Monday, February 19, 2018

2018-02-17-008 Russian Indictments are More Russian Collusion…

It’s very strange.  Very strange indeed.  Why did Special Counsel Robert Mueller “suddenly” release the “indictments” of thirteen Russians living in RUSSIA?  Why did Mueller make this announcement on a Friday?  Why did Mueller make no pre-announcement prior to this?  Why did Mueller do it? 

And how many of these Russians does Mueller and his team of witch hunters believe they will bring to justice?  I know the answer.  Do you?  Can you think of it for yourself?  Mueller indicts thirteen Russians for “interference” in an American election.  They all live in Russia.  So Mueller and his team won’t be able to arrest them.  These Russians won’t see any American justice.  Get it yet?

This was yet another Russian collusion between the Democrat supporters of corrupt Hillary Clinton.  It was another agreement that Mueller would be able to name some few Russians as pasties so that he could push the FBI failure to investigate another shooter off the pages of the media.  It’s a truly brilliant move and it was perfectly executed.  The net results of Mueller’s effort will be less than ZERO.  But hey, at least the fool found some evil Russians to blame!

Does this end the Mueller wagon train of corruption?  Who knows? What can possibly cause Mueller to cast his special counsel ticket into the fire and go home again?  Nothing.  Mueller will probably be investigating Russian “collusion” for the next eight years.  And we are going to have more crap coming out of this group like the indictments they just produced.  CRAP!

It’s up to the President to manage his way out of this interminable box that Jeff Sessions put him into with his recusal.  Sessions’ recusal left the anti-Trump partisan Rod Rosenstein in charge of the entire Department of Justice.  The pro-Hillary Rosenstein hired the pro-Hillary Mueller as special counsel who hired a huge team of entirely pro-Hillary supporters and donors to corrupt what is already a massively corrupt Department of Justice and FBI.

The indictments of thirteen Russians living in Russia is a non-starter, a nothing burger.  These indictments are meaningless on the face of it.  And so is Mueller and his team of corrupt Democrat cronies.  But what if these thirteen Russians were give up by Putin in order to help Mueller.  Now that makes a LOT of sense.  This is a perfect example of what Mueller appears to do BEST.  COVER UP!
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Monday, February 5, 2018

2018-02-05-007 Democrats Falling House of Cards…

The stock market took a dive today.  It is not to be unexpected.  Many have been saying that a correction was on the horizon.  Maybe this is it.  But then again, maybe not.

One always has to wonder if there is a triggering mechanism to cause the route.  This downslide started on Friday.  Friday was the day that the FISA Memo was released to the people of the United States.  And then the market started to slide. 

Now Zero Hedge website reports that the Trump administration lawyers have given approval to a SECOND Special Counsel to look into the irregularities at the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Department of Justice.  One can be sure that this is more earthshaking news within the Halls of Power.  This may very well be Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare coming to fruition.  After all, it was alleged that Hillary screamed that if Trump won they would all hang from nooses after that last presidential debate.  Maybe she was right.

This second special counsel must be chosen by the President himself, in my humble opinion, if that is at all possible.  Leaving the choice of the second special counsel to anyone else permits the selection of yet another contaminated RINO Establishment person who will deliberately work against Trump and his administration. 

These special counsels are no good bargain no matter how one looks at them.  People don’t rise to the point where they would be selected for a special counsel position without the tradeoffs, compromises and bargaining that go along with a rise to power.   So, there may be no way to find anyone of integrity to take the job.  Everyone who might be capable is most likely compromised one way or the other.  And there-in lies the problem.

This is definitely going to put a lot of big name political people in the legal crosshairs now.  Finally!  And about time it is!  The second special counsel will ensure that the investigation of the FBI and the DOJ occurs outside of and without the dependency upon the very same corrupted officials at the FBI and the DOJ that created and defended the fake, phony Steele Dossier.  Maybe now we will see these bastards finally held accountable for their criminal behaviors and the rule of law may now be enforced on them too.

