Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014 - That Phony Rick Perry…

So Texas Governor Rich Perry was finally prodded into some kind of silly, useless action in reaction to all of the bad press that is building around the invasion of the United States through his state.  Perry strapped on his empty, silver plated, pearl handled six shooters and struck a pose in front of the media elite.  With his chin out-stretched and pointed towards the sky and hands on his hips in a defiant pose Rick Perry ordered the national guard out to protect the citizens of Texas and the United States. 

How many troops?  20,000 or 30,000 or 10,000 or 5,000 troops?  No.  Just 1,000 troops.  1000 troops to do what?  Don’t you stupid dummies remember that someone else tried to do this exact same thing once before? Don’t you dummies remember that Obama sent 1,200 national guard troops to the border in 2011? (Check my link to the Washington Post article below to get a clue.)  Don’t you stupid dummies understand that this is all for show and no real go?  Don’t you stupid dummies understand that this is a complete publicity stunt?   Don’t you stupid dummies understand that this will soon backfire on Perry when Texans realize that these poor dumb national guard troops can’t and won’t be able to do anything to the flow of illegals?   Don’t you stupid dummies understand that there is more than 1000 miles of border to “protect” against the onslaught of illegal invasion?  Don’t you stupid dummies get the game that is being played on you every darn day?   Don’t you stupid dummies understand who Rick Perry really is?

Why do you think Perry gave the guard 45 to 90 days to get organized and prepared?  Could it possibly be to allow the invaders and their masters to coordinate new routes and new tunnels with the Obama people, unions and paid “church” organizations so that they will be able to completely avoid the national guard troops once they get to the border? 

And what are the troops going to do once they get there?  I’ll bet they won’t even be allowed guns.  If they are then given guns like the last time the national guard was sent to the border they will have no bullets to shoot at anyone.  Most likely their orders will be to assist with migrating illegals into the U.S. as much as possible.  They will have to count all the illegals they observe and then forget the numbers once they are done because the government really doesn’t care how many are coming across the border.  Most likely the national guard troops will be told to stand next to the Border Patrol agents who change the diapers and do the laundry of the illegals as they come through Texas.

And what I REALLY can’t believe is that so many “neo-conservative” opinion givers actually have the nerve to call Perry’s action a BOLD move!   REALLY?  Come ON!!!  Even I am not dumb enough to buy that. 

Face the facts, folks.  We, the People of the United States, are in TROUBLE now.  REALLY BIG trouble now.  And it is only going to get worse.  How much worse?  Think Mexico worse.  Think North Korea worse!!!  Think Iraq worse!!!!!!  It’s coming, folks!  It may already be here just waiting for the right opportunity, the right time!!!!

National Guard deployment on U.S.-Mexico border has mixed results

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23, 2014 - Prosperity is Over in America…

Prosperity is over.  Prosperity is over in America.  We are now living on the downslide, a variation on the cultural “downlow” of that particular culture.  Fifty years of deficit spending have brought us to the brink.  Now we are here.

How do I know?  Read the article linked below.  It’s a story about how the Hollywood box office is suffering the worst slump in years and years.  They don’t seem to have a clue as to why this is happening.  But I can tell you.  No one has any money.  No one.  And the number of people with no money is growing steadily. 

Prices are rising because of rampant inflation.  At the same time mass layoffs and business closings continue.  The employment market continues to shrink and the welfare market continues to grow.  And the Hollywood bigshots can’t understand why they are doing so poorly.  I don’t believe it is the quality of the fare that is keeping the unwashed masses away from the movie theaters.  They have been subjected to absolute garbage for years and still manage to spend their cash at the movies.  They simply don’t have the money anymore to participate.  And the legion of audience members with no money for Hollywood is growing.  Don’t you understand yet?  This is the fundamental change.

Slowly, the light will dawn on them.  You watch.  And since the audience of the USA will no longer be able to afford their products they will come up with a solution.  It’s the only solution that all other businesses have been driven to all these years.  They will give up on the American audience and move elsewhere to produce fare for other audiences who do have the money to pay for it. 

