Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 08, 2016 – The Trump Tower Parade…

As we all know by now, reporters are staked out in permanent residence outside of Trump’s New York City tower observing the steady flow of personalities going in and out of the place.  But one has to wonder in the world of politics if President-Elect Trump must accede to most requests for meetings with him.  And this might be one reason why there has been a curious train of wanderers going through the doors of Trump Tower.

The latest celebrity to grace the place was Leonard DiCaprio, actor and global warming professor.  A report says that DiCaprio’s meeting with Trump went “unnoticed” by the press-in-residence.  The report called it a “secretive” meeting which wasn’t announced until after it had taken place.  But one wonders how an internationally famous actor and activist like DiCaprio slipped in and out of Trump Tower without anyone noticing.  Is there a back door?  Is there an underground access for the elites of the world?  Did DiCaprio skydive to the top of Trump Tower and then swing away like Spiderman?  Or is it more likely that the leftist-cooperative press decided that DiCaprio needed cover and gave it to him?  Is it that he asked them not to say anything about it until after the meeting was finished?  Most likely it’s the latter than the former.

But what of DiCaprio’s visit?  He allegedly spent 90 minutes with the President-Elect and his daughter, Ivanka.  That’s a valuable 90 minutes of time.  And it is alleged that DiCaprio gave a formal presentation on his most favorite scheme, global warming and the effort to fight it.  This comes on the heels of former Vice-President Al Gore’s visit to Trump Tower just a few days ago.  Supposedly, Gores’ visit was along the same lines as DiCaprio’s today. 

Since no real details of the meetings emerge, We, the People, are left to guess, theorize, hypothesize, speculate, presume and assume what these meetings were REALLY all about.  Because we all KNOW that it is NEVER what they say it is in the press.  So, what can we speculate about these meetings?

Clearly, there is a lot to defend for DiCaprio and Gore.  They are the spokespeople for the billions of dollars that the government can and will pour into a so far fruitless effort to convert the world and the United States in particular from reliable, stable and cheap fuels to the fake, phony, expensive “renewable” energies.  Clearly, they don’t want Trump to kill the gravy train.  Additionally, keeping the global warming scheme going keeps advancing the global enslavement of the human race to Communism.  At that is the most important piece to them all.

No doubt Gore and later DiCaprio obtained time with Trump to bring him offers, proposals and deals to get on their side.  Can they sell it to him?  We will see.  Trump is already on the record as saying global warming is a hoax.  So we might presume that Trump wants no part of it.  But he has to take these meetings rather than just blow them off.  We shall see if Trump veers off course on global warming.  If he does then Gore and DiCaprio offered him a deal he just couldn’t refuse, if you know what I mean.  After all, it's only business!
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 07, 2016 – It’s Pearl Harbor Day Today…

Never forget it!  It’s a Day of Infamy just as 9-11-2001 was.  It was the catalyst by which America was pulled into the wars that were already raging around the world.  Japan was already on the march through Asia.  Russia was on the march across Eastern Europe and Germany was on the march through Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  America had to get into that war.  It did.

And the totalitarians of the world learned a massively destructive lesson from World War II.  They saw that they would not be able to conquer the world militarily as long as the United States existed as it did then, a well-resourced Christian nation.  No, America would have to be destroyed some other way because it could not be conquered militarily.  America would have to be destroyed from within, economically, politically and socially.

I’ve always wondered about America’s “reconstruction” of her enemies during the post-World War II environment.  If I remember correctly American leaders proposed that it would be best to “rebuild” our enemies with Western “Christian” values and “love” to make a better world.  And that’s how the American people were convinced that rebuilding their enemies would be good for the world.  But looking back now, we can reconsider this stage of world politics.  American leaders of that time were in fact reconstructing America’s enemies for the next assault on America, economically.  This war would take a long time.  It would be a considerable investment over several generations.  Converting the world into a “global economy” in which the high priced Americans would not be able to compete was already taking shape in the minds of those elites who wanted its destruction.

Their plan worked perfectly.  And they justified it by calling it “free” trade” or even “fair” trade.  American was driven into debt the likes of which the world has never seen before with the new economics of “global” trade.  Cash outflowed to those very nations who were America’s military enemies just a few years before.  Then America’s enemies successfully crashed America’s entire manufacturing sector.  They successfully lured it into their nations with the help of America’s corrupt politicians.  That left only America’s local service sectors to support the nation.  And to destroy that America’s enemies created a steady and determine flow of illegal “immigrants” to snap up those jobs.  And what the illegals couldn’t claim, America’s enemies created the H1-B visa to bring in the rest and destroy what was left.

