Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018-01-06-002 They Call it a Processor “Bug”…

Word is spreading fast and furiously about a bug in virtually ALL Intel computer CPU processors going back as far as 1995.  Three researches managed to discover this bug as a reality in early December of 2016.  And now it appears that the only fix for it will be to replace all computers with new computers containing a new, fixed CPU processor.  The article is linked at the bottom of this page.

But is it really a “bug”?  I suspect it is probably not.  Instead, I suspect it has been the accessible back door to all computers all over the world.  And who would want that?  All governmental intelligence agencies.  That’s who.  Specifically, the NSA and the CIA would want this bug.  After all, it opens up all computers all over the world to them if they should happen to know about the existence of the “bug”.  Since the “bug” has been there since 1995 that’s twenty-eight years of access to virtually all of the computers connected to the global Internet.  WOW!  Imagine that.  And now all of those computers must be REPLACED!!!  Imagine THAT!

Sure this is all speculation.  It is speculation that is certainly beyond my abilities to research and confirm.  But I am willing to bet that over the next few weeks or months more information will become available now that the “bug” has been “discovered”.  Is it truly beyond anyone’s ability to reason that this “bug” was an “accidently” designed back door for intelligence gathering?  I don’t think so.  For years there has been speculation that the Windows operating system is loaded with planned “bugs” which act as back doors for “hackers” and national intelligence agencies.

As a now retired information systems professional, I am very disappointed on how the entire computer ecosphere has developed since the introduction of both the Apple computers and then the IBM personal computer.  Security has always been last in this digital ecosystem.  Maybe that is because it is simply impossible to make it secure.  Maybe that is the ultimate answer.  Maybe the new CPU processor that Intel is introducing to fix the problem will have its own design “flaws”.  As I have suspected from the beginning of the computer itself, it is the nature of the beast to be unsecure, insecure and unsecurable.
The "Meltdown" Story: How A Researcher Discovered The "Worst" Flaw In Intel History
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Friday, January 5, 2018

2018-01-05-001 Trump Dossier Number Two…

By now most of the nation is aware of the “Trump Dossier”.  It is the fake, phony, fraudulent document that the Democratic National Committee and maybe even the FBI paid for to use as a reason to spy on the Trump campaign.  None of the “Trump Dossier” can or has been verified.  And most of it is false if not all of it.

Now we have “Trump Dossier Number Two”.  It is Michael Wolff’s new anti-Trump book called “Fire and Fury”.  Just today Wolff admitted that he is not sure all of it is true.  So it really just amounts to another hit piece.  It is another mess of unverifiable lies allegedly told by sources anonymous and not designed to impugn a president and a man that is hated by the left.

So, why the craze over the book?  Because it is as salacious as the original, false “Trump Dossier”.  It seems that the left is now going to try for a big coup via the 25th Amendment of the United States. That amendment provides for the removal of a president who is no longer in his right mind.  Unfortunately, it also provides an avenue for a coup by those nefarious, devious and wealthy enough to implement it.  And this book of lies is just another device from the Hillary and Bill left and the RINO Establishment to disrupt the success of the Alt-Right and Donald J. Trump.

Lies and damned lies.  That’s what they are presenting now.  And it time to stop them once and for all. 
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Thursday, December 21, 2017

2017-12-21-145 Sessions Looks at Uranium One…

An NBC report which appeared linked on the Drudge Report indicated that Jeff Sessions has ordered Justice Department prosecutors to look at the investigation of the Uranium One deal again.  Should anyone have any hope that a new look into the corrupt Uranium One deal would have a different outcome from the same people who saw no evil the first time?

As a matter of fact, all of the people involved in the cover up investigation are the ones who will be looking at the Uranium One scam again.  Additionally, all of the prosecutors are the ones who already looked into the Uranium One deal and found no evil.  And the cynic in me suspects that the wise old politician Jeff Sessions would not have launched the inquiry without already knowing how the results would turn out. 

So, I suspect the fix is in again just like it was for Hillary and FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to charge Hillary Clinton for obvious crimes regarding her private email server.  Now the fix is in for the second time to see no evil regarding Hillary and Bill Clinton’s deep involvement and pay to play for the sale of twenty percent of the United States uranium deposits to the nation’s number one global competitor, Russia.

