Monday, August 3, 2015

August 03, 2105 – Bobby Jindal Has It Right…

Louisiana Governor and presidential candidate Bobby Jindal said that we should hold mayors of sanctuary cities responsible for the crimes of the illegal aliens they harbor and protect.  You can read more about it in the article linked below.

He is correct.  More to the point we should hold them ACCOUNTABLE!   In fact any political leader who supports the massive invasion of undocumented people into the population of the United States should be held ACCOUNTABLE for the destruction and lawlessness that abound because of that invasion. 

We should also hold the business leaders ACCOUNTABLE!   All business leaders, large and small, who take advantage of the illegal invader influx should be put to task for their lawlessness against the citizens of the United States.  All the bankers and Wall Streeters who take advantage and protect the illegal invaders should also be targeted too for the lawlessness they protect and promote.

Jindal talks mightily about holding the mayors of sanctuary cities criminally liable for the criminal acts of those illegals they are unabashedly protecting.  I agree with Mr. Jindal’s sentiment entirely.  But I suspect that Mr. Jindal can be so bold in his declarations because he knows, in his wildest dreams, it will NEVER happen.  The courts won’t allow it to happen and the politicians themselves won’t allow it to happen.  The business leaders will provide all the funds necessary to keep the influx growing.  And all it does is make for really great rhetoric for Bobby Jindal. 

Jindal is most likely hoping that this will give him his “Trump” moment.  He most likely hopes that this bold proposal will project him to the top of the Republican clown posse running for the presidential nomination.  It may work.  It may be a flash in the pan, so to speak.  But we all know one thing is certain.  It will never happen.  It won’t happen in today’s United States of America where lawlessness is now the rule of the land. 

This is the new world order.  This is global in nature and scope.  All of the Republicans look at the problems of the United States from an internal point of view.  They don’t recognize nor do they acknowledge that the internal problems of the United States are being created and driven by external sources.  These external sources have indefatigable funds and all the time in the world.  They need to destroy the sovereignty of the United States because in their new world order everyone will be a cog in the global machine.  Everyone will be a slave to the state.  Private property will disappear.  Your freedom of choice will disappear.  The state will do it all for you on a global basis.

Put it another way.  Does anyone REALLY think Bobby Jindal’s call to arrest the mayors of sanctuary cities could ever REALLY happen?  No it won’t. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 30, 2015 – Bernie Sanders, Astro-Turf Man…

How do you account for this?  According to the article linked below Bernie Sanders, alleged independent Senator from New Hampshire, is drawing big crowds.  In the article we find that Sanders attracted 100,000 to a rally.  Yet if you dig all the way down to the end of the article you find that Bernie Sanders is allegedly trailing the Ice Queen, Hillary Clinton, by some 40 percentage points.  How is this possible?  How can the alleged “grass roots” be turning out in droves for admitted socialist Sanders yet he follows so badly in the polls?

Is it faulty polling, do you think?  Maybe it’s a phony Fox News poll stacked against Clinton?  Maybe Fox News just made it up?  And who is the hostess of the Bernie Sanders house party in the report which allegedly drew 100,000 supports.  Usually, details like these are conveniently passed over as in this case.   If you Google search for that name you come across some very distinguished women.  Unfortunately, there was not enough information for me to directly attribute any of the results to the person in the Fox News story.

What we do know is that nothing is left to chance on the left.  The people that appeared at this “house party” for Sanders seem to have materialized out of nowhere giving the impression of grass roots support.  But I would make the presumption that ninty percent of these people were union members and reprobates bussed in by Sanders socialist supporters to reinforce the appearance of grass roots support.  The major strength of the left is that they can turn out members when needed like astro-turf and pretend it is a grass roots manifestation.

So, how do you explain the “grass roots” “astro-turf” turnout for Bernie Sanders yet he follows Hillary Clinton in the polls by forty points?  Very strange indeed! 

