Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23, 2014 – Emma Watson, U.N. Slave…

I wrote a blog previously about Emma Watson’s “appointment” as U.N. ambassador to the world for something or other.  I pointed out that this “appointment” FOLLOWED an accusation by police government investigators against her for illegally employing an illegal alien as a house keeper in her UK apartment.   It got me to wonder if the legal pressure on Emma Watson was the REASON she “accepted” the “appointment” as a U.N. ambassador for whatever it is she is representing.  It seems like slavery to me.

But there is now MORE piling on to the U.N.’s latest appropriation of the beauties of Hollywood for their own purposes.  Have you seen the latest on poor Emma Watson?  An article in the Guardian claims that hackers are using the threat of releasing nude photos of Emma Watson if she continues to speak out for the U.N.  On the face of it this whole story sounds strange.  Until this strange article no one had claimed to have REAL nude photos of Emma Watson.   

What’s so strange about this story below?  Well, in the past the hackers who hacked the nude photos of actresses simply leaked them.  In Emma Watson’s case this writer says that the hackers are blackmailing her.  Why would any hackers take to trying to use nude photos of Emma Watson for the purpose of silencing her?  It doesn’t make any sense.  Besides, do you know how many FAKE nude photos of Emma Watson exist on the Internet right now?  Lots.  You don’t even have to look hard to find them.  But be careful if you do.  They involve very untrustable web sites.  But the point is that one would not be able to tell the alleged real photos from all of the fake photos already on the Internet.  But all this makes me wonder if any of the other actresses with leaked photos were contacted with blackmail threats first.  This, if it is a fact, was never mentioned by the authorities.

Could this be a second effort by the authorities to coerce work from the actress?  THAT might make more sense especially if all of Emma Watson’s efforts on behalf of the U.N. are “voluntary”, that is she is not being paid or compensated for her time on behalf of the U.N.  You can see her address to representatives in Uraquay below as she spreads the advocacy of Marxism.  She did very well

I hope Emma Watson is strong enough to stand up to the pressure which is building.  That U.N. crowd is an evil group.  Nothing is below them in their eternal quest for world domination.  Nothing.  And like any deal with the devil there will be only one way out of it.

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 – 2 Intruders in 24 Hours…

One talk show host I usually listen to rambled on for three hours today about the two intrusions into the White House within the last 24 hours.  He went on and on about the poor security.  Where were the dogs?  He asked.  Where were the sharpshooters on the roof?  He wondered.  Where were the guards that are supposed to be on duty?  He asked.    His implication was that it had to be a grand conspiracy to get that much access open to an intruder.  He implied that it might be a message to the occupants of the White House.

I did not bother calling into the show but I do have an answer.  I cannot find it on the web anymore so it appears to be scrubbed well.  But at the very beginning of this president’s first term there was an incident when the president stepped off the helicopter and approached the White House.  Upon reaching the closed door the new president tried to open it himself and found it locked.  Try as he could the door would not open.  He pressed his face to the door windows to see if anyone was there. No one.  Then he managed his way over to some windows but that was no solution either.  And no one with the president had keys to the door.

Someone finally opened the door from the inside and the president passed through.  But not before the photographers and videographers captured the whole event on cameras.  The story went VIRAL.  NEW PRESIDENT LOCKED OUT OF OWN HOUSE!  

Well, you can BET that the presidential poop hit the proverbial fan!   I would bet dollars to the talk show host’s famous calamari that the word went out from the presidential advisors that no more incidents like that must happen, ever again.  No one must embarrass the president, ever!   And so the solution was to keep the access doors open.  After all, how many intruders a year does the White House get? 

Until this past weekend.  Two different loonytunes decided that they would make a break for the White House.  Little has been said about these two incidents within 24 hours.  I suspect we are not being told the whole story or the true story but so it goes.  But I suspect that the unlocked White House door might have had something to do with that embarrassing incident at the very beginning of the president’s first term.

By the way, the Drudge Report has a headline on it right now that the White House will now keep the doors to the White House locked.  Can anyone do an LOL for me?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 20, 2014 – And the Price of Oil…

Has anyone noticed the price of oil in America today?  In case you haven’t noticed it the price of oil closed down $1.30 on Friday to $91.77 per barrel for crude.  What’s going on here?  And why is the commiecrat socialist media NOT talking about it?

Could it be that the price of oil falls with the popularity of the worst president in world history?  Could it be that the price of oil falls as the mid-term 2014 elections approach in less than 60 days?   Could it be that all those EVIL speculators who had allegedly driven up the price of oil to $106.00 just some months ago are speculating themselves out of the market as a favor to the current political class?  Could there possibly be a massive glut of oil covering the entire planet now?  Could the commiecrats have converted the entire nation over completely to “renewable” energy sources so that oil is no longer required for anything in the United States anymore?  

Can YOU say scam?  Can YOU say ROLLED?  Can you say RIPPED-OFF?  Can YOU say CONNED?

