Friday, December 15, 2017

2017-12-15-144 Trump Takes No Bait…

Robert Mueller is the bait.  Robert Mueller is the trap.  The bait?  The trap?  Yes.  The bait dangled in front of a supposedly na├»ve Donald Trump, the newly elected President of the United States.

Trump was expected to fire Mueller almost immediately.  That was key to the trap.  It was the key to the bait.  Trump’s opponents expected Trump to fire Mueller so that they could charge OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and start impeachment proceedings.   But Trump didn’t take the bait.  And Attorney General Jeff Sessions jumped out of the way of the trap by recusing himself of the “investigation”.  And that left pro-Hillary Rod Rosenstein in charge of everything Russian related.  And now Rosenstein sees no evil in Mueller and his rabidly anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-Republican team.

They knew there was no there there.  There was nothing to find from the start.  They all knew it.  The point was NOT to find ANYTHING.  They just wanted Trump to fire Mueller.  They expected that the impeachment proceedings would have started months ago.  They expected that the impeachment proceedings would be well underway by now.  Maybe they expected the impeachment to be finished by now.

But Trump didn’t take the bait.  Trump didn’t trigger the trap.  Instead he let an investigation into nothing continue and continue and continue.  Day after day, week after week and month after month, Mueller and his team began to look bad.  Then they began to smell bad.  And now they are smelling with their own corruption as Mueller’s team tries to find something, anything to charge Trump with.

And now enough has leaked to understand that this was a conspiracy created by those within the FBI at the highest levels and implemented by Hillary loyalists at the FBI.  This is the complete corruption of the top law enforcement agency of the United States.  And it also now involves a conspiracy to cover it all up.  That is Mueller’s job now.  Mueller and his people are insuring no charges are brought against the very people who conspired against Trump’s election.  Instead, Mueller is still desperately looking for something, anything to charge Trump with so that his team won’t look like the phony trap that they are.

So, Jeff Session’s cannot be expected to shut Mueller down.  And now Rod Rosenstein has put his full support behind Mueller and his investigation into nothing.  So, who is the ONLY person who can shut it down?  President Donald J. Trump.  But how does Trump shut it down without triggering the bastard Democrats and RINO Republican with accusations of OBSTRUCTION?  The ONLY way to do it is if the recommendations and calls for the shutdown of the Mueller frameup comes from other sources and become loud enough.  Already several members of the House have recommended Trump shut down the investigation and FIRE MUELLER.  But not the “right” members of Congress. I wonder if Trump is waiting for Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, two of the bluest Republican RINOs in the Establishment, to demand and insist that Trump shut down the investigation.  Only then would Trump have the moral authority to let Mueller go and NOT trigger accusations of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.  Only then can Trump move to shut down this obviously useless investigation into nothingness without calls for impeachment. 
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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017-12-6-144 Cool Hand Donald…

Some time ago, I characterized the appointment of this special counsel as a trap.  This special counsel was appointed even though the appointment violates the special counsel law which requires evidence of an actual crime.  This is no evidence of any crime and there never has been.

But the Democrats and RINO Establishment sympathizers appointed a special counsel anyway in violation of the law.  And from the beginning, the Democrats expected the newbie president, Donald J. Trump, to FIRE the special counsel.  And THAT would be the sole grounds for IMPEACHMENT.  In other words, the Democrats set a trap to frame Trump for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE CHARGES.  But it is and was dependent upon Trump firing the special counsel.

Now we can see that the special counsel has a big problem.  There is no original crime to investigate.  They have failed to find anything.  And I guess that by now the special counsel his pissed off that Trump has NOT fired him yet.  Instead, the cagey president let the investigation into nothing go nowhere as he knew it would.  So the special counsel is now standing there with no case, no charges, no accusations.  The special counsel has nothing because there is nothing.  The special counsel was supposed to be fired.  So the special counsel never expected to get this far into the “investigation”.

So, Trump never triggered the trap.  Trump did NOT fire the special counsel.  Trump let the special counsel run with it anyway.  And they have not been able to accuse Trump of obstruction of justice and set the grounds for impeachment. 

So, the special counsel has a problem.  He knows there is no crime.  He knows he will never find a crime.  But he must find a crime or he will look bad.  He has to find a way out of this investigation into nothing.  Trump is not going to give it to him.  The special counsel will have to find a way to terminate the investigation without finding any crime at all except for the process crimes with which they created to entrap their political targets.