Bad reporting indeed!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 29, 2015 – The Minimum Wage for Minimum Skills…

Why not $50.00 per hour?  Why not $100.00 per hour?  Why not?    Why not $30.00 per hour?  Why not $20.00 per hour?  Why not?  Just crank it up if you are going to raise that minimum wage.  Why not do it?  Can you answer this question?  Why not?

Personally, I can’t believe that the CommieCrats and the union communists have reduced the American dream to working as a burger flipper for $15.00 per hour, a wage they call a “living” wage.  I remember when the CommieCrats introduced the minimum wage and it was quite controversial at that time.  But most of the burger flipper jobs were occupied by teenagers and they considered it only temporary work, not the “professional” work that the CommieCrats seem to think that it is today.

The fact is that the increased costs coerced upon businesses by the socialist governments will be passed on to the consumers.  Why?  Can you answer THAT question?  Do you have any idea how a business runs?  Do you know how to start a business of your own?  Do you know how to keep it running once it is started?  There are tons of books available to you in your public library or book store to inform you if you have no idea.

And here’s the thing.  Eventually, the costs that have been passed on to the consumer will exceed the consumers’ desire to pay for the product.  Take my own case in point now.  Seven years ago I could buy a Whopper with cheese and two large fries at Burger King for $6.49 and I considered that expensive at the time.  Naturally, over time the prices rose.  Now the same order that I could get for $6.49 costs over $10.00.  That’s the point at which I decided I didn’t want Whoppers with cheese or large fries anymore.  It’s been at least three years since I’ve been to a Burger King.  I wonder how many others have decided the same thing.  I wonder if they miss me.  LOL!!!  Probably NOT!!!  DUH!!!!

I know that many people still go to Burger King.  Burger King is still in business making and selling Whoppers and fries.  But as they keep passing costs on to consumers we will eventually see the end of the line for Whoppers.  I suspect that is the problem with MacDonald’s right now.  Their prices are just too high for the value of their food.  And the minimum wage is going to make it so much worse.  MacDonald’s might just disappear in America.  But maybe that’s what the CommieCrats want?  Nah!

Another case in point, if I may.  Haircuts.  I remember having a conversation with a barber shortly after I got out of the U.S. Navy some thirty years ago.  We were talking about a recent report on television that indicated the price of haircuts would eventually rise to ten dollars or more.  We both laughed as we thought no one would be in their right mind if they paid ten dollars for a haircut.  Now, thirty years later and you can’t find a place to cut you hair for less than twenty dollars and this is without the tip for the cutter.

My solution to this was to cut my own hair.  I had a home barber’s kit that my father passed down to me after he died.  I got that out one day and decided to see if I could successfully cut my own hair.  With much trepidation I began.  And by the time I was done it didn’t look half bad.  I have gotten much better at cutting my own hair since that time.  And with each haircut I save the twenty bucks plus the tip.  Now I can cut my hair every two to three weeks as opposed to monthly or longer.  I save four hundred or more dollars by doing it myself.  But look at the contribution to the economy which has gone missing.  And if enough people do this it could have a great impact on the general haircutting industry to the point that the businesses will start shutting down.   You say it will never happen.  Ok!  I say otherwise. You know the CommieCrats answer to this?  Home hair cutting will be forbidden or licensed by permits.  Count on it.

Look around in your own town or city.  How many restaurants have shut down in the last three years or six years for that matter?  In my area, LOTS of restaurants have shut down.  And in many cases the business has not been replaced.  The empty restaurant buildings stand empty.  What do you think is going on?  I leave it to you to finish this thought.

It’s all about the costs.  But to the CommieCrats it just doesn’t seem to matter.  They are going to FORCE the economy to behave the way THEY WANT it to behave no matter what it takes and no matter what the costs.   Hmmmm.  What kind of economic system would you call that?  A command economy?  A centralized control economy?  Fascism?

So why not $200.00 per hour minimum wage?  Then we can all live in extravagant wealth like our politicians do. Right?

