Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 05, 2015 – Will They Invade Greece???

The Greek citizens have voted to say NO to the ever more stringent, constricting, thieving requirements of their Shylockian loan sharks to which the Greek politicians gleefully and joyfully signed away the soul of Greece.  I hope the Greek citizens realize what this really means to them.  If they go independent and print their own money that money will most likely be worthless to the entire world.  Since Greece imports almost all of its food resources Greece will most likely lose all of it imports as no one will accept the worthless Greek money.  And you know what this means?  Mass starvation if they are not already prepared for at least six months of rejection by the world economic communities.

The alternative to all of this is force.  Someone from the European Economic Community could invade Greece and force them to submit to the will of the EU.  I am thinking that most European nations would not want to commit to this.  But there is a nation that has been at odds with Greece for a long time over a few islands.  Turkey.  In all the confusion and trauma of the Greek tragedy, Turkey could see opportunity encouraged by the European Union as a way to enforce the commitment that Greece made to the EU upon membership.  And a quick invasion of Greece would cut off any further coddling of Greece by Putin.

The Greek people have to come to the ultimate conclusion.  They are broke and they are going to have to start building a nation from the bottom up.  They will have to become completely self-sufficient in very short order if they are to survive as a people.  After a century of socialism, I suspect that they don’t have the spirit needed to do what is necessary.  We shall surely see.

One thing is certain.  The utopia that was supposed to be the European Union is an unmitigated failure.  A completely new way of thinking will be required, one based in complete economic freedom unhindered by government.  Only this will revitalize Greece and Europe.  As I already said, I don’t think they have it in themselves to do it. 

Or do they?

Friday, June 19, 2015

June 19, 2015 – Eldrick Needs Help…

He’s a fallen man.  He fell suddenly, almost overnight in fact.  He’s lost his way.  He was the king of the world at that point.  He was making money hand over fist.  But for all the glory and cash that came his way there were demons hidden from the public view.  And overnight he crashed, literally and figuratively.

Who am I talking about?  The man also called “Tiger”.   Tiger Woods is really Eldrick Tont Woods.  Did you know that?  And right now he’s playing more like an Eldrick Tont Woods than a Tiger.  And it all seemed to fall apart on the mysterious night when he crashed his car into a tree.  Remember that?  Seemed like his wife went after him with at least one of his golf clubs.  Got him pretty good too!  Then the split.  The acrimony that followed.  The loss of concentration. Then the physical problems.

I have a strange personal view of those who wind up on top all the time.  I become their antithesis.  I wait for them to be beaten.  I pray for them to be beaten.  I bet on them to lose.  Why?  Because they are just so darn good at what they do.  They seem undefeatable.  And even when seriously challenged by others they simple work a little hard at it and win again.  It’s a feat which seems to come almost effortlessly because they are that good.  And that is why the fall of Tiger Woods is so shocking.

Physical problems may be hard if not impossible to overcome.  Many a great player’s career was cut short by a sudden and major physical injury.  Tiger is lucky he’s had the career that he’s had so far.  But the effort has taken its toll.  But it also seems to be a head problem now.  It almost appears as though he were some other player out there all those prime years kicking butt and winning!  But after that night, it seems like that guy faded away and a new guy took his place.  Same face, same body, same voice but not the same player anymore.  He’s hampered physically and mentally. 

Maybe Tiger Woods is having problems competing with the only person who can really beat him.  Himself.  He’s competing with his past.  He’s competing with his present.  And he is competing with his future which grows ever shorter on the professional career circuit as time catches up with him.  He has plenty of years left, or he should have, and there’s plenty of time for a good turn around.  But the clock is ticking. 

Will we ever see Tiger Woods again?  I hope so for old time’s sake.  But it is Eldick Woods instead who is going to have to pick up were Tiger Woods left off.  He’s the one who will have to finish out the career of one of the best players who ever played golf.  It’s a dilemma that only someone that good can face.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17, 2015 – The Apostasy Will Start At the Top…

It’s a prophecy.  You can search the Internet for it.  It will pop up as soon as you enter it in the search engine.  It is being fulfilled as we speak. 

