Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016 – It’s Just Zika Paranoia…

Isn’t is “strange” that the Zika virus, which no one has ever heard of before and which our erstwhile global health officials “claim” causes a major birth defect in newborns, should break out with a vengeance in the one area of the world which has the STRICTEST abortion laws in the world?  Coincidence?

Isn’t it “strange” that the world health organizations are battling the Catholic Church throughout South and Central America to ease abortion restrictions as a solution to the Zika virus?  Coincidence?

Isn’t is “strange” that the world health organizations are recommending no more sex as a solution to transmitting the Zika virus?  Coincidence?

Isn’t is “strange” that the world health organizations are recommending avoiding getting pregnant while the Zika virus rages?  Coincidence?

It’s almost as if the Zika virus were made to order to cause the human race to depopulate.   It almost seems like a custom designed virus.  That’s going to be the result of the advice from the world health organizations.

Nah!  That can’t possibly be true!  No one would design such a virus!  Would they???  Nah!  That’s just paranoia!!!

Or is it?

And don’t forget that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  There is only one way out of it but the world has rejected it.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 09, 2016 – Sometimes the Feeling Just Isn’t There…

Writing seems to go in spurts.  Once the urge comes on topics appear from out of nowhere.  Sometimes articles pile up with two or three written in one day which can be published over the next few days.

Then, suddenly nothing.  No urge to write.  No desire to write.  No will to write.  Everything seems trite.  Everything seems repetitive, unoriginal, unimportant.  No inspiration. 

A day goes by.  So what!  There will be something soon.  Then two days become three.  And the realization occurs that a week has passed without so much as a glimmer of an idea.  How can that possibly be with a world full of life?  Clearly topics abound.  It’s just a matter of focus.  Yet the focus stays out of focus, blurred to the concentration of thought.

Sometimes that feeling just isn’t there.
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 04, 2016 – Cosby Fails to Escape Criminal Trial…

In a surprise move, a Philadelphia judge denied Bill Cosby’s defense team motion to toss the charges against the comedian today.  So, it looks like Cosby will get his day in court after all.

It appeared as though Cosby was going to slip the charges against him.  The former prosecutor who handled the original case even testified for Cosby that there was an implied guarantee of immunity from criminal prosecution if Cosby testified in a civil suit against him by his accuser.  Cosby did testify although he did not directly admit the crime of rape.  He did admit that he bought Quaaludes for the purpose of sedating women however.  All this was sealed as part of a civil settlement with Cosby’s accuser for an undisclosed amount.  But immunity is usually granted after a person has been charged with a crime in exchange for testimony.  In Cosby’s case, he was never charged with any crime according to the judge in this case.  If there is no charge for crime then there is no immunity.

The Associated Press managed to get the civil suit testimony unsealed after as many as fifty women came forward with similar stories of being drugged by Cosby who then raped them, allegedly.   The statute of limitations has run out on charges by any of the other women who were allegedly raped by the comedian.  This last one out of Pennsylvania is the only case still within prosecutorial limits.

Why the worried look, Bill?  It’s not like you actually did it.  Right?  Oh, yes!  You admitted as much already.
This should be interesting!  Maybe Bill can get on the same chess team with O.J. Simpson?  Laugh, clown, laugh!!!
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 03, 2016 – Rush Ducks the Impoverished Middle Class...

It’s a pattern that I have become aware of since I became an avid talk radio listener.  The host quickly ducks the impoverished caller who tries to tell the world about his travails and frustrations of finding a new job in a jobless society.  The host cleverly talks out the caller until a break and then they cut to commercials.

They don’t want to hear it.  More importantly, they don’t want YOU, the world, to hear it.  That’s one thing that must not be allowed, talking DOWN the economy.  Negative talk about the economy could have negative impacts on the ECONOMY!!!

