Monday, April 24, 2017

2017-04-24-078 The Strange Death of Erin Moran…

Erin Moran was a child star.  She played the little sister to Ron Howard’s character, Richie Cunningham, on the old show Happy Days. 

Erin Moran died over this past weekend at the age of 56.  This news never made a line on the Drudge Report, not that Drudge is a benchmark.  All of the few news reports reported only the barest of facts.  A reported autopsy appears to have made a guess that Erin Moran died of stage four cancer.

Stage four cancer?  That’s usually maximum terminal.  The news reports did not say if she died in a local hospital under care of a physician.  The reports seemed to indicate that she died at home.  But there was no mention of family or friends in the report.  These reports contained the barest of facts.  But stage four cancer?  I don’t think that is something you just live with and then one day suddenly drop dead from it.  Heart attack? Yes.  Stroke?  Yes.  A plethora of other maladies can cause death too.  But stage four cancer usually has a long history.  Yet the reports don’t mention it.

It’s all so very strange.  So little information.  So little reporting.  Strange.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

2017-04-23-077 Leaping with Le Pen…

Don’t count on it.  Le Pen winning the French presidency?  Don’t count on it.  The French moving even slightly back to the right?  Don’t count on it.  Change is frightening. 

Change is especially frightening when the people are used to having the government provide all and protect all. 

Change is especially frightening when the people suddenly have to stand on their own two feet for themselves. 

Change is especially frightening when the people have to admit that they are the cause of their own problems which are now way beyond out of control.

Change is especially frightening when the people realize the socialist revolution is a complete failure.  They won’t be able to accept the true path that is required.

Or maybe the people will take the leap.  No matter how it goes, it may already be too late for France.  France is ruined.  They will never get rid of the stain that smears them or their culture today.  The infection is permanent and fatal.  It’s growing. They don’t have the guts to do what is necessary to survive.
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017-04-22-076 North Korea, Now or Never…

Some pundits, advisers and news junkies are putting forward a “new” way to deal with the global bad boy, North Korea.  They are claiming that China and the U.S. can jointly bring NoKo into line using “finance”.  But in short, it’s the same old story, the same old action, the same old “kick the can down the road again.”  All of the sanctions of the past have not stopped the nuclear development of North Korea.  And this is intentional.  Kim is winning under the China umbrella.  And incidentally, Iran is winning under the Russian umbrella.

Something big and bad has to be done to him.  His regime needs to be taken out of the world order.  He is a bad actor among bad actors.  He is a notoriously unstable person with the weapons to inflict indescribable horrors upon the world.  It may already be too late to stop him from actually inflicting damage upon other nations.  It’s time the world recognize that he has gone too far now.

This is the legacy of Harry Truman.  Truman left the job unfinished.  And the cancer spread.  The rest of the world first ignored it.  Then the world tried to by him off.  Now he has all the weapons he needs to really blackmail the rest of the world.  And it is just a matter of time until he actually used them.  Him or one of his other crazy generals.  It’s time to deal with him now because it is only going to get worse.  And up until now, Kim has been doing all of the winning as the world keeps backing down from him.
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Friday, April 21, 2017

2017-04-21-075 Pure Pathetic Propaganda…

An article hit the pages of Drudge report from the unreliable, in my opinion, NBCNEWS.COM web site.  The title of the article was “Millennials Finding it Harder to Fit into Adulthood: Report”.  The entire article becomes a lament of individuals stuck in “low” paid jobs.  Sad as it is there is nothing but leftist propaganda wash in this article.  A link to that article is at the bottom of this post.

For instance, the article profiles one fellow who was allegedly in school, presumably college, when it became too tough to attend school and not work.  In other words he was having financial difficulties funding his education.  So, he dropped out and moved back home instead of staying in the school.  He took a job as a “manager” of a fast food restaurant.  At least he is not one of the grunts.  Right?  And as a manager he makes the princely sum of $22,000 annually.  The article says that he lives hand to mouth now.

What this article doesn’t get into is that at one time $22,000 was considered a LOT of money!!!  For instance, the article quotes a report that said:
"In 1975, only 25 percent of men aged 25 to 34 had incomes of less than $30,000 per year. By 2016, that share rose to 41 percent of young men," according to the report.

But what this report doesn’t say is that the VALUE of that $22,000 earned back in 1975 was worth a LOT more than it does today.  In 1975, a man could support a wife, two kids, two cars and a home on $22,000 in 1975.  I know because I was there.  Now it is not possible.  But it is not possible ONLY because the value of our money has declined.  It is so worthless now that it buys very little within the United States and it is buying less with each passing year.  You can see it on your store shelves.  The canned goods are all getting smaller while keeping the same price.  Look at the meats in the meat department.  Can anyone afford steak anymore?  So the problem is NOT the amount earned but the value of that amount earned. 