Donald Trump is playing a very patient hand against the Democrats and the special counsel.  He is not going to submit to their bluff.  Trump knows he has the winning hand and he is playing it very, very coolly.  We might even call Trump “Cool Hand Donald”.  I like that!
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017-11-22-143 A Booming Economy…

Recently, I have seen something in my area that I have not seen since the 1960s.  What is it that I have seen?  It’s help wanted signs.  That’s right.  Help wanted signs in all sorts of local establishments.

The first one I saw was last week.  I was out for a drive and I passed a local gas station and repair shop that I have driven by for decades.  They had a “help wanted mechanics” sign outside their place.  I was shocked.  As I said already I have not seen help wanted signs in front of local establishments since the 1960s.  And yesterday, as I walked into my local supermarket I saw that their door was covered with several large signs advertising positions available in all departments of the store. 

Two things are most likely contributing to this phenomenon.  Donald Trump’s eviction of illegal immigrants and a massively improving economy.  And this is a good thing.  It is NOT a bad thing.  This is the natural course that should be part of the normal American economy.  But the influx of massive amounts of illegal aliens occupied any and all of the available jobs that might have gone to local American citizens.

And subsequent to this phenomenon, as labor supply decreases the wage requirements will OF NECESSITY INCREASE in order to entice local available labor to take those jobs still open.  So the minimum wage that the fascist socialist labor unions are pushing will no longer be needed.  This is called the supply and demand of a free economy.  But it was suppressed and distorted by the massive influx of illegal invaders who were taking these jobs at off the book rates way below the standard labor requirements.

This is a good thing that is happening to America.  It’s something that has been deliberately depressed by the Establishment politicians over the last 70 years.  And Donald Trump, the President of the United States and business man, has brought prosperity back to America.  That’s what it is called!  Prosperity!!! Prosperity for Citizens of the United States.
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Monday, November 20, 2017

2017-11-20-142 Preparing Roy Moore for the Win…

2017-11-20-142 Preparing Roy Moore for the Win…

By now I am certain that most if not all people have heard about Judge Roy Moore’s run for United States Senator from Alabama.  The Establishment Republicans appear to be desperate to keep Moore out of the Senate at all costs.  Someone has even gone so far as to produce fake evidence of Roy Moore signing some high school girl’s year book as a means of smearing Moore.

But here’s the real rub.  Is Roy Moore ready for the win?  Winning will be a great triumph of the crooked Establishment bastards that have smeared a good man.  Moore successfully triumphed over a crooked Establishment backed candidate in the primaries.  And Moore looks to be poised to win in the general special election in December.  But is ready for what will follow?

Judge Moore will have to know that he will be treated with the greatest of contempt by just about every politician in Washington.  They all view him as radically outside of the crooked orbit because Roy Moore is a hardcore Christian who will not go along to get along.  Roy Moore’s vote will be crucial to those crooked bastards who want their evil schemes to continue unabated.  Moore will not go along. 

And Roy Moore will also experience the rejection of just about every bureaucrat in Washington as well.  Moore had better be VERY careful about who he lets into his office, his orbit of advisers and consultants.  Each one will be looking to aid Moore’s enemies during the course of Moore’s first term in office.  They will be looking to frame Moore 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until they succeed.  I am sure Roy Moore is a smart man, certainly smarter than I.  But he is going into the shark pool with people who are just as smart or maybe smarter than he.  It is a dangerous place to be especially if he is alone.

I hope Roy Moore is already thinking about those he will bring to Washington with him.  I am hoping that he ensures that they are trustable.  Because for the next six years, ALL of the Senators and MOST of the Congressmen are going to make Roy Moore’s life in Washington as unbearable as possible.  And this is just about the BEST the Roy Moore will be able to expect. 

A word to the wise, Judge Moore.  Beware of the setups.  Learn as much as you can about the seedy, underbelly of the real machinations of your Washington counterparts.  Protect your integrity at all times.  And NEVER find yourself alone with your enemies even if they appear to be your friends.  Think ahead, Judge Moore, and be ready.  Because they are not finished with you and they never will be.
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

2017-11-18-141 Crippling America’s Naval Defenses…

Did you hear that the United States Navy suffered yet another damaging collision with a foreign vessel?  This time it appears that a Japanese tug boat “lost” power and drifted into the path of an American Naval destroyer.  The damage is claimed to be light and that is a good thing.  But still, it puts yet another American guided missile vessel out of commission until it is properly repaired.  This puts a bigger hole in America’s North Korean defense system.

Is it any wonder that there have now been FIVE U.S. Naval collisions according to ABC News?  Three were collisions with other large, fast moving vessels which inflicted great damage and took lives.  Those vessels are still out of commission.  Now just today, another one goes out of commission. 