Today, Rush cut off a caller almost in mid-sentence as the caller tried to describe his anger and frustration.  The caller said he was laid off eight months ago and he hasn’t been able to find a job since.  Nothing.  The caller said his money is gone, his savings are gone and he has nothing now.  The caller said there are no jobs out there.  This is the message that even Rush wants to prevent from getting out.  Rush’s standard opinion of the unemployed is that their unemployment is their own fault.  Rush’s standard opinion is that there are PLENTY of jobs available, they may not be the jobs you like or want but there are PLENTY of jobs available.  You just have to lower your standards a bit in most cases.  Surely, the caller could have been a planted actor designed to cause panic and that most likely would be the reason that callers like this get cut off FAST!  But THIS CALLER spoke the TRUTH!  Rush and Company just can’t HANDLE the TRUTH!!!

I “know” this “guy”.  He was employed in the Information Technology field for more than twenty-five years.  He was VERY well paid for his services.  Eight years ago he lost his job.  He lost his job at a large pharmaceutical company to an outsourcing company which provided workers from India to replace Americans.  Eight YEARS AGO!  The workers who were being laid off had to teach their “replacements” their jobs.  It wasn’t nearly as big news then as it seems to be NOW!  In most quarters of the world, this was ONLY good business sense.  And this guy was 53 when he lost his high, high paying IT job.  After two years of unemployment and searching earnestly for a job, this guy just stopped looking.  There were already NO JOBS six years ago.  If the kids coming out of college with fresh Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science couldn’t find jobs how could a 53 year old man looking at retirement find one?  This guy had the resources to hang on and he still does.  But they are almost gone.  Then this “guy” will be in the exact same boat as the caller that Rush dismissed.

Rush and Company hang on to an old view of the good old United States.  Rush and Company keep selling the same snake oil to the same people every day.  I can’t believe I am writing this because, as I have already said, I am an avid listener of talk radio.  There is NO ONE on talk radio more conservative than me.  But the communists, socialists, fascists, Marxists, progressives, Democrats, RINO Republicans, liberals, Stalinists, Leninists, Maoists and crony capitalists have been very, very, very successful in penetrating all levels of the world, the ENTIRE world, not just the United States.  And the United States is being destroyed willfully and deliberately by the very people we elect to protect it and us.  They smile widely as they do it.  It’s TRANSFORMATION.  Don’t you know?

I remember those days years ago during the 1990’s.  I would turn on Rush and Sean and they would BOTH be preaching that “they only come here to find a better life!”  Naturally, they were defending those who crashed our borders legally AND illegally.  Rush and Sean beat those drums every day.  Rush and Sean BOTH supported AMNESTY during the 1990’s.  I remember because I used to get so MAD I would start SCREAMING at the radio.  I would pound my fists on the steering wheel of my car on the way home from work I was SO FURIOUS at them.  They didn’t get it.  They didn’t see it.  They clearly accepted the Establishment script and the talking points of the Chamber of Commerce.

It was only one radio talker, Michael Savage, who turned the tide on the ILLEGAL invasion of America.  George W. Bush was going to push through a bill to grant AMENSTY to all during his first term.  And Savage went into a rage on radio.  He woke the people up well and the people called their representatives.  And the representatives backed down.  Twice!!!  Bush never got his AMNESTY!  Both Rush and Sean quickly saw the writing on the wall and changed their scripts.  They jumped onto the anti-amnesty bandwagon and have been there pretty much ever since.  But I suspect when they go home at night they still support the illegals who come here to steal from American citizens.  That is what Rush and Sean are actually paid to do.

The United States is too far damaged now to repair.  Certainly, one term of one conservative president is not going to fix anything.  Even two terms of a conservative is not going to fix anything.  And for this thought I apologize to Mark Levin.   But the very next president would most likely be the polar opposite of a conservative and undo EVERYTHING that might have been put into place.  But more than that, the trend towards the destruction of the United States is a GLOBAL process.  All nations are being destroyed by the very same processes that are rotting the United States.  These processes are planned and put into place at the secret meetings – G7, G8, G20 meetings, Davos, the climate change meetings of world leaders, these are the meetings where the wealthiest in the world tell the politicians what they want done and how they want it done.  Then the politicians return to their nations and implement the laws, regulations, mandates, taxes, etc. to make the middle-class poorer and their patricians wealthier still.