Francis the communist has deemed it appropriate to entangle socialism with Catholicism.  Francis the communist wants to wed communism into Catholicism and by doing so place the first plank of the new religion of the world order.   The new order will be one government, one religion and one monetary currency on a global basis.  And you will accept it.  Or else.

It’s a long, long story, so much so that I can’t go over it here.  Many have already written books about it.  I have read none of those.  But I have had a feeling for some time now.  I can’t explain what it is or why I have this feeling. 

The global warming hoax is the biggest single philosophical falsehood played by humans on the human race since the very beginning.  And even as proof continues to negate the assertions of man caused global warming the communists, socialists and fascists of the new world order continue to profess their religion, their belief that man is the root cause of their perceived evil affliction of the environment.   It is apostasy.  It is a delusion.  And many will believe.

The source of the quotation is the source of the answer.  It is truly spiritual.  If you continue to follow it out you will soon find out that the battle between Good and Evil is REAL.  The spiritual may comprise other dimensions of our own universe.  Did you know all we see in our universe, all of the galaxies and stars and planets, represent only 5% of the universe?   That means 95% of our universe is outside of our view.  That means that 95% of the universe consists of what scientists call dark energy and dark matter. 

Here is a paradox – Can a prophecy which must come true in order to be a prophecy be stopped?  I think not.  It may be delayed but it will not be stopped.  All that is in the prophecy will come to pass.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16, 2015 – The Mouth That Roared…

He sounded pretty good to me.  Who?  Donald Trump as he announced his “candidacy” for president of the United States. 

Trump certainly said all the right things that your average, non-minority, non-special category, non-protected class American citizen would jump up and salute.  He didn’t pull any punches.  He didn’t display any guile or dissembling in his speech as all politicians do.  And I do believe that he was one hundred percent correct.  And that’s why he won’t win.  Because his “vision” of America is not the vision of the globalists.  He understands this because, whether you want to believe it or not, Donald Trump is a globalist.  He admitted in his speech that he does jobs all over the world.  So he himself is less concerned with the conditions within the United States than throughout the world.  But he “said” all the right things.  Does he believe them?  He believes them as any good salesman, marketer or politician does.  If it helps make the sale then he will believe and say anything.

I suspect, much like his predecessor Ross Perot, Donald Trump will take it only so far and then jump off the bandwagon.   He’s taking a free ride down the 2016 presidential bandwagon.   I suspect that his sole motivation is seeing the tag line after his name everywhere he goes now will be “former presidential candidate” is enough for him.  That’s what he wants.  I wish him luck.  He’s going to have a big influence on the election if he sticks it out.  I know I would vote for him over any professional politician out there.

But Trump has the real potential to fracture the Republican-Conservative-Libertarian-Tea Party structure.  And if he does it right he can, just like Perot, guarantee the election of the opposition candidate.  And maybe that is the real deal.

Do you wonder if Donald Trump is Bilderberg approved?  I do.  Why?  Because he really does need the approval of his peers, those billionaires and trillionaires who really do shape the world the rest of us seven billion people have to live in every day.   I am talking about the top one one-hundreth of one percent.  I doubt he would even enter the race without the approval of his socio-economic peers. 

“The Donald” cannot save the United States.  No one can.  Why?  Because it is a global condition now.  World socialism is on the march.  Within world socialism we will have world cronyism or favorited capitalism.   The only ones who will be included are the one percenters who will rule the world.   And what about the ninty-nine percenters?   Yes, what ARE they going to do with the ninty-nine percenters?  Can you think of anything?

The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  The only other alternative will be DEATH!!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

June 12, 2015 – Obama SlaveTrade Defeated (Temporarily)…

The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!

In an odd turn of events the House of Representative Democrat Caucus held together in grand opposition to their own president’s admonitions to vote with almost all Republicans to pass the secret slave trade authorization bill.   The main stream media is portraying the CommieCrats as holding a brave line for America in opposing their own president’s trade bill.  But I suspect this is NOT the case. 