I predict the outcome will be that there is no there there.  They will for many mysterious reasons not be able to draw and legal lines and against the Clintons.  And once again the Clintons will go unscathed for their obvious crimes.  They protect their own.
Prosecutors ask FBI agents for info on Uranium One deal
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Friday, December 15, 2017

2017-12-15-144 Trump Takes No Bait…

Robert Mueller is the bait.  Robert Mueller is the trap.  The bait?  The trap?  Yes.  The bait dangled in front of a supposedly na├»ve Donald Trump, the newly elected President of the United States.

Trump was expected to fire Mueller almost immediately.  That was key to the trap.  It was the key to the bait.  Trump’s opponents expected Trump to fire Mueller so that they could charge OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and start impeachment proceedings.   But Trump didn’t take the bait.  And Attorney General Jeff Sessions jumped out of the way of the trap by recusing himself of the “investigation”.  And that left pro-Hillary Rod Rosenstein in charge of everything Russian related.  And now Rosenstein sees no evil in Mueller and his rabidly anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-Republican team.

They knew there was no there there.  There was nothing to find from the start.  They all knew it.  The point was NOT to find ANYTHING.  They just wanted Trump to fire Mueller.  They expected that the impeachment proceedings would have started months ago.  They expected that the impeachment proceedings would be well underway by now.  Maybe they expected the impeachment to be finished by now.

But Trump didn’t take the bait.  Trump didn’t trigger the trap.  Instead he let an investigation into nothing continue and continue and continue.  Day after day, week after week and month after month, Mueller and his team began to look bad.  Then they began to smell bad.  And now they are smelling with their own corruption as Mueller’s team tries to find something, anything to charge Trump with.

And now enough has leaked to understand that this was a conspiracy created by those within the FBI at the highest levels and implemented by Hillary loyalists at the FBI.  This is the complete corruption of the top law enforcement agency of the United States.  And it also now involves a conspiracy to cover it all up.  That is Mueller’s job now.  Mueller and his people are insuring no charges are brought against the very people who conspired against Trump’s election.  Instead, Mueller is still desperately looking for something, anything to charge Trump with so that his team won’t look like the phony trap that they are.

So, Jeff Session’s cannot be expected to shut Mueller down.  And now Rod Rosenstein has put his full support behind Mueller and his investigation into nothing.  So, who is the ONLY person who can shut it down?  President Donald J. Trump.  But how does Trump shut it down without triggering the bastard Democrats and RINO Republican with accusations of OBSTRUCTION?  The ONLY way to do it is if the recommendations and calls for the shutdown of the Mueller frameup comes from other sources and become loud enough.  Already several members of the House have recommended Trump shut down the investigation and FIRE MUELLER.  But not the “right” members of Congress. I wonder if Trump is waiting for Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, two of the bluest Republican RINOs in the Establishment, to demand and insist that Trump shut down the investigation.  Only then would Trump have the moral authority to let Mueller go and NOT trigger accusations of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.  Only then can Trump move to shut down this obviously useless investigation into nothingness without calls for impeachment. 
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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017-12-6-144 Cool Hand Donald…

Some time ago, I characterized the appointment of this special counsel as a trap.  This special counsel was appointed even though the appointment violates the special counsel law which requires evidence of an actual crime.  This is no evidence of any crime and there never has been.

But the Democrats and RINO Establishment sympathizers appointed a special counsel anyway in violation of the law.  And from the beginning, the Democrats expected the newbie president, Donald J. Trump, to FIRE the special counsel.  And THAT would be the sole grounds for IMPEACHMENT.  In other words, the Democrats set a trap to frame Trump for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE CHARGES.  But it is and was dependent upon Trump firing the special counsel.

Now we can see that the special counsel has a big problem.  There is no original crime to investigate.  They have failed to find anything.  And I guess that by now the special counsel his pissed off that Trump has NOT fired him yet.  Instead, the cagey president let the investigation into nothing go nowhere as he knew it would.  So the special counsel is now standing there with no case, no charges, no accusations.  The special counsel has nothing because there is nothing.  The special counsel was supposed to be fired.  So the special counsel never expected to get this far into the “investigation”.

So, Trump never triggered the trap.  Trump did NOT fire the special counsel.  Trump let the special counsel run with it anyway.  And they have not been able to accuse Trump of obstruction of justice and set the grounds for impeachment. 