So, Rush ducks the impoverished middle-class.  He has to because it doesn’t fit that old idea of America.  He wants to continue that idea, that dream in YOUR head so that you don’t see the REALITY of the NEW America.  You ain’t going to like the NEW America or for that matter the NEW WORLD ORDER of things to come.  Think of North Korea on STERIODS!!  Think of North Korea on a GLOBAL BASIS!!!  That is just a sample of the NEW America to come.  That’s where they are taking, NOT JUST America, but the entire WORLD.  Sustainability means STAVATION.  Sustainability means NO ENERGY.  Sustainability means ever LOWER standards of living until you finally have NO STANDARDS FOR LIVING!  Think!  Think what it MEANS to BARELY sustain LIFE!  That’s EXACTLY what they want for the ENTIRE WORLD!!!  But NOT for themselves!!!

2016 is THE year!  It is the 99th Anniversary of the Red Revolution in Russia this coming October.  And the race is on to establish Communism as a single world government by the 100th anniversary of the Red Revolution.  2017 will be the proclamation of a NEW WORLD ORDER even it they have to kill almost everyone to do it.   It looks like they are going to succeed!  Then HELL ON EARTH begins!!!

Remember, The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  Even the North Koreans haven’t seen anything yet!!!

There is only one Hope but the world has rejected it.  Now the world will pay the price for that rejection.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 02, 2016 – The RINO Republican Establishment Won in Iowa…

It was a hard fought battle in Iowa.  It demanded a lot of money, a lot of hand shaking, a lot of pancake breakfasts and a lot of sweat.  But Ted Cruz handed Donald Trump a psychological blow by defeating him in the Republican Iowa Caucuses.  Trump came in second.

But the REAL RINO story was the triumph of Marco Rubio who came in at third place only ONE POINT behind Trump.  Rubio is the REAL Establishment’s candidate and Rubio proved it by coming from behind to end up in a very close third place behind Trump.  It was Rubio’s large success that pulled the necessary voters away from Trump and give the race to Cruz who managed a very successful ground operation in Iowa.

With this Iowa Republican line up we can see the hand of the Establishment.  If the Establishment were to weaken Trump they needed to bolster the best of the other candidates.  In 2016, the only two viable alternative candidates were Cruz and Rubio.  So the money flowed into Rubio from the Establishment money masters to steal the vote from Trump and hand the win to Cruz. 

Trump goes into the next primaries a little bit weakened after this loss in Iowa.  Trump is said to have a commanding lead in New Hampshire.  But as we can plainly see now, things can often change unexpectedly.  I think we will continue to see the same kind of pattern going through the next set of primaries.  Trump will come out in second place while two of the other candidates will place him.  And if Trump isn’t careful he may end up in third place with Cruz and Rubio alternating between first and second place.

I will wonder if Trump actually weakened himself with his Fox News debate debacle.  It turned out that Trump’s absence had virtually no effect on the ratings of the debate.  The ratings were as good as the previous debates with Trump present.  So, one has to wonder if Trump’s petulant attitude caused his loss in Iowa.

I am shocked by Rubio’s excellent finish in Iowa.  I never thought that the Republican base would fall for such a phony candidate but they did!  As I write this Fox News Channel is giving Rubio plenty of air time in the wake of the Iowa caucuses.  I am listening to plenty of Rubio speeches on Fox right now so we know who Fox News likes.  Personally, I think Rubio is a traitor to the nation.  His stance on amnesty is unforgivable by the American people.  But it looks like the Americans are going to be fooled again, to paraphrase George W. Bush.

A pundit on Fox News pointed out that Ronald Reagan lost the Iowa caucuses yet managed to bounce back from that loss to win New Hampshire.   Can Trump parallel the Reagan path?  Will Cruz keep the lead or will he lose it to Rubio?  We’ll see. 
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Monday, February 1, 2016

February 01, 2016 – As Old Sayings Go…

There’s an old saying that goes something like “The only thing that Evil needs to grow is for good men to do nothing.”  It’s a very clever old saying.  It rolls off the tongue like a quick wit should.  And it condemns not the doers of Evil but those who allegedly stood by and did nothing to stop the growth of Evil.  But that’s really not the half of it.  Is it?