What’s that I hear?  Is it a jackass braying?  Is it the millionaires and billionaires laughing with their puppet politicians as the population gets played yet again?

And the dummies don’t care.  Is “Survivor” on tonight?  Who’s “Dancing with the Stars”?  Get a pizza and a six pack and fire up the wide screen!  Oink, oink!

Think about voting for a third party this time.

Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19, 2014 – It’s ALL about the Money, Honey…

The NFL.  The attacks on the NFL.  It’s all about the money, Honey, and nothing else.

Do you remember some years ago when the NFL owners changed all of their licensing fees and ticketing prices?  Per seat season licensing as well as fees per season tickets went flying through.  Remember all those fabulous prices people were paying for their single seat licenses, not to mention the outrageous prices for all the tickets to get to that licensed seat?   Remember all those new corporate boxes that were licensed out at phenomenal fees to the mega-corporations of the world?  And then there are the advertising revenues, the food stand revenues etc, etc, etc.  Hey!  They just promoted the idea that the Superbowl half time performers have to pay the NFL just for the “privilege” of appearing in the Superbowl.   We are talking about massive amounts of money here!  They certainly are squeezing the lemons!  Aren’t they?

Then, suddenly, from out of nowhere the medical establishment starts hyping the brain injuries players endured over the years.  Remember how that “suddenly” appeared on the scene out of nowhere?  It happened after the re-alignment of the seat licenses.  Hmmmmmm…   Coincidence that the players’ union suddenly decided to make an issue out of the brain injuries of players?  NOT!!!!   The players’ union saw opportunity in the new licensing revenues that poured so much more money into the pockets of the team owners.  And so did the commiecrats since they are virtually one and the same – commiecrats and unions.  Their envy exploded with the desire to make the owners cash theirs.

Remember, how the unions suggested pensions for life for players who suffered brain injuries.  Compensation was the key for “social justice”.  After all, it’s the players who lay their bodies on the line and get permanently damaged.  It’s “social justice”, don’t you know? 

And how did that all go.  Not so well.  Have there been any know compensations?  Have the owners adopted any pensions for former players, the effective contract after retirement?  If they have I don’t know about it. 

And now we see the rising tide of the socialist media frenzy every time a player miscues.  The commiecrats are poised like drooling wolves ready to pounce on the lambs.  They ratchet up the pressure at every opportunity, incidental or contrived.  You think the commiecrat rant about the name “Redskins” is all about the dignity of a people.  I tell you that the “right” price will make the issue go away “right” quick!  All politicians have their prices and their hands are always out, especially the commiecrats.  But in this case the price might be too high to pay.   All the commiecrats managed to do now is ruin the careers and lives of three or four players in the past two months.

It’s all about the money, Honey, not player welfare nor native American pride.  It’s about pure, unadulterated GREED, ENVY and JEALOUSY.  Some people call it class warfare.  It’s all about the seizure of private property, someone else’s private property.  They are going to make what is yours theirs by any means necessary.  They have all the time in the world.  They are continuously planning, conniving and scheming.  It is their very nature, their very essence, their very existence.   It is what they live to do.  They have all the power in the world and you WILL eventually capitulate to their demands.   They will get richer and you will get poorer.  They so order.

It’s totalitarianism.  It’s real and it is here.  Don’t you know?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18, 2014 – They Want to Lose…

Rush Limbaugh pointed out today on his radio show that the Republican running for Senate in North Carolina was close to losing to the CommieCrat.  Rush asked how could this be?  How could it be that with the president’s poll numbers so devastatingly low the Republicans can pull out a crushing defeat of the CommieCrats in the Senate?  Rush’s answer is that the Republican candidate has no money.  So almost no one knows who the Republican candidate is in that race.

This made me think of the grander scheme of things.  I think the Republicans don’t want to win the Senate.  Things for them are fine the way they are right now and it also suits the CommieCrats.  The status quo will continue as they work to mislead and fool the people.  All they really want to do is leave it to the president now with his pen and phone.  You really have to wonder what they representatives in the House and the Senate do anymore.  What are they doing to earn their $175,000 per year part time salary?  

The answer is not very much.  Most of the laws now are being created by the unelected branch called the administration.  The president is creating new laws and changing existing laws by decree now.  In doing so the will of the people is being completely bypassed as the president has said that he would do.  So our opinions, considerations and wishes are being completely ignored by the government and our representatives are doing nothing to stop it, change it or control it.  Instead they are going along with it.

It’s all a fake political dance.  Everything we see it the fakery.  It is designed to fool us.  Every speech by every politician, every interview on TV or radio, every advertisement is designed to fool and trick us.  And it is working like never before.  Oh, there are many people who have awakened to the game.  There are others who have gotten wise to it by now.  But there are just too many who don’t see it, don’t want to see it or go along with it hoping to get a piece of the pie for themselves. 