And don’t forget and always remember that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28, 2015 – Everybody Talks about the Price of Gas…

Have you seen the price of oil?  No.  It’s under fifty dollars per barrel.  And the price of gasoline in the United States is slowly dropping again.   How long will it last?  No one can say or predict because just too many factors affect prices these days.  A world leader sneezes and the price goes up.  A new oil discovery causes prices to go down.

One thing that experts can’t seem to explain is the fact that the money, the CASH, the MOLAH, the DOUGH, the BUCK, the BENJAMINS that are left in the pockets of the people of the United States have not translated into a booming buying spree.  In the past this has been the history of lower gas prices.   Lower gas prices means more driving which means more buying.  But not this time.

The experts say that the drop in oil prices should have resulted in a two thousand dollar a year savings for America.  Yet America is not passing it on to the retail establishments.  The experts wonder why.  But I would suggest that the BIG reason for the lack of spending is Obamacare.

I suggest that the new annual costs for Obamacare are just sucking all of the available cash out of the economic system.  Each year has seen double digit health care insurance increases since Obamacare became law.  It’s a massive consumer of middle class cash, absolutely massive.  Like a massive cash sponge, Obamacare is sucking the money out of everyone who has to pay for full insurance cost with no possibilities of reimbursements or government aid.

Hence, there is no money left over for other things in life.  The two thousand dollars in saving from the lower gas prices have not translated into more consumer spending.  It is because all of that cash has gone into Obamacare.

 And here’s the worst part of it all.  We ain’t seen NOTHING yet!!!

So it goes…

Remember and never forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015 – Donald Trump’s Freedom Threatens the Corrupt Political Process…

It seems that entrepreneur Donald Trump has a tiger by the tail now.  His “frankness” and “honesty” has catapulted him into first place in many Republican polls.  And this has upset the entire political landscape.  Trump is not playing by the political process of accepted and socially imposed restrictions and demands.  Trump can do his own thing exactly because he is not part of the political graft and indebtedness of all other politicians.

Trump’s freedom comes from his massive wealth.  Trump can fund an entire presidential campaign from his own pockets.  None of the other politicians can.  Every single politician has to play by the rules of the special interests groups who control massive amounts of money, both foreign and domestic.  They have to play to political action committees.  They have to kiss the butts of millionaires and billionaires for cash to run their campaigns.  They have to ignore the real life events of everyday people for the political ideal that they strive for in their campaigns.  Donald Trump does not have to do this.  And this is refreshing in a world of lies and liars.  Trump tells the truth.  Trump tells the truth as people live it every day of their lives. The rest of the politicians live in denial of those truths for a fictional utopia.

All this makes Donald Trump a very dangerous man.   He has upset the very nature, order and balance of the entire corrupt American political process.  And he can do this with impunity.  This makes him very dangerous.  He is a major threat to all the politicians and the political process that they have created to keep themselves in power.  He is a threat to the powers behind these politicians who fund them for control, favors and influence over the very laws of the nation. 

We’ve had other independent leaders in the past.  John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy were all such people.  And even Ronald Reagan stood out as a man who bucked the established political process to win the presidency.  And Ronald Reagan was almost killed.  Who was waiting in the wings to take over from Ronald Reagan?  George W. Bush would have ascended to the presidency eight years earlier than he did.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

Trump will have to come to a serious decision very soon before his campaign begins to take all of the oxygen from the entire field of Republican candidates.  He is going to have to think about dropping out for the good of the political process and let the festering diseased process continue.  This will probably result in the nomination of Jeb Bush.  Or he is going to have to commit to his run for the presidency.  If he absolutely commits to it then he can virtually push all the other candidates out of the sunlight.  And they won’t take it very well.  Their masters won’t take it very well.  And all of the special interests who make billions from the favors of the paid for politicians won’t take it very well.  And this could be very, very dangerous for Donald Trump.

Always remember and never forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26, 2015 – Obama and Kenya…

Everyone on the middle and liberal left are celebrating the return of the prodigal son in the White House to his native Kenya.  It’s a CommieCrat’s liberal dream come true.