As we all should know by now, nothing we see in Washington really is what it is.  The CommieCrat caucus held out against the bill but you HAVE to know that this was all orchestrated and agreed to in advance.  Even the president’s last minute dash to the halls of Congress to personally twist arms of his fellow CommieCrats made for grand stage presence.  But that’s really all it was. 

The truth is we will never really know what the CommieCrat caucus is extorting from the Republicans.  But I suspect that is what is going on here.  They want something.  Something BIG!!!   This is another grand play to gain more progressive legalisms all done in secret.  But the strategic view from the audience where We, the People, sit makes for a grand play.  Does it not?

You know this is not the end of the Obama SlaveTrade Bill.  It will arise again.  But it will pass only when the CommieCrats get what they want.  What do they want?  Only they know and they are not telling – US!  But I will bet it will really screw us all!!!  Big time!!!  How long will it take?  No one in our audience knows.  But you can bet on one thing.  When they get it the Obama SlaveTrade Bill will pass in secret with flying colors and destroy whatever is left of America. 

Remember I said “The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!”  We are one bill away from it now.

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 08, 2015 – Co-Existence of Happiness and Creativity…

Can Happiness and Creativity co-exist within a person?  Two independent research groups released studies on the subjects and the findings are vague yet intriguing.  Links to the report appear at the end of this post.  One report by researchers tries to genetically link “creativity” to schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.  The other report attempts to define the true meaning of human happiness although the actual definition of what is considered happiness is not clearly identified in the report.

In an attempt to link artistic creativity to mental diseases, a group of researchers gathered the genetic records of 86,000 people from Iceland.  They allege that they identified genetic commonalities with a 50 percent probability of schizophrenia and a 33 percent chance of bipolar disorders.  They then analyzed the same results for 1,000 volunteers from Iceland’s societies of arts, dance, music, writing and theater.

According to the findings of the researchers, members of the societies were 17 percent more likely to have the genetic disposition for schizophrenia and bipolar disorders than non-members of the societies.  Is 17 percent meaningful?  I don’t know about that.  I certainly cannot deny it but at the same time 17 percent of any population is small.  This means that 83 percent of the members of the societies of the arts did NOT have predisposition for genetic mental disorders.  Were they any LESS likely to be less creative than those that had the predisposition to mental disorder?  Probably not.

And it might be interesting to find out of the 17 percent identified in the research as predisposed to mental illness if any of them were severely disabled from the disorder or suffering from any obviously impairing social abnormalities as opposed to the 83 percent which did not identify with the genetic predisposition towards mental illness.  It might also be interesting to know if their personal creativity is any better than their associates.   But the article does not get that deep.

Then there is the even thinner research report from the Mayo Clinic in New York in which they claim that they have definitively found the source of human happiness.  That’s quite a claim!  Is it not???

The researcher of happiness claims that the key to happiness is to focus one’s attention, whatever that truly means.  He is quoted as saying you can choose to live focusing on what is not right with your life.  But if one focuses on shifting one’s thoughts away from the negative and towards the positive we will be happier.  Is this an Oprah DUH moment?

The researchers makes the bold statement that resiliency has everything to do with happiness.  They claim that resiliency has everything to do with how one handles life’s “curve balls.”  According to the researchers, happy people are very good at compartmentalizing and creating boundaries.  Hmmmm…  Strange indeed.   According to the researcher, complainers will never be happy.  Happiness is a decision.  Another Oprah moment!  DUH!!!

And this is the really big part of the article.  According to researchers, one of the “biggest hindrances to being happy is too much thinking about one’s self.”  In other words, think of others first or love thy neighbor as thyself?  Sounds a lot like Christianity to me.

So these two independent research groups report results that are at odds with each other.  The creative, artistic sorts reach outside the bounds of thought to create new ideas.  Yet in order to be happy one must compartmentalize and create boundaries.  It seems obvious that the artistic class will never be happy and the non-artistic class will always be happy.  At least the non-artistic class will be happier than their counterparts.  We might conclude that artistic, creative types will be complainers and never very happy with life.  They may even be crazy.

Don’t worry!  Be HAPPY!!!


Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 06, 2015 – June 06, 1944, The Longest Day…

I remember.