So, the special counsel has a problem.  He knows there is no crime.  He knows he will never find a crime.  But he must find a crime or he will look bad.  He has to find a way out of this investigation into nothing.  Trump is not going to give it to him.  The special counsel will have to find a way to terminate the investigation without finding any crime at all except for the process crimes with which they created to entrap their political targets.

Donald Trump is playing a very patient hand against the Democrats and the special counsel.  He is not going to submit to their bluff.  Trump knows he has the winning hand and he is playing it very, very coolly.  We might even call Trump “Cool Hand Donald”.  I like that!
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017-11-22-143 A Booming Economy…

Recently, I have seen something in my area that I have not seen since the 1960s.  What is it that I have seen?  It’s help wanted signs.  That’s right.  Help wanted signs in all sorts of local establishments.

The first one I saw was last week.  I was out for a drive and I passed a local gas station and repair shop that I have driven by for decades.  They had a “help wanted mechanics” sign outside their place.  I was shocked.  As I said already I have not seen help wanted signs in front of local establishments since the 1960s.  And yesterday, as I walked into my local supermarket I saw that their door was covered with several large signs advertising positions available in all departments of the store. 

Two things are most likely contributing to this phenomenon.  Donald Trump’s eviction of illegal immigrants and a massively improving economy.  And this is a good thing.  It is NOT a bad thing.  This is the natural course that should be part of the normal American economy.  But the influx of massive amounts of illegal aliens occupied any and all of the available jobs that might have gone to local American citizens.

And subsequent to this phenomenon, as labor supply decreases the wage requirements will OF NECESSITY INCREASE in order to entice local available labor to take those jobs still open.  So the minimum wage that the fascist socialist labor unions are pushing will no longer be needed.  This is called the supply and demand of a free economy.  But it was suppressed and distorted by the massive influx of illegal invaders who were taking these jobs at off the book rates way below the standard labor requirements.

This is a good thing that is happening to America.  It’s something that has been deliberately depressed by the Establishment politicians over the last 70 years.  And Donald Trump, the President of the United States and business man, has brought prosperity back to America.  That’s what it is called!  Prosperity!!! Prosperity for Citizens of the United States.
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Monday, November 20, 2017

2017-11-20-142 Preparing Roy Moore for the Win…

2017-11-20-142 Preparing Roy Moore for the Win…

By now I am certain that most if not all people have heard about Judge Roy Moore’s run for United States Senator from Alabama.  The Establishment Republicans appear to be desperate to keep Moore out of the Senate at all costs.  Someone has even gone so far as to produce fake evidence of Roy Moore signing some high school girl’s year book as a means of smearing Moore.

But here’s the real rub.  Is Roy Moore ready for the win?  Winning will be a great triumph of the crooked Establishment bastards that have smeared a good man.  Moore successfully triumphed over a crooked Establishment backed candidate in the primaries.  And Moore looks to be poised to win in the general special election in December.  But is ready for what will follow?

Judge Moore will have to know that he will be treated with the greatest of contempt by just about every politician in Washington.  They all view him as radically outside of the crooked orbit because Roy Moore is a hardcore Christian who will not go along to get along.  Roy Moore’s vote will be crucial to those crooked bastards who want their evil schemes to continue unabated.  Moore will not go along. 

And Roy Moore will also experience the rejection of just about every bureaucrat in Washington as well.  Moore had better be VERY careful about who he lets into his office, his orbit of advisers and consultants.  Each one will be looking to aid Moore’s enemies during the course of Moore’s first term in office.  They will be looking to frame Moore 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until they succeed.  I am sure Roy Moore is a smart man, certainly smarter than I.  But he is going into the shark pool with people who are just as smart or maybe smarter than he.  It is a dangerous place to be especially if he is alone.

I hope Roy Moore is already thinking about those he will bring to Washington with him.  I am hoping that he ensures that they are trustable.  Because for the next six years, ALL of the Senators and MOST of the Congressmen are going to make Roy Moore’s life in Washington as unbearable as possible.  And this is just about the BEST the Roy Moore will be able to expect. 

A word to the wise, Judge Moore.  Beware of the setups.  Learn as much as you can about the seedy, underbelly of the real machinations of your Washington counterparts.  Protect your integrity at all times.  And NEVER find yourself alone with your enemies even if they appear to be your friends.  Think ahead, Judge Moore, and be ready.  Because they are not finished with you and they never will be.
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