Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24, 2014 – Insanity Ramping Up, but NOT by Accident…

A Satanist drove his car up onto the walkway of the Oklahoma City capitol building today and deliberately destroyed the monument of the 10 Commandments.  Today a Washington state school is in on lockdown after a shooting.  A doctor in New York City infiltrated all of the Obama administration efforts to screen ebola after returning from treating ebola infected patients in West Africa and potentially spread the disease throughout the city after Obama said ebola would not get to the United States.  A gunman in Canada goes moooslim, shoots a Canandian soldier standing guard at the memorial to unknown soldiers and then tries to shoot his way into the Canadian parliament.  This is all within the last 5 days.

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?  If one were of the mind one might thing that the whole world is going crazy.  If one were of another mind one might suspect demons are causing havoc around the world.  And both may very well be correct.

More and more the world seems to be taking up the shape of a war.  Surely we see the physical aspects of war.  But even MORE so, we must begin to see the aspects of spiritual war going on.  It is becoming clearer with each passing day.

The most obvious, in-your-face act was the destruction of the 10 Commandments monument in front of the Oklahoma City capitol building by a Satanist.  Allegedly, he told cops that Satan told him to do it when asked why he did it.

But that monument has been a lightning rod between spiritualists for many years now.   Oklahoma City was the recent site of a black mass which caused quite a stir.  And members of the Church of Satan had received permission to build and place a statue of the evil one next to the 10 Commandments just this past year.  So it is all becoming clearer that this is more than just a legal battle.  It is a battle between two diametrically opposed spiritual forces.

Those that dismiss any consideration of the spiritual forces involved condemn themselves to reducing the world around them to senselessness.  They call the shootings senseless.  They call acts of terror senseless.  But they are not senseless, especially to those who perform these acts or they just wouldn’t do them.  That part is never investigated and reported.  Either it is because the media have no time to allocate to it or, more likely, they just don’t want the details to get into the public consciousness or, more importantly, the public SUB-consciousness.   If the public new the Truth there would be massive outrage.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23, 2014 – Money Flows Out of 10 Year Bonds, Dollar Weakens, Oil Rises…

At noon today 10 year U.S. bond yields are up six cents over yesterday.  As the yields go up the prices go down.  The declining price of bonds indicates that the panic flight to safety is over for the moment.  And notice that today the U.S. dollar is DOWN against all other currencies and the price of oil is naturally rising again.

Oh, yes.  It was announced today that the Saudis are cutting production output.  I think they have to cut production in order to keep up the myth that supply and demand causes the great and crushing price changes in oil.  But prices are already rising and it has nothing to do with a sudden change in the supply or the demand of oil.  The dollar is weakening against all other currencies and this is the single source of oil price change today. 

The cut in Saudi output may not be felt for a month or so.  But this cut COULD lead to monster SHORTAGES in the not too distant future.  This could cause an unanticipated and monster increase in oil prices at the same time with unprecedented highs for gasoline.   Unless the U.S. oil production makes up for the Saudi shortages.

Stuart Varney should buy up as much gasoline as he can.  Everyone should.  Because with 2 weeks to the election it looks like the party is over and the world money managers are going to force the price of oil back up.

October 23, 2014 – Multiple Shooters…

Are YOU aware of it?  Every single story of shootings in the news for the past two years ALWAYS starts off with MULTIPLE SHOOTERS involved.  The latest was the attack on the Canadian Parliament yesterday.

Always, always, always the assumption appears to be by the cops that there are multiple shooters involved.  The lock down lasted in Canada for at least 12 hours while the cops made frantic searches for unknown and maybe non-existent gunmen. 

Let’s keep a careful eye on this particular story.  Watch how the tale devolves from multiple shooters to a single lone-wolf shooter.  Watch.  Because it is important.
REPORT: Suspect recently converted to Islam...
Radical Muslim fervor...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22, 2014 – Where’s the Money Going…

Have you seen the pictures that students have been posting on the ‘Net showing how LITTLE they are getting for those fabulous Michelle Obama government provided school lunches?   I have a link at the bottom of this post to one of those articles.  It is absolutely shocking. 

But here is a bigger question behind it all.  Where is the money going?   Clearly, these paltry lunches can’t cost more than a couple of dollars to throw together, maybe just a half a buck.  Surely, this is much less than the cost of the good school lunches that the kids used to get!  So, where did the money go?  Who is scraping all that cash off the top and putting into their pockets?  It is organized crime?  Or maybe the kids should look at their teachers’ unions?  Ask the CommieCrats.  They know exactly where all that cash is going.  And it is NOT going into kids school lunches anymore.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21, 2014 – Out of Control, Off the Tracks and In the Wrong Direction…

Have you heard about the “Out of Control” poll?  Have you heard about the “Wrong Direction” poll?  Have you heard about the “Off the Tracks Poll”?  They are all virtually the same poll or the same percentage statistic.  According to the “poll” 64% agree.  64% agree that the “Country is going in the wrong direction” or the “Country is off the tracks” or “Things are going in the wrong direction”.  Do you realize that this whole presentation is designed to make YOU agree with it?  Do you understand how meaningless this “poll” actually is?

Suppose you are a liberal.  You hear that 64% agree with all of the above.  Well, so do YOU!  What a surprise.  And things would be a lot better if the government leashed in all of these out of control capitalist PIGS!!!!  Seize the means of manufacturing and put the people to work!!!!   Redistribute the wealth so that all will benefit, by force if necessary!!!!  But those lousy stinking Republicans keep getting in the way with their EVIL Koch brothers!!!!  Government needs to take MORE control and that means the Democrats!!!!