So, hang on to your hat if you have one.  The rollercoaster ride has only just begun.  It’s going to get bumpier as time goes by.
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Saturday, February 3, 2018

2018-02-03-006 FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Trustability…

If the news reports were true, Christopher Wray, current Director of the FBI, threatened to resign from his office if the Nunes FISA Memo was released to the public.  If these reports are true this now puts Mr. Wray’s objectivity into question regarding transparency and truthfulness.  And as such, it would be in the nation’s best interest if Mr. Wray followed through on his threat and submitted his resignation to President Trump.  It might be better than waiting now for the President to fire Mr. Wray for his rank insubordination to the Office of the President.

It is becoming clear that the agencies of government are now compromised.  The awesome powers available to those in government have now been weaponized against the People of the United States.  And this cannot be allowed to stand. 

It was Barack Hussein Obama’s “brain”, Valerie Jarrett, who was quoted in the main stream media after Obama’s first election as saying that they would reward their loyal supporters and punish their opposition.  We now know exactly what that means.  We now know exactly what they did.  More and more is being revealed every day.  And they still have massive influence within the “Deep State”, that massive, unelected bureaucracy which continues regardless of the election results and the will of the People.  And it must all be brought down.

So, Mr. Wray, the FISA memo has been released.  We, the People, await your resignation.  Please don’t delay.  Keep your word at least once in your life.  Resign.  Resign for the good of the nation.  Resign right now.

But I bet you don’t.  I bet you won’t.
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Friday, February 2, 2018

2018-02-02-005 The Strange Case of Actress Natalie Wood…

Why now?

More than any other question, I think that is the one that troubles and puzzles me now.  Why now?  More than forty years after Hollywood actress Natalie Wood’s mysterious death California authorities are once again taking up an investigation into her death as “suspicious”.  So, why now?

Is this another reaction to the “Me Too” movement?  Published articles on Fox News claim that more “witnesses” are “coming forward”.  So where were these witnesses forty years ago?  What are these “witnesses” saying now that they didn’t or wouldn’t or couldn’t say more than forty years ago?  Shouldn’t these “witnesses” be charged with obstruction of justice if their testimony now proves detrimental yet truthful?

The target of the renewed investigation is Hollywood actor Robert Wagner who is now in his late eighties.  Robert Wagner has once again been termed a “person of interest” in Natalie Wood’s death.  What does this mean?  Why now?  What could they prove now that they could not prove forty years ago?

The story of Natalie Wood’s last day has been muddied over the intervening forty years.  The summation of it was that Natalie Wood was on a yacht with her husband at that time, Robert Wagner, and his friend, actor Christopher Walken.  The boat’s captain was the only other person on the yacht at the time.  So we have three men and one woman on a private Hollywood yacht over-nighting on the water.  Get the picture?

Natalie Wood allegedly could not swim and according to past stories feared water.  So how could she have been on that boat?  The story goes that they were all drinking and that Natalie Wood slipped off the boat after having an argument with Robert Wagner.  At the time, her death was ruled an accidental drowning.  But questions have always remained and clouded the history of the event.

Could it be that those “witnesses” worked to protect Robert Wagner and each other for the last forty years?  Could it be that Hollywood aligned together to protect themselves rather than see justice done?  Could it be now that after forty years and Robert Wagner’s advanced years people are confessing the truth of that night so that they don’t die with the lie on their lips?  Was it deliberate murder?  Was it accidental manslaughter?  And why now?  Would justice be served to try, convict and sentence an eighty- six year old man after forty years to spend what life he has remaining in jail?

Why now?
Natalie Wood Case - More witnesses come forward in ‘suspicious death’ of star
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Thursday, February 1, 2018

2018-02-01-004 The Mystery Memo…

The world awaits the “bombshell” Nunes memo on the subterfuge of the top FBI brass and associates.  The FBI seems to be in a panic about it.  I wonder why?  It must be very damaging and incriminating for those criminals who conspired to use their positions within the FBI, NSA and CIA to damage Donald J. Trump’s campaign and then work to undermine his presidency.

The one thing it better have is much more information than we now know.  It is going to look awful if this memo is nothing more than a repeat of just about everything that is already in the public venue.  If that’s the case then there will be no value at all to the memo.  So I hope that there is much more in this memo than the public already knows about.

