Friday, November 28, 2014

November 28, 2014 – An Astonishing Allegation…

Is it conceivable in your mind that the violence and Ferguson and the entire distraction of race was not about race at all?  Is it possible for you to even consider that all the violence and destruction and screaming and ranting in Ferguson was designed to distract from a failing economy?

It hit me like a .50 caliber bullet as I was listening to Greg Hunter’s video below.  Listen to it.  Listen to his allegation that Ferguson was not about race or justice or even social justice.  It’s about keeping attention off the really, really, really bad economy.  Can you believe that an administration would be so conniving to plan something like this just to distract from the failing economy?  If they can plan the destruction of Ferguson to distract from the economy then what else are they capable of doing?

Greg Hunter is an alternative media journalist who finds and reports mostly economic based news.  But the economic news is always influenced by all news events and as such he reports on that also.  He reports with a different point of view.  You must hear this alternative point of view because you will NOT hear it on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC or even CNN.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 27, 2014 – Thankless in America…

Gimme!  Gimme!  Gimme!  Where’s MINE!!!   I DESERVE!!!!  I DEMAND!!!!  I TAKE!!!!  I ENVY!!!  I AM JEOLOUS of what others have and I don’t!!!  I  want MORE!!!  And MORE!!!!   And MORE!!!!!  Damn the other guy!!!   What about ME????? 

It’s no longer THANKSgiving.  It’s GREEDTaking!!!!  Go shopping!!!  Spend money you don’t have on things you don’t NEED!!!!  Experience the GREED!!!!  REVEL in the GREED!!!!  And if you don’t have the money for it then STEAL it!!!!   Envious of the Shop Owners????  STEAL IT FROM THEM AND BURN DOWN THEIR STORES!!!  THAT will show them!!!!!!  REVEL in your HATE, ANGER, ENVY AND JEALOUSY!!!!!

That which was is no more.  That which is never was.  This is the CHANGE!!!!  And in this CHANGE you will find no HOPE!!!!   And those born now will never know.  Those born now will never experience anything but the H8.  Those born now will forever be lost, those who survive past abortions, infanticide, drugs.  Those born now will know but ruin.  Those born now will never know but slavery and serfdom.  It is already written and cannot be changed.  The end may be delayed but the end will come and it will be the same.

Can you see it yet?  Can you feel it yet?  If not then the day that it will happen will take you by complete surprise.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 26, 2014 – Believing a Lie…

Is it OK to believe a lie?  Is it good to base one’s life upon a lie?  Is it a good thing to deceive oneself?  Is it healthy for society that a people delude themselves in the face of the facts?   Is it good that they demand the conviction of an innocent man for their own bloodlust, envy, jealousy, hatred, vengeance and anger? 

Clearly, it is impossible to say yes to any of the above questions.  Yet this is where we stand today.  A race of people so clearly bent on the denial of facts and believing a lie so that they may see themselves as justified in a false rage for political power. 

You might think that I am talking about Ferguson, Missouri.  But I am not.  I am talking about the people of Germany who believed the Nazis.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25, 2014 – AGAIN, Where is the Money Going..

How do you clownish Obama supporting kids like your new school lunches courtesy of the CommieCrat party and  MicHELLe Obama?  Skimpy.  Thin.  Not much to it.  Did you ever think it would get to this?  See the article below for more on the poor school lunches dictated by local, state and federal government regulations.   I can tell you it is only going to get worse.

I saw another article by the same fellow some months ago and I wrote about it at that time also.  Even in this article below he does not ask the most important question in the whole government scam.  WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING?  Surely, these lunches can’t be costing the schools the same thing as the previous, better, more filling student lunches. So, if that is the case then how much DO this crappy Michelle Obama lunches COST and WHO IS RAKING THE MONEY OFF THE TOP OF THESE SCHOOL LUNCHES?