Suppose you are a conservative.  You hear that 64% agree with “Out of Control”, “Wrong Direction” and/or “Off the Tracks”.  Well, YOU agree ALSO!!!  No surprise.  You believe that the stalling economy and the destruction of the job market and opportunities are being caused by massive government regulation.  If ONLY government were reined in then the economy and the nation would flourish again with prosperity for all!!!   Stop stealing money from me with massive taxes of all kinds.  It puts more money into your pocket to spend, save or invest for yourself. 

So if you look at this you can see that each side, no matter what the view, will agree that they are not in control; that their viewpoints don’t dominate the scene and their preferences are being ignored.  With this, it is actually surprising that 36% disagree with the three descriptions in the poll and think that everything is fine.  One might think that a poll this general could garner close to 100% agreement.

You see - the leftists still don’t see their socialist Utopia after 60 years of progressive welfare.  The promise is if only we have MORE socialism we will eventually get to the “Promised Land” of Equality, Fraternity and Liberty.  But they never do get there and they never will.  Ever. 

On the other hand, the traditionalists see the nation that they knew, loved and prospered in fade away into a progressively totalitarian wreck.  They see what they considered to be their Utopia in Freedom and Liberty being progressively tied down, choked off and beheaded by totalitarianism and cronyism. 

That leaves the 36% who see everything as running “Right on Track”, “NOT Out of Control” or “NOT going in the Wrong Direction”.  These are the HARDCORE socialists, communists and fascists.  These are the HARDCORE totalitarians.   These are the hard core Democrat base.  They’re the ones who see everything that is happening and think it is a good thing.  They are the ones who want more of the same.  “Tear it all down, baby!  We’ll worry about building later!”  HARDCORE!  Disagree with THEM and they MIGHT just cut your head off – or something like that!

I suspect that this poll which is going around the media right now is a planted piece of governmental propaganda designed to influence and calm a very agitated populace.  Keep an eye on this poll and note where and when you see the reporting of this news.  It will tell you much more than any news report could about what is going on in America as we head to the November 2014 mid-term elections.  Its appearance just 3 weeks out from the elections is NOT a coincidence.

We ain’t seen nothing yet…

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 – Your Price of Oil…

The price of oil has nothing whatsoever to do with supply and demand.  Nothing whatsoever.  Maybe one day many years ago it was true.  But not anymore.

More influential are the so-called commodities traders.  They are the ones who bet on a market where oil is traded. These are the people who are always blamed for the rise in oil prices.  But this truthfully is not the case. 

No, the price of oil is set by the value of the dollar against all other currencies in the world.  As the dollar falls in value against all other currencies it makes everything coming from outside the United States more expensive.  And the reverse is true.  As the dollar RISES in value against all other currencies everything imported falls in price.  This is exactly what is happening now.  The dollar has been strengthening against all other currencies.  This is causing the price of oil to fall.  Oh, you will hear the usual bluster about lack of demand but it is usually never about demand.  It is purely and simply about the value of currencies against one another.

It appears the money managers fear a global recession.  So they are moving their money to the U.S. dollar.  This is causing the dollar to strengthen against all other currencies.  And naturally you are seeing the price of OUR oil go down.  But what happens in other nations?  The reciprocal happens.  As the price of our oil and gas goes DOWN, the price of oil and gas in other nations goes UP.  See how it works yet?  It’s all about the value of the currencies against one another. 

Some may argue that it makes the case for a one world currency.  But what of it?  Why hasn’t the United States dollar become the one world currency then?  Do you have an answer for that?  And there IS a reason for that.  Don’t YOU know?

But you will have absolutely no influence on any of this.  It is all in the hands of a very small group of people, money managers, around the world.

So it goes, my fellow surfs.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 19, 2014 – Pope Francis the Communist Makes His Church Look Bad…

Well played Pope Francis!   Well played! 

Pope Francis the Communist staged a strategic theatrical fraud in public by gathering the bishops of the Catholic Church for a supposed synod on the Catholic family.  The purported purpose was to consider the Catholic family in modern times.  But he let the radicals within the Catholic Church take control of the synod to propose a working document which favored the communists and freemasons within the Church who want to go against 2000 years of doctrinal profession in favor of what was and is considered to be grievous sins.

The working document was supposed to be kept secret but it was freely published on the Vatican web site.  The news organizations picked it up right away and broadly published the modernistic communist document promoting acceptance of homosexuals and also permitting divorced and remarried Catholics to receive communion.   Clearly, the purpose was to broadly publish this document for plaudits from the world’s progressives and this is exactly what happened.   The progressive masons within the Church might have calculated that this would build pressure on the standard bearers of the morals of the Church to fall in line with the destruction of the Church.  Even if it did not, rejecting the document that was broadly published would amount to an embarrassment for the Pope and his Church.  It might even further enrage the radical homosexuals to take physical action against those members who voted against the document. 

The document amendments were voted down by the majority of the bishops in attendance at the synod.  It is clear that the communists and free masons still don’t control the majority of the Church and this is a good thing.  It would have taken a two thirds vote to adopt the amendments and they received roughly one third votes for approval.  But the erosion is clearly well underway.  It is most obvious in Pope Francis’ latest action to demote a conservative Catholic cardinal who was vociferous in his opposition to the masonic poison being spread throughout the Church. 

It is unclear what kind of damage this will inflict upon the Body of the Church.  Clearly, it will expand the split between the traditionalists and the progressive masons.   All of the bishops have been forced to take a public side now in this growing heresy.   This will make it easier for Pope Francis to identify his targets for elimination.  Maybe that was the whole purpose of the synod in the first place.