Do you know what good men who do nothing are REALLY practicing when they do NOTHING to stop Evil?  Tolerance.  Tolerance of Evil.  It’s the Christian way.  Is it not?  To turn the other cheek?  To say, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”  It’s tolerance.  Of Evil, all forms of Evil great and small.   Therefore, Evil grows.  It’s not that good men are simply doing NOTHING!  They are practicing “tolerance” in a “free” and “open” society.  And that tolerance turns into the acceptance of everything.  Including Evil.

Tolerance is not indifference.  Indifference is a true lack of caring.  Tolerance is a true caring which is deliberately restrained for the purposes of getting along in a “free” and “open” society.

And what does Evil ban then in society?  Why it’s INTOLERANCE!  You must NOT be intolerant!  Tolerance of INTOLERANCE will NOT be TOLERATED!  And it will be enforce by LAW!  Being intolerant becomes BAD!  And the alleged INTOLERANT are labeled.   You are a BIGOT!   You are a RACIST!  You are a HOMOPHOBE!   You are an ISLAMOPHOBE!  You are labeled!  Lawlessness grows and the good men are neutralized.  Corruption grows!  And that’s how Evil grows.   That’s how Evil wins.  It’s worked this way since the beginning!

Evil eventually destroys itself.  It has to by its very nature after it has destroyed everything else and everyone else.  Then some pretend wise man can once again say “The only thing that Evil needs to grow is for good men to do nothing.”  And the cycle starts all over again.  The tolerance begins again.  The tolerance of Evil.

There is only one way out of this cycle.  But the world has refused it.  And the world will suffer the consequences of its folly.  Evil is the killer.  Tolerance is its helper.
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 31, 2016 – Banking Systems Cleverly Destroyed…

In what has to be one of the greatest perversities in human history, the global socialist central banks are resorting to negative interest rates as their last desperate ploy to keep the Keynesian socialist deficit spending global economy going. 

In a little noticed news piece, the Central Bank of Japan joined the Central Bank of Europe and Greece with the implementation of negative interest rates.  The articles say that “ordinary” people’s bank accounts won’t be affected.  The negative rates only apply to commercial banks.  But this is a COST to the banks which will have to be made up.  And it WILL be made up by FEES to the “ordinary” people’s bank accounts. 

If this isn’t slavery to the banks then I don’t know what is.  In this new socialist banking scheme, the depositors PAY THE BANKS interest or “fees” for the banks to keep their money.  It’s a complete reversal of the purpose of the whole banking system.  It turns the entire banking system into a legalized criminal conspiracy. This is legalized theft.  People would be much better off keeping their money in cash in their mattresses than depositing their hard earned money in a bank.  And you might have heard that the world governments are looking at the elimination of cash altogether for a completely global electronic money system.  So NO ONE will be able to AVOID the PENALTIES that the SOCIALIST central banks are imposing on its slave depositors.

And how LOW can the negative interest rates go?  The Pit of Hell is the legal limit!  Can you imagine paying interest rates of 10%, 20% and even 30% TO THE BANKS to keep your money?  CLEARLY, the purpose of negative interest rates is to EMPTY YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS!!!!  They are coming for your pensions and 401K next!!!

This is not happening yet in the United States but it is just a matter of time.  Janet Yellin has already indicated that negative interest rates are a “tool” that is available to “stimulate” the economy if things don’t work out.  In Japan, their central bank said just one week ago that they were not going to resort to negative interest rates.  One week later, virtually overnight, the central bank not only reversed their thinking they enacted negative interest rates with no notice to the nation.

The slavery is growing fast, folks.  It’s being implemented right in front of your eyes.  The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  Bill Gates is all in for it!!!  He said so himself!!!  GATES made his BILLIONS under capitalism.  Now YOU must live under SOCIALISM so the world can be SUSTAINABLY managed.  Do you feel like a SUCKER yet?  You and I SHOULD because we ARE the SUCKERS in this global ripoff!!!
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