Friday, August 22, 2014

August 22, 2014 – Do You Get the Scam Yet???

Well, do you?  What scam you ask?  There are so many of them running now by our alleged government that there are too many to count anymore.  You would be right if you said this.

But I am talking about the ISIS scam being scammed on us now.  Do you remember about two months ago the first negro president called ISIS the JV team.  He was referring to them as Junior Varsity.  Now here we are just two months later and Hagel Schmagel the Secretary of Defense and a top U.S. general are now calling ISIS the most dangerous threat we have ever faced.  You can find those videos on the Internet without any problem so I am not going to hunt them down for you.  If you don’t know what I am writing about here then you are truly uninformed and I further suppose hopelessly uninformed.  Hmmmmmm….

Furthermore, what do you REALLY think Benghazi was all about?  ISIS it was!!!  Hillary and Barack and Hagel the Schmegel and John the F word Kerry and Juan McCain and Lindsey Graham were building up ISIS to combat in Syria against Syria’s duly elected president, Bashir Assad.  Isn’t it a true wonder that Obama is not the least bit upset about the ravages of ISIS in the middle east right now? He’s not going to let it interfere with his vacation or even his golf game.  People are being slaughtered and he couldn’t care any less about it. Why?   Because they built it and now they are turning it into the next great enemy.  All of the arms and ammunition and muslim fighters went through Benghazi.  It’s all out there on the Internet in on-line radio talk shows and videos and news reports.  You WON’T see any of this reported on MainStreamMedia.  They don’t want you to know it or be informed.  If you were YOU might be writing a blog like this instead of me.

It is as big a scam as the Fast and Furious scheme of Holder’s to allow the sales of U.S. sold weapons to Mexican drug cartels just to establish an excuse to shut down the second amendment of U.S. citizens.  It was the first big scam and act of treason.  I jump to the IRS illegal actions to suppress any and all opposition to Obama through the use of tax laws and regulations to punish opposition.  But this ISIS scam TRULY has to be the biggest and the best executed scam yet by Obama and his gang of muslims in the White House.  Now suddenly all of the top officials are YELPING to the press about the extreme danger the United States now faces from ISIS.  But they still will not seal the border with Mexico.  Seems to me like they WANT that danger, that they built it up themselves and now that they have it they can create fear in the population of the United States.

These are as perilous times as the times were between 1935 and 1940.  Maybe even worse when you consider that the world’s weapons are so much more destructive, nuclear, biological and chemical.  Can you see it yet?   Can you feel it yet???  One thing is certain.  We ain’t seen nothing yet.  But remember!  Like a really good magic trick you are not supposed to know or figure out how it happened.  You are just supposed to know that it happened. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 21, 2014 – Cutting Back on Talk Radio Time…

I am becoming a media hermit these days.  I long ago gave up television as any sort of “entertainment”.  The last really funny situation comedy on television was the well written, well-acted “Everybody Loves Raymond” TV series.  Most of the replacements since then have been absolutely dreadful.  Poorly acted and, more importantly, poorly written.  So I gave up the interest and quit watching altogether.  Believe me it was tough at first.  What does one do with that time?

I stopped watching movies made after 1945 a long, long time ago.  The late 1940’s ushered in a new wave of low level evil permeating movies called film noir.  The hero was as bad as the villain in these movies.  These movies created the basis for moral equivalency which exploded in 1950’s film as well.  These movies were less about entertainment than they were about preaching a new kind of filth, a new way of thinking which was counter to the current norms.  Yes, it was the introduction of the “counter culture”.  We all know what has happened to movies since the 1960’s.  I don’t need to go there.

But the one area of media that always held my attention was talk radio.  When I got out of the Navy and returned home, I found that my parents had become daily fans of talk radio host Bob Grant.  I couldn’t believe it.  I made fun of my folks and called Bob Grant a crazy old man.  But by the end of that summer, I had been convinced of Mr. Grant’s arguments that he was correct and I became a fan.

But now-a-days, so many shows yield to the same format.  They plays “cuts” or audio clips of politicians speaking and then they comment on the falsities of what the politician says.  In most ways this is probably a reasonable way to comment on the subjects at hand.   Certainly, the politician is not about to make an appearance on the radio show and defend himself or herself.  Nor would they call into the station to debate the host.  So it goes. 