Prosperity is over in America.  Barack Obama and the communists have successfully fundamentally changed America.  And the really scary part of it is they are not finished yet.  We ain’t seen nothing yet.  It’s only going to get worse, not better.


Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11, 2014 - A Strange String of Circumstances

Almost everyone in the world knows who Emma Watson is.  She played Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter movie series all those many years.  The world saw Emma Watson grow up in those movies.  And, for all appearances, she seems to be a straight up kind of person.

So here’s a strange set of circumstances which appeared in the news recently.  Most people probably didn’t take any note of it but I saw it.  Emma Watson was cited by UK authorities for possibly breaking the law regarding the employment of a maid in her Great Britain home.  The accusation was that she employed an illegal alien illegally in the service of a maid.   Can you imagine that?  Sweet, adorable, beautiful Emma Watson, aka Hermoine Granger, was cited as a law breaker and under investigation by the police.  I provide links to the stories for informational purposes at the bottom of this post.  I suspect they will most likely disappear very, very soon to start the coverup.  This “story” broke about June 30, 2014 in the London tabloids.

Round or about July 8, 2014 of this year the beautiful Emma Watson is appointment to a good will Ambassadorship to the UN.  Notice the stories listed below all say that she was appointed.  She did not accept the appointment.  She was appointed.   Again, I provide links to the story below.  They also will most likely disappear to start the coverup.  But I submit to you the question – did one thing have anything to do with the other?  By this I mean was Emma Watson being PRESSURED into joining the fetid services of the United Nations and resisting?  Was Emma Watson coerced into joining the fetid services of the United Nations with the THREAT of legal action against her for the illegal hiring of a maid?  Hard to say but it seems very coincidental.  Don’t you think?  I suspect so.  And that’s the way it is done with those who do not cooperate with government as the government wants them to cooperate.  But it does not end there.

The sweet, lovey Emma Watson appeared in costume not normally associated with her personae recently.  I point you to photos taken by paparazzi as late as July 11, 2014.  The photos show Emma Watson parading around in black bra type top and black sheer skirt.  She’s darn near naked in the ensemble pictured.  Hmmmmm.  Kind of a change to the image, don’t you think?  I suspect so.  The last link at the bottom is the one to click on to see the black bra images.

Some people reading this blog post will have absolutely no idea what I am implying by these citations of incidents.  So let me put it bluntly.  Was Emma Watson forced into a deal with the Devil?  Keep an eye on Emma Watson?  Let’s see if she goes the way of Miley Cyrus, Britany Spears and Katy Perry.

Emma Watson faces probe over maid 'working illegally in Britain'

Has Emma Watson’s maid been working for her illegally?

Emma Watson faces immigration probe over claims housekeeper worked in UK illegally

Emma Watson: Probe over claims US maid was illegally working in Britain
Emma Watson appointed as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

Emma Watson named as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

UN Women announces Emma Watson as Goodwill Ambassador

Emma Watson Becomes United Nations Ambassador, Will Encourage Men To Speak Up For Women

Emma Watson's Lace Look

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 07, 2014 – Questions on Murrieta…

Below is an article on the protests at Murrieta, Ca. the site of the successful rejection of illegal invader interlopers forcibly being dumped on Americans every where.  But something very strange occurred to me.

In the article below the mayor of Murrieta, Ca. said that they were never contacted about the dumping of illegals on their quiet, upscale town.  Read it for yourself.  The VIPs were never contacted by the Feds to coordinate the dumping with the town leaders, so they say.

So how was it that 1000 protesters showed up at EXACTLY the time that the bus arrives to force the bus and the federal agents to turn back?  If the politicians and leaders of the town did not know it was going to happen then how did all of those people know what WAS going on and where the bus would be and where the cameras would be and where to make their stand so it would be seen across the nation?  Were they just LUCKY?  Or was it as well arranged as the invasion of Illegals and the transportation of the invaders across the nation? 

