffee shop in Sydney, Australia yesterday.  Now they are dead.  Did they know that a fateful stop to a coffee shop on a Sunday would end their lives?  Absolutely not.  But it happened.

Call it collateral damage.  Call it random act of violence.  Call it Muslim terrorism.  Call it whatever you want.  Whatever you call it, this is the price we are going to have to pay ad infinitum, forever, day after day.  This is the price for a free and open society. 

We know that there are those among us who willfully go against the laws of the state.  They are the rebellious types.  They are the fanatical types.  They are the deranged types.  They live among us.  And as long as they keep to the laws they can behave as anyone else would.  They can say just about anything they want to say as we all do. 

But eventually these types will go off the rails.  They will violate our laws.  They will inflict themselves upon the rest of us.  Many of us will die because of this.  But is this a reason to shut down the free and open society?  Is it to the benefit of the many that we accept such a price for living in a free society?   Should we lock down society for the transgressions of a very few?

What is the opposite of a free and open society?  It is a society in which every word is analyzed for disagreement against the popular thought of the day.  It is a society in which suspicion of every citizen runs paramount no matter how loyal a citizen may be.  It is a society that punishes citizens because they cannot more properly prove to the state that they are loyal to the state, no matter what kind of state that may be now or in the future.

Beware of the danger which is all around now.  It jumps out of the shadows when an incident like this occurs anywhere in the world.  This incident now and more incidents in the future will be used for transitive and protracted change inflicted upon society by the state with the claims of making the state safer and therefore the citizens safer.  They never let a crisis go to waste and this is yet another crisis.  It is at times like these when emotions run high and rationality takes a back seat to immediate and irrational reaction.

What price will you pay for a free and open society?  What would be a price too high to pay?  Think carefully because your life and the lives of everyone you know will depend upon it.  In a free and open society there will always be collateral damage.  If you try to eliminate all collateral damage you will sacrifice the free and open society and gain a prison in the process.  Unfortunately, we are ALL well on the way to our prisons.