But I find over time that I simply abhor the voices of the current crop of lying politicians.  Take your pick.  Although I consider myself conservative I grew to hate the sound of George W. Bush’s voice, knowing that he was lying like a bag of potatoes on the floor.  The same with all predecessors or successors.  About the only one I never grew to hate was Ronald Reagan.  It could have been his great acting skills or maybe it was the man himself.  I don’t know.  But I never grew to disdain listening to him like all the others.

What does this have to do with talk radio?  Well, in order to listen to the current formatted radio shows you need to hear the voices of those wretched lying politicians so the host can then drop his or her pearls of wisdom and commentary.  And I am finding that I just can’t stand to listen to those clips anymore.  The paranoid side of me might actually believe that this format scheme is a simply way for the politicians to get their speeches heard by a segment of society that would never give them a seconds listen otherwise.  But that might be carrying it a bit too far.  Maybe.

So, I have actually cut back on my talk radio listening.  The moment the “cuts” start I turn off the radio.  What fills my time now?  Big time with YouTube.  I found like-minded people on YouTube who don’t utilize the current format of talk radio.  YouTube is a source of great entertainment by a host of amateurs.  You can pick and choose what you want to watch.  You learn a lot more from folks who are actually on the scene with their own cameras capturing events in real time.  You don’t need a talking head to tell you what you are seeing or hearing.   So it goes.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 20, 2014 – Obama Curses God Today…

He said it today.  He said it in an emotionless, detached routine speech about the brutal beheading of journalist James Foley.   You can see it for yourself in the news video linked at the bottom of this post.

Obama said that “no just God would stand for what they did yesterday.”  No just God?  Obama blames God for what happened to Mr. Foley.   Well, that must mean Obama blames God for ISIS itself since that is all ISIS has been doing for the past months now.  ISIS has been rolling through Iraq and slaughtering Christians throughout the land.  And Obama blames God?

Who created ISIS?  You know who did it.  The CIA created it.  ISIS was formed out of those rebels in Syria whom John McCain claimed would topple Assad.    How’s that plan working out for you Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama?  Turned out really well.  Did it do what you thought it would?  Was ISIS rolling through Iraq part of your plan Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama?  Don’t leave Hillary Clinton out of this.  ISIS is what Benghazi was all about.  Secretary of State Clinton was funneling weapons and fighters through Benghazi to the Syrian rebels – ISIS.  Get it yet?

So Obama blames God for what happened in Iraq yesterday to James Foley.  Who else would do something like this.  Hmmmmmmm…   Could it be……..    SATAN!!!!!

Count on it.  The rebels rule now.  From one end of the Earth to the other lawlessness reigns, chaos rules and it is getting worse daily now.  Don’t keep your heads in the sand.  Open your eyes.  Those in power have no intention of correcting things, making things better or improving the situations anywhere in the world.  The leaders work hard behind the scenes in closed door meetings away from pubic view making deals for profit to themselves and their sponsors.  Corruption is the norm now.

And all Obama can do is blame God for the awful end to Mr. Foley in Iraq.  A lame, weak six minute speech of pablum for the butchery an American reporter.  So it goes…

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 19, 2014 – Feds Demand Autopsy of Ferguson Thug…

The justice department stepped into the fray yesterday with an order for a federally mandated and performed autopsy on Shot Down Brown of Ferguson Town.    We can bet that this will all but guarantee that the feds will get the autopsy report that they want and NEED.  Specifically, they need the results to show that Shot Down Brown had his hands up in the air as though he was surrendering to the cop.  And it would be best if they could “prove” that Shot Down Brown was on his knees at the time.  Yeah!  That’s the ticket!!!

All they need is one sliver of faux-evidence so that they can begin prosecution of the cop, federally mandate the takeover of the town and the police force and who knows what other evil plans they have waiting to happen.  Maybe this will be the spark that ignites mandatory federal gun registration for all guns throughout the nation.  This event in Ferguson is yet another example of Rahm Emannuel’s most  famous quote that they “never let a good crisis go to waste”.  Re-create ’68!   Top down, bottom up and inside out. We are watching them do the inside out now.  Did you notice who and how many called immediately for MARTIAL LAW in Ferguson as a solution to the problem?  They were Democrats.   And they were black.  This is no coincidence.  It’s a tip of their hand.