Is it any wonder that all of these damaged vessels were “attacked” in the Pacific fleet?  Probably not.  But that’s only if you think like a conspiracy nut.  Otherwise, these are just four coincidental accidents.  Nothing more to see in it.  Just move along.  Right?

And how brilliant an idea would that be?  What idea?  To downsize your enemy’s Naval fleet by causing collisions with random civilian vessels.  No missiles fired.  No cannons roaring.  No declarations of war.  Just “accidents”.  Which over time reduce the preparedness of the Pacific Fleet.  Why?  Well, if those ships are designed to protect America from enemy missiles with an anti-ballistic missile system you would want those ships removed from service so you could launch your own missiles.  Each ship which is removed from service means less chance of defending against enemy missile launch.  Get it yet?  Understand what is going on here?  Probably not.  You’re probably more worried about your next doobie or what is on TV next.
US warship collides with Japanese tug boat
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Monday, October 23, 2017

2017-10-23-140 The Internet Through a Keyhole…

I think I might be ruining my eyes with my new smart phone.  It seems now that I have this device I am utilizing it for closer Internet access.  I seem to do a lot more reading now.  But the print on the smart phone is so small.  I think, over time, it is causing me eye strain.  The small print coupled with bad colors on web sites makes for poor reading environments.

I figured out how to tether my laptop to my cell phone.  Do you know what that is?  The cell phone has an app feature which makes the smart phone a Wi-Fi hotspot complete with WPA 2 password encryption.  This allows me to connect my Wi-Fi laptop to my cell phone.  I can access the Internet from my laptop through the smart phone.

So just this week I connected my laptop to the Internet and performed some update checks.  I updated my McAfee AntiVirus software first.  Then I performed a check of Microsoft Windows 10 updates.  And there were updates.  One update was a Microsoft “feature” update.  It turned out to be a seven gigabyte download!!!  Through my smart phone that took about five hours!!!  Then the Microsoft update installed and completed after another hour.  I was up the entire night monitoring the updates!!!  And that seven gigabytes of download impacted my monthly data limit of twenty-two gigabytes.  I am now trying to manage my way back to reasonable daily limits. 

I have not checked in with the hot spot app since the seven gigabyte feature update. I am fairly certain that there will be more updates for the new feature update.  I don’t want them impacting my data subscription this early in the data period.  I am not even half way into the data period yet but I have now used more than half of my monthly data limit.  I don’t want it impacted by more updates from Microsoft.  But I will have to eventually face the music soon.  As a matter of fact, I will have to run the hot spot to post this blog.

I created a monster spread sheet to track all of my data usage.  More on this in the next blog post.
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

2017-10-12-139 Was Stephen Paddock CIA???

Was Stephen Paddock a ghost?  It certainly seems like it so far.  The alleged lone wolf shooter with a massive amount of fire power in his Mandalay hotel room who opened up with automatic rifle fire on a crowd of country western concert goers seems to have absolutely no reason to do what he did, according to investigating officials.

Furthermore, it is alleged that he was a “wealthy” “professional” gambler.  It is alleged so far that he actually made his fantastic wealth from gambling.  Anyone with half a brain knows that no one makes wealth from gambling especially if they play the slot machines.  It’s just not possible.  So, from where did Paddock get his money.

The one good thing about the professional gambler story is that all of his gains would be in CASH.  So it would be extremely difficult to trace his cash gains.  It is also possible that government agencies could have funneled cash to Paddock.  It is also possible that Paddock made his gains through many deeply illegal means and washed them through the gambling casinos.  That’s the story that makes the most sense.  The professional gambling story is most likely just a front to cover Paddock’s illegal activities. 

But if Paddock were CIA that could also explain a lot.  And it could also be a BIG reason why not much information is getting out about Paddock.  The government wants to keep the truth buttoned up about Paddock.  Maybe one of their own went nuts and this is the result.

Stephen Paddock’s brother, Eric, gave a long, rambling half hour interview with reporters outside his home a few days ago.  During this rambling, Eric Paddock mentioned something about renting apartments.  He was using it as an example for something else.  But he indicated that he and his brother might have been in the apartment rental business.  Maybe that’s part of where Stephen Paddock got his money, real estate rentals.  But that would be traceable and had nothing to do with gambling.

So the question remains.  How could someone so allegedly wealthy leave virtually no trace behind himself?  How could he slip through his life without a digital lifeprint in the age of the Internet?  Unless he needed to be that way.  Unless there was good reason to keep himself virtually invisible.  What could that reason possibly be?

One thing is certain.  We, the People, will never know.  We will only know what the FBI wants us to know.  The rest will be covered up.
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