I suspect that if we were to look very closely at those Murrieta protesters we are going to find Occupy people, union people as an assorted group of people who were paid to be there at that time with the right scripts ready to go.  I suspect that the whole thing was a carefully staged event for the optics.  And you know what?  You ain’t seen nothing yet.  The Obama government is one HUGE conspiracy against We, the People of the United States.


Friday, July 4, 2014

July 04, 2014 – She said WHAT…

She said WHAT???  How could she say something like that???  WHY would she say something like that???  Unless she knew something the rest of us didn’t.   And according to the report linked below she seems to imply that this is common knowledge among the insiders to the elites.

What is this all about?  The comedienne Joan Rivers blurted out in public that Barack Obama is gay and that his “wife”, Michelle, is a tranny.  WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??????  Where the HECK did that come from?  Futhermore, she said that they all KNOW this.  WHAAAAAT????   I didn’t KNOW it.  I SUSPECTED it but I didn’t KNOW it!   Did YOU know it????

This was in reply to a question posed to her by a paparazzi reporter who asked if she thought that we would ever have a gay or a female president.  She said that we already have one.

Oddly enough she is believable.  I hope she doesn’t expect any invitations to the White House or socialist Democrat confabs anymore.  She will probably be audited for the rest of her life however long that is.  Other than that, GOOD FOR JOAN RIVERS!!!!!



Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 03, 2013 – The Great Obama Holocaust…

This child died because of Obama’s politics.  This child died because of the communist Democrat organized massive importation of “children” into the United States.  Obama has blood on his hands now.  Does he care?  Not a wit.  And that’s cold, man.  That’s just cold.

Who is this child?  There’s a like to an article at the bottom of this post.  The “authorities” claim the boy was 11.  But the article says his parents claimed he was 15.  Regardless, he died crossing the desert into the United States.  He died alone.  He died looking for a better life promised by the government of the United States in an organized effort to flood America with invaders.  His parents explain it all in the article.  Read it for yourself. 

Tens of thousands of pawns are they.  Pawns of the communist Democrats out to successfully demolish this nation and turn it into a third world country.  Can you see it yet?  If yes then you are a wise person.  If no then you are a fool.

Looking for a better life, died alone

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 02, 2014 – The Lousy, Stinking Alternative…

I was listening to a provocative talk radio host today.  As he raged over the invasion of the United States by the hordes of illegal aliens pouring over the Southern border he guaranteed that the bad behavior of the communist Democrats over the alien invasion of the United States would cause them to be turned out in November in great numbers.  That caused a thought to pop into my head – So what?  So, Mr. Talker, you think that things will change if the nation goes all Republican with the elective offices this November?  Not at all.  Naturally, it is the only alternative we have but it is not an alternative.  The Establishment Republicans support the same issues now as the communist Democrats do.  So although We, the People, will turn to the Republicans for relief we will get no relief whatsoever.  We can expect the Republicans to continue to advance the ever more rapid dissolution of the United States of America.

The only thing I wonder now is if the destruction of America is now obvious to all.  Or are there actually some dim wits out there who still live their lives as though there were no problems at all.  Do they still go on with their ignorant lives and ignore all the empty houses for sale around them?  Do they still ignore all the empty store fronts in their town or mall?  Do they still ignore all of the people they run into who have no jobs and can’t find jobs?  Do they still pretend that all is well after all the lies that have come out of the White House?   The scary answer is YES!!!!

The talk show host WAS right about one thing.  They WANT to push the population into violence on a grand scale.  They NEED to push the population into violence on a grand scale.  That is the excuse they need to turn to violence against the people and force them into submission.

But the conspiracy is much greater than can be imagined.  And for that matter it cannot be overcome.  Not anymore.  Pray for yourselves, your families and your nations.  The world is going to change in a terrible, terrible way forever more.

That same radio talker later in the show said that we have to understand that the average American is a moron.  He is absolutely correct!!!