This student’s impoverishment is not due to his $22,000 annual income.  It’s due to the piss poor buying power of that $22,000 now.  And it is getting worse.  We are all suffering from inflation.  It has the effect of making each dollar buy less.  But they don’t want people to know this.  The teachers don’t teach this in school anymore.  The “educators” deliberately keep the millennials stupid so that they don’t understand the situation they face.  This is to empower those who seek to motivate them into a particular action and a particular direction.

It’s not just these individuals.  You may not believe it but the fabulous incomes of the rich REALLY don’t buy as much as they used to buy back in 1975 or even 1950 or even 1920!!!  The value of the dollar is being very cleverly destroyed very slowly so that no one notices it.  And that’s why we are all in this situation right now. 

Let me ask this a different way.  What SHOULD a “manager” at a fast food restaurant make anyway?  You don’t need a degree for it although I understand many fast food chains want it.  You certainly don’t need an advanced degree for it.  And you don’t need special skills since the fast food science is already a well thought out process.  It only requires supervision and enforcement to make it successful and that is what a “manager” does.  But some people might say that a manager like this should make $50,000 per year.  Here’s the thing though.  If this “manager’s” $22,000 were worth the same as $22,000 did in 1975 it WOULD be worth $50,000.  But again, if that were the case then these fast food restaurant “managers” would be making a lot less than the $22,000 they make now.  Why?  Because it really doesn’t take much of a skill set to manage this kind of an operation.

There is much, much more to this story than just the inflationary destruction of the American Dollar.  But I am not going into it.  Suffice it to say we are all being taken for suckers by some very, very smart people.  A lot of them across our media are stake holders in this destruction of the American Dollar and by proxy the destruction of America itself.  The destruction is slowly being manipulated and managed so that the people don’t rise up in armed revolt.  And so far the plan seems to be working just fine.  But at some point, I suspect wages will become completely worthless.  They are almost there right now.  And when that happens there will be problems on the order of Venezuela.  But the government is already prepared for it.  What do you think the War on Terror was all about?  It’s really all about controlling YOU when the time comes.  And we are almost there.

We are being played for fools, suckers, jerks and dummies by the world’s elites.  They have all the power and they are making it harder and harder to get by in this world.  It’s all being done deliberately.  What do you think the G20 summits are all about?  The G8 summits?  The global summits on climate “change”?  Davos?  And so many thousands of other meetings of the globalists who gather with government leaders to tell them what to do and how to do it?  They are planning the future of the world and you have NO input whatsoever?  That’s what they are doing in these gatherings.  And that doesn’t include all the SECRET gatherings they hold throughout the year.

Don’t forget that the communists want to rule the world.  Theirs is a dream of global Utopia where the masses are slaves to the state and the state is god over all.  That’s the direction the globalists are taking the world whether we like it or not.  Trump was elected to stop that.  But it looks like Trump is folding into the New World Order agenda.  Trump is beginning to flip on a number of campaign promises.  It shows us the power of the elites.  But the root goes deeper than the communists.  For that you will have to do your own research.  It’s out there on the Internet.  Find it before they succeed in shutting down the Internet completely.  And they will!

The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  If you survive!!!  And the survivors will envy the dead!!!
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

2017-04-20-074 – New Leaders in a New Information Age…

The real problem with our whole global scheme is that our elected political leaders are no longer our leaders anymore.  They know it.  As Hillary Clinton said in a now viral video, they are in an information war and they are losing it.  That’s the impact of the Internet.

The entire Internet itself has become a sounding board.  It’s become an entire newspaper.  It’s become an entire radio station.  It’s become an entire television station.  Anyone with any ideas can access it and broadcast those ideas no matter how wacky they are or how real they are.  The Internet has made everyone a contributor.  And the interaction is instantaneous.

Since everyone can be a contributor to the discussions held on the social media it now gives rise to the commentary about public and governmental policies.  Leaders who try to put forth sneaky, greedy, criminal schemes can be called for it almost immediately now.  It used to take citizens years to realize the damage that corrupt politicians did.  The results were usually not discovered until after those politicians were long out of office and by then it was too late to do anything about what they did.  The damage was done.  But now it’s different.