America’s youth of today no longer remembers.  They do not have the advantage of age.  They have not lived through the destruction of America.  And they are not taught about the destruction of America.  Instead they are taught that America needed to be destroyed.  And many carry out the plans of America’s enemies right now in our streets today.

I remember Pearl Harbor Day. 
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Saturday, December 3, 2016

December 03, 2016 – The Politization of Big Tech…

Stuart Varney, host of Fox Business News 9 A.M. stock coverage, asked the question – Why are all tech stocks down today?  No one of the guest pundits came up with the right answer, in my humble opinion.  I suspect that the reason all tech stocks are down in an upside market is because of the radical politicization of private business and in particular tech businesses.

It’s never happened in my memory that private businesses have asserted that if you don’t hold a certain political view then you are not welcome as employees in their organizations.  Even further, you are not welcome as CUSTOMERS!  This makes for bad business and it makes for poor customer services.  And the radical politicization of business is intensifying.  You must present yourself as an ultra-liberal to gain and keep employment.  You must profess belief in all things radical in order to find employment especially in the tech area where the top, ultra-rich bosses are ultra-radical leftists.

Big Tech merged with the Democrat party with the election of Barack Obama in 2008.  Big Tech was credited with Obama’s success at that time.  Big Tech worked hard for the administration and Obama’s re-election.  All Big Tech efforts were met with resounding successes.  Indeed, Big Tech was credited with the sole reason for the success of the Democrats over the last eight years.  And as Big Tech merged with the Democrat party Big Tech also simultaneously merged with government – CIA, NSA, Homeland Security.

There is a symbiotic relationship now between Big Tech private businesses and government.  It’s fascism.  It’s BIG and it’s GROWING!  The Internet as well as national “security” demands and needs have brought the brightest minds in government and Big Tech together for the creation and growth of the surveillance state.  This surveillance state is big business for Big Tech and it is good for government growth.  And Big Tech can get away with doing things under the cover of private organizations that Big Government cannot do because of Congressional oversight and other government watchdogs.  Big Tech can violate civil rights and even the Bill of Rights under the guise of being private entities.  Big Government would be held to account in the courts if it tried to do the same thing particularly in the area of censorship and information control.

Big Tech has been shaken up because they put so much effort and money into trying to elect Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States.  It was assumed that the same efforts by Big Tech would inevitably lead to the same conclusion again- a victory for the Democrat.  And the Big Techs were stunned when they lost to a political novice with virtually no organizations behind him.  Now Big Techs are going to have to navigate their way through a minefield they no longer own.

That’s why Big Tech stocks are down in an up moving market, Stuart!
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Friday, December 2, 2016

December 02, 2016 – Who Will Attend the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump..

So, who do you think will and won’t attend the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the forty-fifth president of the United States?  Who will be invited to attend the inauguration? 

Do you think the Obamas will attend?  Do you think Obama and wife will actually be on the same platform with the Trump family?  Or will the Obamas back out for mysterious reasons?  It’s been the custom that the outgoing president is seated close to the incoming president at these inaugurations.  And the outgoing president actually escorts the incoming president from the White House to the Capitol Building where the inauguration will take place.  Do you think the Obamas have the graciousness to do this?  Do you think the Obamas will be able to manage any smiles at all on that day of days as they exit the White House for the last time???  We’ll see if the whiteness of the platform doesn’t scare the Obama crowd off.

Do you think anyone in the Trump administration will thumb their noses at anyone in the Obama administration on inauguration day like Rahm Emmanuel did to Dick Cheney at Obama’s first inauguration?  Not likely, but if I were going to be there on that platform I would definitely do it and I would definitely make SURE that the cameras saw me do it!!!

Do you think the Clintons will be invited?  It would only be fitting as Bill Clinton is a living ex-president.  As a matter of fact all living ex-presidents should be invited to sit close at hand with Donald Trump.  It would certainly make for a great “insurance” opportunity.  Wouldn’t it???  But I don’t think that will be likely.  None of the living ex-presidents supported Trump including the RINO internationalist Republican ex-presidents.  They were and still are NEVERTRUMPers.

I would expect the House Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader would be there on the platform with Donald Trump at inauguration day simply because they are the representative leaders of the party in each house of Congress.  It would disturb me greatly to find that either one of them declined to attend. 