And once again the author of the article below misses the most important point of the story he is investigating.  I have to think to myself that maybe he has some agenda of his own now.  This is the second story he wrote which details the skimpiness of the student school lunches now but he doesn’t go much beyond that.  He seems to be trying to embarrass the government into action.  He seems to be trying to agitate the students into action.   Maybe that is all well and good.  But why does he not take the next step with his investigation?  Maybe because he doesn’t WANT to draw attention to the monetary issues and probable THEFT?  Could be.  Why kill a cash cow if you can turn it towards your own advantage?

Something is definitely not right.  Something stinks about these Obama school lunches and the supposed “opposition” to those lunches.  Maybe it’s not really about the kids and feeding them?  Maybe it’s ALL about the money and who’s going to get it?

Yea!  I suspect that’s it.  And the kids are left starving for some food.

Hey, KIDS!  You ain’t seen NOTHING yet!!!!  Wait until you have to get your own health insurance.  That is going to make the school lunches look like FEASTS!!!!  You see, it’s all about legalized government theft!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 23, 2014 – Why Cosby, Why Now…

Isn’t it strange?  Isn’t it odd?  Is it perhaps coincidental?  The nation is on edge about the prospects for violence in Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere.  Now suddenly all of these accusations of rape against Bill Cosby suddenly pop up in the news.

I’m not say that these accusers are right or wrong.  I suspect that there is truth to their allegations however.  But why NOW?  How have all of these accusers appeared or reappeared in the news media at exactly the same time as racial tensions are rising in America?  Did the reporters of this news think that this was the best time to bring out all of the accusations?  Did they think it would be the worst time to do it?  Did they think they would get the best coverage now that the nation has race on its collective mind?

Why Cosby?  Why NOW?

Just wondering…

Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 22, 2014 – Is FOOD RATIONING in America Next...

Is FOOD RATIONING next????  Look at the two articles below.  One must always be suspicious of the opaque formulation of statements coming from government.  The indecipherable statements of “reform” or “national security” hide many intended meanings.   And these meanings are deliberately occulted.  As we saw with the Obamacare UNAffordable Health Care Act that they tell us one thing while “meaning” the opposite. 

So, now the PENTAGON is telling We, the People, that the pool of potential military cannon fodder is too fat to serve in the military.  And almost simultaneously, the Environmental Protection Agency issues a warning to Americans to STOP WASTING FOOD!!!!   The story below doesn’t say if there is an OR ELSE behind these “warnings”.  But can YOU read the HANDWRITING on the WALL????   If you voted for Obama you probably CAN’T!!!

So, are we now being WARNED that FOOD RATIONING for AMERICA is on the way?  This is how Michelle Obama’s Starve the Students lunch programs started, with WARNINGS about poor student nutrition.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!!
PENTAGON: 'Unhealthy Eating Habits Could Become Issue Of National Security'...
Americans urged to stop wasting food...;_ylt=AwrSyCPK_m9UaTwAGJHQtDMD

Friday, November 21, 2014

November 21, 2014 – Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

The most troubling thing about weather and the environment is its inherent inaccuracy.  After scores of decades of “research” the human race really is not that much more accurate about long term effects of weather and the environment.  Unfortunately, this is a perfect place for politically directed science to hide.  Data collection is murky at best and not enough historical data exists to draw true representations.  Furthermore, predictions based on past data have proved wildly inaccurate or altogether wrong.  But that will not stop those with political needs from coercing the results to their ends.

Did you read about Buffalo, New York?  In a staggering snow storm that area was left with more than five feet of snow.  Seven people are known dead.  And an expected three more feet are on the way.  If all totals up this could be a very significant snow event extremely early in the season with totals approaching eight feet. 

So suppose this is only the beginning.  It’s not even winter yet.  Winter itself doesn’t start until December 22.  And there’s a long time to go to spring.  Suppose the fallen snow does not disappear.  Snow accumulations throughout the region could reach unprecedented depths if there are no real warming periods. 

Imagine this – The snow falls become unprecedented.  And then when spring comes the warming weather does not arrive.  Imagine that the entire spring and summer never gets above 60 degrees.  How much snow do you think will be left for next winter?   Potentially, the previous year’s snowfall will not disappear.  It will only add to next year’s accumulations.

See what might be happening here?  Anyone thinking ICE AGE yet?