And this is what they hate.  Anyone from anywhere can become a leader virtually overnight.  Anyone with an entertaining or thought provoking video channel can quickly acquire many followers.  That’s real influence.  And the video channels that have acquired millions of followers have acquired massive amounts of influence.  They have more influence than the elected politicians and the corporate power brokers that pay for their elections.  And now this must be defeated.  To that extent the socials are working to politicize the media and the Internet itself.  It’s censorship through private enterprise, endorsed by the government and politicians.  It’s leading into dark times for the world.

The political leaders and the corporations that control them need to re-establish their domination of the communications media.  They can’t have political control unless they control the messages that the people hear.  And they cannot have the people communicating with each other about those messages, certainly not on a global venue. 

What will be their solution?  I suppose most social media will over time become viewing only applications.  Users will no longer have the opportunity to put forward their own views, thoughts or ideas over the Internet.  Just like the old terrestrial television medium, the Internet will be slowly be definitely turned into a unidirectional medium.  And this will take care of the problem for the politicians.  Soon, you will no longer find the plethora of blogging sites like this one that offer free access to anyone.  This will be shut down.  And to set one up will eventually require approval and licensing from some Internet authority.  That’s the goal. 

The same will be true of virtually all web sites.  Web sites will become licensed and controlled with approved content only.  Mostly, Internet websites will become corporate sponsored websites for business only.   And the only websites which will be allowed to exist for news content will be licensed just like television and radio stations are licensed today.  This will eliminate any Internet content which exists right now outside of political and governmental control.

That’s the direct the Internet is moving towards at lightning speed now.  We can literally see our top massive corporations merging with the government to enforce the wishes of the political class without the political class having to pass laws or even regulations.  This is the ULTIMATE FASCISM.  It will lead to the UTIMATE FASCIST ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  But they don’t want you to know it.  And if you suspect it, they don’t want you talking to other.  And if you do talk to others, they don’t want you doing it in such a wide open, uncontrolled environment like the Internet.  It really is all about creating that New World Order, that One World Government with One World Currency and, most especially, One World Religion.  This is what they don’t want you to wake up to.  At least until it is too late.

As James Warburg said to a Senate committee, we WILL have global government whether we like it or now.  It’s just a question of by willful acceptance or conquest.  With the rise of global “nationalism”, the world population is rejecting the global government idea.  So, it will be by conquest instead.  That’s what Iran is all about.  That’s what North Korea is all about.  That’s what Syria is all about.

Are you ready?
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017-04-19-073 A Year of Momentous Change…

Can you feel it?  This year feels like it is going to be a year of momentous change for the world.  It’s change that finds its roots seeded three centuries ago.  But it came into the world with a bang just 100 years ago.  Do you know what it was?

Anniversaries are about to pass by.  Anniversaries which for the most part will go virtually unnoticed or unacknowledged by those who should be most aware of them.  Some anniversaries have already passed and are now in history equally as unacknowledged.  And for this a great price will be paid.

All you can do is get yourself ready.  Get yourself in order.  Get yourself prepared.  And I don’t mean guns, gold or food.  I mean your soul.  I mean your spirit.  For all that we are and all that exists is meant to prepare you for what comes next.

This is the time.  It may be the last time.  This is the hour.  It may be the last hour.  The signs are all there.  The messages are in the air.  They are telling us what they are doing without telling us what they are doing.

James Warburg was a German-born American banker.  He was the son of banker Paul Warburg, member of the Warburg family and the accredited “Father” of the American Federal Reserve Bank.  In 1950, James Warburg testified before Senate Subcommittee on Revision of the United Nations Charter and he said in part:
“We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”

Who was James Warburg speaking for when he said that?  Who was James Warburg directing those statements to?  It might be an obvious answer to say he was addressing the Subcommittee.  But usually statements like these are made in public speeches to address others in the viewing or listening public audience.  Only they know who they are.  And they knew Warburg was talking to them.

Prepare yourself spiritually for what is to come.  That will be about the best anyone can do.  They can’t take that away from you.  You will have to give it up to them willfully and voluntarily.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017-04-18-072 Live From Facebook, It’s Human Slaughter…

Someone should have thought of this.  Someone should have said that the ability for anyone to transmit live on the Internet would mean that human murder and rape would also be transmitted.  Most likely people did consider it.  But the cost-profits analysis makes it too good a deal not to do anyway.

Most rational people would think that no fool would actually commit crimes live over the Internet.  They wouldn’t want to show their faces since they wouldn’t want to get caught!  How dumb do you think people are?  Right?  WRONG!!!

So far, we had people committing suicide live over Facebook.  We had mooooslim immigrants to Sweden rape a Swedish girl live over Facebook.  And most recently, some dumb ass in Cleveland shot someone else to death live over Facebook.

What I want to know is what is Facebook going to do about it?  Or barring that, what should WE do about Facebook?
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