So, who do you think will attend the inauguration of Donald J. Trump?  Or maybe more importantly, who do you think will snub it?  Do you think the political animus created by this election campaign will be displayed by the respective parties and representatives?  Will the Establishment anger at an outsider conquering Washington D.C. and the White House carry into the inaugural event too?  Who is going to be brave enough to stand on that platform with Donald Trump knowing that practically everyone in Washington is hoping the place blows up?  It should be interesting fodder for the gossip magazines for the next 49 days or so.

Let’s hope the world makes it to January 20, 2017 without triggering World War III.
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 01, 2016 – Let’s Stop the Gaslighting of America…

Have you ever heard of the term gaslighting?  It’s now a psychological term used to describe the manipulation of a victim into doubting their own memory, perception and experiences according to Wikipedia.  The term was used as the title of a 1938 movie thriller called Gaslight.  I recommend watching that movie.  It is great.  If you watch it for the first time you will never guess the ending.

Well, America is being gaslighted.  America is being gaslighted by the Democrats, the Muslims and Main Stream Media, the Republicans and just about everyone in the Establishment.  It happens every time a Muslim attacks Americans.  Immediately, the Establishment and the Main Stream Media go into abuse mode and pummel America by accusing America of being Islamophobic.  The gaslighting blames Americans for the hatred and attacks of Muslims across this nation.  The gaslighting is blaming the victims instead of the attackers and their culture of hate.

Gaslighting happens every day in the Main Stream Media.  The easiest gaslighting is simply not to cover a huge news event.  Instead of covering the event the Main Stream Media ignores the particular news event up until it can no longer possibly be ignored.  Then they might cover it.  But most of the time they don’t.  It’s gaslighting. 

That’s why Donald Trump won.  America knows it’s being gaslighted and America is sick of it.  But there wasn’t a politician on the Democrat or the Republican side that wasn’t going along with all of the gaslight stories.  Donald Trump was the only candidate who outspokenly pointed out how America was being gaslighted, how America was being lied to, how America was being ripped off by the very Establishment and politicians America voted to elect.  And that’s why Donald Trump won.

The latest example of gaslighting is the #PIZZAGATE scandal.  It’s all over YouTube, Reddit,, Twitter and most of the other social sites.  And even now, the owners of all the social sites are working to censor any mention of #PIZZAGATE.  They want to make #PIZZAGATE disappear from the Internet.

  But not a word has been mentioned about #PIZZAGATE in the Main Stream Media unless it is to frame #PIZZAGATE as “fake” news.   It’s NOT fake news!  And it is HUGE!!!  And that’s another reason why Donald Trump won!

America is sick and tired of being gaslighted.  And finally America has someone that stood up to the gaslighting.  It remains to be seen how well Trump will do against all of the gaslighters.  The whole world is against Trump right now!  The Republican party is against Trump right now and we can bet our bottom dollars that they will be working tirelessly against everything Trump tries to do.  And naturally, Trump has no allies in the communist Democrat party.  That’s a given.

Gaslighting.  It’s psychological abuse.  It’s propaganda.  It’s mind control.  It’s real and it happens to you every day you listen to Main Stream Media.  You hear gaslighting from your teachers at school.  You even hear gaslighting in your churches.  It’s time to stop the gaslighting.  Forever.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 30, 2016 – Tax Cuts for Everyone, Spending Cuts for No One…

It appears that President-Elect Donald J. Trump plans to follow on the path of Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy when it comes to tax cuts.  Everybody loves tax cuts!  Don’t we?  Less money taken out of your paycheck each month.  Less money taken from your corporation means bigger profits!  Everybody loves tax cuts!  Right?  And the boost to the economy will be almost immediate.

Why will the boost be almost immediate?  Because tax cuts without equal spending cuts equals a double boost of heroin to a drug addict!  That was the real brilliance of the Reagan tax cuts.  Reagan cut taxes big time and set off a huge era of prosperity.  Why?  Because the government, Congress cut NO spending.  In fact, budgets increased under the Reagan era.  So on the one hand you have tax revenues being cut and on that other hand you have spending increasing.  What does that leave you with?  A massive and growing deficit!  Congress LOVED it!  They could still spend as much as they wanted.  Even more than they wanted.  They were spending funny money anyway! 

So cutting taxes is a real no brainer of a political move. We all love having more of our own money in our own pockets to spend on things WE want and need.  The impossible part is cutting the spending.  In order to do that programs need to be shut down.  To cut spending people need to lose their jobs in the government hierarchy.  Government needs to be cut in order to cut the spending.  And the entire Establishment is built upon continuous growth of government and budgets.  And that’s why it won’t happen.