But Kenya must be warned.  This trip is not an accident nor coincidence nor happenstance and the things he said have a purpose, specifically his comments about queers.  It was a warning to the people of Kenya, whether you know it or not.  He is not “suggesting” that Kenya change their ways and accept the perversion.  He is TELLING them that they MUST accept the ways of the New World Order.

The New World Order is well on its way towards re-organizing Africa.  There exists in Africa an African Union already and all of the nations of Africa will have to join it.  It is being enforced with a special U.S. Military command called AfriCOM.  And that is what he is telling Kenya.  They will have to accept what they don’t want to accept.

So, you know what this means.  The world is going to amass against Kenya.  The prodigal son in the White House will bring the full economic and possibly military pressure against his native country.  You can bet the European Union nations will fall into line precisely.   Expect to see much revolutionary action in Kenya now.  Remember Muammar Gaddafi, the leader of Libya?   This is going to be the future of Kenya.  Remember the Egyptian Spring that overthrew Mubarak for the Muslim Brotherhood?  That’s the plan for Kenya.  Watch and see if I am right. 

The article below says that the prodigal son in the White House would be promising over one billion dollars in “aid” to Kenya from the United States government, as well as banks, foundations and philanthropists.  These are the people to be especially wary of in this day and age.  They are coming in to buy you and you will be forever in debt to them.  They will bring in all sorts of “charities” called Non Governmental Organizations.  Beware of them.  These are the tools of revolution for the New World Order.  Kenya would be better off rejecting all of it.

The prodigal son’s trip to Kenya was much, much more than a simple vacation to his alleged heritage.  It was a warning to Kenya from the New World Order.  They are ready to go to war with Kenya.
Obama Pushes for Gay Rights While in Kenya…

Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 25, 2015 – Cruz on the Senate Floor…

Yesterday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz brought a backstabbing political act by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to the floor of the Senate in a very public way.  He detailed the story and called Senator McConnell a liar.   Links appear below.

It may be true and the act may be despicable.  But the drama of political backstabbing doesn’t translate well to the dumb American public.  It doesn’t even translate well to me and I don’t include myself in the dumb American public.  The internecine machinations of the politicians may entertain those kind of people who like to run for student president or student government.  But for the masses, it really amounts to heavy sleeping pills.

The fact that Mitch McConnell is a liar is not lost on the American public.  McConnell said he was going to do a lot of things while he was running for the Senate last November.  Now it is July and McConnell went against everything, EVERYTHING he promised during his campaign.   So, the American public fully understands that Mitch McConnell is a liar.  Unfortunately, that’s politics and all politicians are liars.  The best liars of them all end up in the Oval Office.

I suspect that Ted Cruz was trying to get out from under his vote for the TPA, the TransPacific Authorization act which granted Obama full authority to negotiate trade deals with the entire Asian region.  I don’t know the details but this must be a sticking point with Cruz’s campaign.  Conservatives must be against Cruz because he voted for the trade which is NEVER free – Free Trade.  It turns out that Ted Cruz LOVES free trade and so does his wife. 

But most dumb Americans don’t love free trade.  I hate Free Trade.  Free trade has destroyed our manufacturing base.  Free trade is destroying our technology base.  Free trade is destroying our job supply.  Free trade is gutting America.  Free trade is impoverishing Americans.  Free trade is destroying the American middle class.  Free trade is bleeding the American economy.  So it seems to me that Ted Cruz needed to find a way to justify his vote for selling out America and the American economy as all of the Republicans did when the ALL voted for the TPA, except one Republican Senator.

Hence the stunt on the Senate floor.  I’d like to give Cruz the benefit of my conservative doubt.  But I can’t.  I am not going to cover it here but the reader can research Ted Cruz’s wife.  You’ll find out that she’s more politically active and activist for Free Trade then Ted Cruz is.

Maybe that’s why Ted Cruz’s campaign is just NOT catching any fire.  Maybe?