I suspect that the Republicans are trying to lose the Senate races.  The Establishment are purposely selecting weak candidates designed to lose.  They stand for nothing, they say nothing and they promise nothing.  Why?  Because the Republicans are happy to be the minority party.  I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the back rooms of power, Boehner wishes he could give the House back to the CommieCrats.  That takes all of his responsibilities away and leaves him in control of large piles of cash to hand out.   That’s the ideal political view for the current Republican party. 

Control of the House AND the Senate give the Republican party too much opposition power to the president.  This is what they are trying to avoid at all costs.  The Republicans are not trying very hard to win.  That’s why many of their own candidates are not receiving any money from the Republican party or their PACS. 

It’s all a game.  And We, the People, are the losers every time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014 – Riddle Me This…

Riddle me this! 

When is a muslim not a muslim?

Answer: When he lives in the White House!

Scene One -
A:  So, he looks me straight in the eye and with a straight face he tells me that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is NOT Islamic!!!!   Can you believe THAT????

B:  What is he?  A moron, a lunatic, a mental case, an idiot?

A:  No.  He’s a Democrat!

B: Maybe he should run for president?

Scene Two-
A: So he says he is not going to put ANY troops on the ground to fight ISIS or ISIL or whatever they are calling it today.  Absolutely NO combat troops whatsoever!!!

B:  So?

A: So, now he is going to send 3,000 combat troops to combat Ebola.

B: They would have better survival odds if they were combating ISIS or ISIL or whatever they are calling it today.

A: What is he?  A moron, a fool, a mental case, an idiot?

B:  No.  He’s a Democrat.

A & B:  LOL!!!

Scene Three-
A:  Did you hear he held a global summit on climate change?

B: No. What happened?

A: The only national leader to show up was him.  Everyone else had something more IMPORTANT to attend to.

B:  What is he?  A moron, a fool,  a mental case, an idiot?

A: No.  He’s a Democrat.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14, 2014 – The Involuntary Subjugation of My Eyes…

What am I writing about?  I think you know.  I think you have been subjected to it also.  Perhaps you don’t mind.  Perhaps you don’t care.  But I care. 

I am writing about the posting of pictures and videos on the Internet in places where followers can’t avoid viewing them.  I am writing about the gruesome pictures and videos that can easily be classified as snuff porn which are unavoidable and too easily viewed during the standard use of most social media.

Let’s face it.  Most of the videos coming out of the evil of the Middle East are simply snuff videos.  Gruesome and evil they are.  Yet one has no idea what one is about to see as one starts a video posted in someone else’s time line.  Or rather, they post it into your time line.  Or they post pictures of the decapitated and the mutilated like they were posting pictures of their graduation or birthday party.

 And the worst is when people retweet the foul postings of others.  There you really have no expectations or control.  And Twitter designed its time line so that the pictures are automatically displayed.  It used to be that you had to click to see each picture.  But maybe Twitter thought that was too much work.  So they exposed pictures automatically for you in your time line now.  So, can you guess what I have seen in my time line?  The worst was a picture of a man holding up the body of a headless Iraqi girl in a little party dress.  She must have been 18 months old.  

So, I have really reduced my use of Twitter now.  I simply can’t stand the time line the way it is.  One minor solution I found was to restrict the retweets of certain people I follow.  That limits the gruesomeness to only pictures that they post themselves.  But I have also found that those who retweet gruesome pictures don’t seem to post any in their own time line.  They retweet others who do.  Isn’t that strange?

Also, on YouTube you just never know what kind of content you are going to get.  People who post videos of current events seem to think they are doing their followers a good work by including the snuff films of the head cutters in their content.  No thank you.  So I have become very wary of which videos I view and whom I follow on Youtube and other video sites now.

I think all the posting and reposting of the gruesome content coming out of the Middle East only encourages them to do more.  Witness the three journalists that have been beheaded on videos for the world to see.  As long as people keep on watching the videos and passing them around they will keep on producing their snuff porn.  Unfortunately, we all know this won’t stop.  Like people passing a car wreck they can’t help but slow down to look at it.  So too with these videos and pictures.  And I worry that the world is being infected with a love of this horror.

Some people say it is no different than the gruesomeness one can see if one goes to the movies.  And that is MY point.  People are so dulled by the fake gruesomeness created in movies that they no longer are repelled by the real thing.  People can no longer tell the difference between fake slaughter and real slaughter any more.   It’s all the same to them.  Maybe that is the purpose of the fake slaughter in Hollywood movies.  They anesthetize the human spirit to the suffering of humanity like a dentist’s injection of Novocain to dull the pain of oral surgery.   But the Novocain wears off.  The effects of the movies don’t.   As I have written in the past, this is one of the major reasons why I simply have stopped watching movies made after 1960.  I don’t need the movies’ reality of realism in my life.  My life is real enough as it is without having to endure the fake realism of Hollywood.

It’s a bad state of affairs for the Internet itself.  I can see the argument for freedom.  But on the other hand it encourages the dark side.  And the dark side seems to be growing and winning.