They failed a number of times now to gain just the right event for what they need.  They thought they had it with Trayvon.  But he also turned out to be just another badass teen with a badder attitude.   He was another thug like Shot Down Brown of Ferguson Town who thought he could bully his way through life.  But they couldn’t twist the evidence to prove that Trayvon was unjustly gunned down no matter how hard the feds and the local prosecutors tried.  Justice won.  The racialists lost.  And it was a hard bit loss for them too.  But one day, if they keep on trying, they will get what the need.  They will get just the right event at just the right time in just the right place to make the case that they want to make.   Even if they have to create it themselves.

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014 – Dem Mo. Gov. Calls the National Guard Out…

The Democrat Governor of Missouri called out National Guard troops to control the events in Ferguson, Mo. in the wake of continued rioting in that city.  And BAM!  The National Guard is there to take the lead.  But Republican Governor Rick Perry calls out a mere 1,000 National Guard troops to patrol 2000 miles of Mexican border and it takes 45 to 90 days for the National Guard to act.  Strange!  Is it not?

Maybe now we call all perceive when we are being gamed and when we are not.   Nah!  There are still too many people asleep.  They can’t see it coming.  Others refuse to see it coming.  They are in denial.  This is the “change”, people.  How do you like it?

Friday, August 15, 2014

August 15, 2014 – The Brilliance of the African in Chief…

Looking back over the last 6 years I guess we can safely say that all the Hope and Change was a lot of Dope and Mange.  We are getting the change left over as the African in Chief parties hardy with the mostly white American taxpayers money.  But the real dopes are all the lower class Afro-Americans who were taken for a big ride by the Liar in Chief and his cohorts.  The Liar in Chief convinced the masses that he was for them.  But now we can see him playing that WHITE MAN’s GAME darn near every day acting like one of those honkie billionaires.  Kind of reminds me of the ending of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” when the pigs who lead the revolution against the farmer put on the farmer’s cloths, ate the farmer’s food, moved into the farmer’s house while all of the rest of the animals got nothing.  Insert big LOL here.

And now the Liar in Chief imports tens of thousands of foreigners into the nation.  I wonder how long it will take those PO’ lower class ghetto dwellers to realize these illegal invaders are going to take away the only opportunities they have left.   Sure this also applies to all the whites as well but they continue to live life in complete denial of what the Liar in Chief is doing right in front of their eyes out in the open.

It’s long past time to OPEN YOUR EYES, PEOPLE.  It may already be too late to do anything about it now.   Look up “Re-Create ‘68”.   Look up “Constitution 2020”.  Look up “Top down, bottom up and inside out”.  They are and have been saying it right in front of your face for YEARS now.  But don’t depend on the mainstream media to tell you all about it.  They are part of it.  They are deep insiders.  They have to be or their careers are finished.  Do you own research.  That’s all you can do now.  The answers are out there.

Here is one thing that is certain.  We ain’t seen nothing yet.  But the America you use to know is over. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 14, 2014 – It’s Re-Create ’68…

If you haven’t heard the phrase then you can consider yourself out of it.  But the insiders know what it means.  It’s been their goal for at least the last 10 years.   But I understand it may have been around since the good ol’ days of Bill Clinton. 
The radicals who burrowed into the American infrastructure have a key phrase.  It’s “Re-create ’68.”  It’s their ideal to take control of the power of the government which they did not have in 1968.  Then with that control of power they want to set the cities ablaze again just like 1968.  Only this time THEY will be in power to do what they think needs to be done to bring about the complete revolution.  It’s big, folks.  Really big.   And they are very close to success.

Ferguson represents the ultimate redistribution of wealth.  Instead of just using the force of law through taxation they use the force of the violent mob.  We’ve been through this before.  But this time things are different.  The dangerous ones are in charge now.  And they have plans.  Plans we know nothing about but we will find out very, very soon.

Ferguson is only the beginning.  Whether by accident or set up circumstances the incident provided the spark to ignite “Re-Create ’68”.  “Occupy Wall Street” was a first attempt to set the streets on fire but that fizzled out.  Occupy drew stoners, bums and homeless who didn’t have the numbers or the anger to burn down America.  Simply filling their bellies every day put the Occupiers into quiescent mode.

Expect more Fergusons.  Any perceived racial incident will ignite more Fergusons.  It’s all about re-creating the riots of 1968.  And they want it to go nationwide, again.  And they will.