Naturally, we can expect the main stream media to ignore the release of the memo.  But if they cannot ignore the memo then they will uniformly parrot the anti-memo talking points of the Democrat party which will be released immediately after the memo’s release.  Between ignoring the Nunes memo or condemning the memo we can expect a real catfight on the political stage.

Fire them all.  Try them all. And then lock them all up for a very, very long time.  It’s clear from what we know right now that the Democrats committed a slew of crimes for which they MUST be PUNISHED! 
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Monday, January 29, 2018

2018-01-29-003 McCabe Out! Replacement???

Criminal FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is finally out at the corrupt FBI.  Does anyone have any information on the deal that McCabe struck for his resignation?  You KNOW McCabe would not leave that post unless he had a guarantee in his pocket.  I bet McCabe has been GUARANTEED TO ESCAPE HANDCUFFS AND CHARGES for his resignation.  This is just my humble opinion.  McCabe will not be charged with any of his crimes and high treason.  Watch.  McCabe will escape justice.  That is the deal.

But this will not be the end of McCabe.  McCabe has a long way to go in life.  His influence throughout the criminal Democrat party seems to be extensive.  McCabe’s desirous political machinations are obvious.  So, don’t count McCabe out yet.  Don’t be surprised if McCabe turns to politics as a solution to his legal jeopardies. 

But this leaves a giant hole at the corrupt FBI now.  The big question is – Who will fill corrupt McCabe’s shoes? Another question is who will choose the successor to McCabe?    I bet we see another corrupt, Democrat controlled pawn selected from the Establishment to fill corrupt McCabe’s shoes.  The whole DOJ and the FBI are still in the hands of Obama and the Democrats.  They intend to keep it that way.  They have strategically placed Hillary loving Rosenstein who is virtually running the DOJ over the struggling and ineffective Jeff Sessions.  Sessions has been completely neutralized.  There is little Sessions can do about the corruption in the DOJ and the FBI.  It is actually quite difficult to see that Jeff Sessions might actually be complicit in the anti-Trump actions of the treasonous FBI and DOJ.

We can only wait and watch.
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Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018-01-06-002 They Call it a Processor “Bug”…

Word is spreading fast and furiously about a bug in virtually ALL Intel computer CPU processors going back as far as 1995.  Three researches managed to discover this bug as a reality in early December of 2016.  And now it appears that the only fix for it will be to replace all computers with new computers containing a new, fixed CPU processor.  The article is linked at the bottom of this page.

But is it really a “bug”?  I suspect it is probably not.  Instead, I suspect it has been the accessible back door to all computers all over the world.  And who would want that?  All governmental intelligence agencies.  That’s who.  Specifically, the NSA and the CIA would want this bug.  After all, it opens up all computers all over the world to them if they should happen to know about the existence of the “bug”.  Since the “bug” has been there since 1995 that’s twenty-eight years of access to virtually all of the computers connected to the global Internet.  WOW!  Imagine that.  And now all of those computers must be REPLACED!!!  Imagine THAT!

Sure this is all speculation.  It is speculation that is certainly beyond my abilities to research and confirm.  But I am willing to bet that over the next few weeks or months more information will become available now that the “bug” has been “discovered”.  Is it truly beyond anyone’s ability to reason that this “bug” was an “accidently” designed back door for intelligence gathering?  I don’t think so.  For years there has been speculation that the Windows operating system is loaded with planned “bugs” which act as back doors for “hackers” and national intelligence agencies.

As a now retired information systems professional, I am very disappointed on how the entire computer ecosphere has developed since the introduction of both the Apple computers and then the IBM personal computer.  Security has always been last in this digital ecosystem.  Maybe that is because it is simply impossible to make it secure.  Maybe that is the ultimate answer.  Maybe the new CPU processor that Intel is introducing to fix the problem will have its own design “flaws”.  As I have suspected from the beginning of the computer itself, it is the nature of the beast to be unsecure, insecure and unsecurable.
The "Meltdown" Story: How A Researcher Discovered The "Worst" Flaw In Intel History
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