We saw Congress do a real double deal of thieving when they pass the “sequester” bill.  Remember that Evil bill called the SEQUESTER?  You probably don’t!  But that bill was a MASSIVE attack on government spending, on the MILITARY!  It slashed military spending like a monster.  Now most liberals would cheer that.  Yay, they would say!  And there is your budget “cutting”, they would say.  But that’s not what happened.  The sequester shifted all of that military spending cuts to social spending.  Additionally, the sequester mandated that any future increases in military spending HAD TO BE MATCHED with a dollar for dollar increase in SOCIAL SPENDING.  Oh, yeah, it’s in there people.  That sequester was a ROYAL REAME JOB on the military and the American people.  And naturally, it exploded the debt.  But Congress loves that.

One last thing.  I’ve noticed that most “conservative” pundits never talk about CUTTING government.  I’ve noticed that most “conservative” pundits cleverly talk about “limiting” government or “limited” government.  But using the word “limited” leaves a huge hole in the description of exactly what “limited” government looks like.  But the one thing “limited” government does NOT mean is SMALLER government.   The one thing that “limited” government does not mean is REDUCED government.  And this is a serious example of word programming also called linguistic programming.  It’s a way of trying to act like you are for smaller government without ever actually having to say you ARE for SMALLER government because “limited” government is NOT smaller government.  Should we limit the size of government to what it is now?  Should we limit government to the size it will be in five year?  “Limited” government is a canard. It’s a con job.  It’s a fake, phony description of what they are really talking about.

So, tax cuts for everyone!  Spending cuts for no one!!! What a world we live in today!!!  And don’t forget that the Future of the World is Slavery!!! Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  The Evil is always out there.  The Evil may suffer setbacks but It is always waiting, planning, strategizing and preparing for the next advancement.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 29, 2016 – Trump Falls Into the Swamp…

Forget about draining the swamp.  Trump fell into the swamp.  I was hoping against hope that this was not true.  I had written a Trump breaks his first promise blog post some weeks back but I decided to hold my pen and not publish it.   But the train of faces going in and out of Trump Tower for interviews is most disconcerting.  It’s as though nothing has changed.

Naturally, we have to start with the Mittster – Mitt Romney.  If I were Trump my first condition for employment in my administration would be – Did you support me and can I trust you to support me now?  The Mittster does not meet this criteria and I doubt he any more apologetic now than he was then.  And I can’t particularly see what makes Romney so qualified for Secretary of State!  He has NO diplomatic background at all.  And Mitt is pure Establishment to his very core.  He’s the insider’s insider in Washington as most of them are.  And they are the ones keeping We, the People, OUT.

Next in line for the same position appears to be General David Petraeus. He is probably much more qualified than Romney for the job but Petraeus supported Hillary for president.  Now one could say that it was just politics.  One could say that he needed to support the person that he thought would actually win!  But once again, can Trump trust a man who did not support him for president?  I say no.  And Petraeus is a globalist, an internationalist who does not look at the United States the way the rest of the nation does.  Petraeus attended the last several meetings of the shadowy group Bilderberg which proves who his allegiances really lay with.  They are not with the United States.

But to continue with the parade of faces, according to Michael Savage, Trump appointed Elaine Chao as Transportation Secretary to day.  Does the name sound “familiar”?  It should!  She was Labor Secretary for W. Bush!  The Bushies are back in power!  Does this sound like CHANGE to you?  Does this sound like draining the swamp?  But there’s more to Elaine Chao.  She’s Mitch McConnell’s WIFE!!!  LOL!!!  I wonder if Donald Trump is hanging his head in shame yet?

The blog I did not post had to do with a story that Trump was backing off his promise to build a wall.  As I understood it Trump was backing off his plan for a nice, strong, fortified, tall wall for some kind of a fence instead.  That was the first item that shook me up.  The second thing I heard was that Trump was actually backing off on his promise to suspend immigration of mooooooslims.  Now I understand he is not going to completely suspend them which means that the State Department will continue to import them in record numbers from the very areas that hate America.  So what has Trump changed?  It looks like Donald has changed his mind.  On a lot of things.  And he sold the American people an empty bag of Washington, D.C. promises which are always made to be broken.

I heard that Donald Trump is now going on a nationwide tour of all the states that put him over the top.  Under normal conditions I would have expected large crowds to show up at each event.  But under these circumstances with all the Bushies popping up in the brand new Trump administration I am wondering if those crowds will show up.  Time will tell.  Maybe only if they are offered jobs.

I am already doubting that Trump will make America great again.  The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  Trump’s bringing in the people to do just that right now!!!
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