Friday, March 31, 2017

2017-03-31-056 Defense Secretary Mattis and His Line in the Sand…

The Winds of War are blowing.  Can you feel them yet?  They are blowing right in your face!!!  They are blowing for World War III!!!  The Trump-Russia Fake News scheme is all about keeping America’s eyes off the REAL plan of action!!!

United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis is quoted by NBC News as saying North Korea (NoKo) “has to be stopped.”  This ain’t “Fake News”, folks!  The link to the on-line news report is below.  Enjoy it while we still have the freedom to do so!!!

Mattis is quoted as saying that NoKo “appears to be going in a very reckless manner…”.  Well, DUH!  It’s been obvious to most of the American public for the last seventy years or so since that nasty little war called the Korean “Police Action”.  Does anyone remember that?  Probably NOT!  Education sucks these days!!!

World War II showed the world the full power and might of the United States of America and the people within that nation!  The U.S. ramped up dramatically and put everything it had into a two front major war and won it!  And this taught the world that America would NEVER be militarily defeated.  All the enemies of America realized they would have to come up with a wholly NEW way to defeat the giant of America.  And it started almost immediately after World War II.

The global concept was to destroy the economic might of America.  The global concept was to cripple the people of America.  If these two things could be done then America could be dragged down to a point where it would never be able to do what it did in World War II.  And that’s how America’s enemies have been working ever since.  And we are there now.

What we are now watching is that plan being played out right before our American eyes.  America’s mortal enemies have created proxy armies and stateless terrorist organizations to carry out the proxy campaign of exhausting America while they stood from afar and watched.  The plan is working perfectly.  And it appears it is about to be brought to a conclusion.  That conclusion is going to be World War III. 

World War III is going to be a relatively short war so the predictions go.  Most of it will be entirely  nuclear.  It will start from the proxy states.  The response will either have to be against those proxy states and / or against the direct enemies of America.  But there won’t be enough for a third retaliatory response after going for the proxy states.  America’s enemies are going to win big so they think. 

So what are Mattis’ ideas? He really doesn’t put any forward.  It’s tough for a non-military type to predict potentials because of background.  But any action would have to be all out and massive.  It would have to completely destroy the nuclear retaliatory capability of NoKo and leave them only with conventional warfare.  And the conventional warfare would have to be destroyed in the action too in order to degrade it significantly.   If that is not done then there will be significant conventional war weaponry to be launched upon South Korea (SoKo).  And there can be serious questions about the ability of SoKo to meet an all-out massive attack by NoKo. 

Does Mattis have a plan?  Is something in the works with Japan?  Is Japan an ace in the hole against NoKo and China?  Have the Japanese been planning and engineering for this point in time since the end of World War II?  We, the People, don’t know.  What we DO know is that “sanctions” don’t work!  It’s obvious since NoKo has successfully developed complete nuclear technology despite global sanctions.  I wonder how much Bill and Hillary made from that.  Are the Japanese much more ready for this point of conflict than the world knows about?  How long have they been ready to take on NoKo? 

But the Sino action plan is not the major part of the plan.  If the Sino Region of the world should suddenly light up you can bet Russia is going to make a major move towards Europe.  Most likely at the same time China will make its move into Taiwan and Japan as well as the southern nations in that region.  Everything will go at once.  The only people who will be caught sleeping are the Americans.  Again! 

But even if the Americans do nothing about NoKo nor Iran for that matter, it is just a question of time before the proxy states are ready to deliver their payloads.  It will probably happen one night while America is asleep.  That way the disorientation of suddenly awaking to destruction would help the proxies’ attack.   They may hope that the electrical theories of Electro Magnetic Pulses work as predicted and their first attack destroys most of the American electrical infrastructure.  If that actually works then they won’t have to destroy the American cities.  America will starve to death within one year.

Can you see what is happening in the world today?  Can you see where the world is moving?  No matter who is in office it appears that there is only one universal destiny?   Is the world ready for it?  Probably not!  Especially the people of the United States!  And all those fools who illegally immigrated to the United States are going to be big time sorry that they did!!!

The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

2017-03-30-055 EU Threatens United States Sovereignty…

In an outrageous act alienating alliances worldwide, European Union appointed leader Jean-Claude Juncker made the intolerable threat of working towards the breakup of the United States.  This is the height of outrageousness and borders on the threats Adolf Hitler used to make about the United States in the pre-World War II days.  Oddly enough the article linked below only identifies Juncker as the European Union boss.  Is that like the boss of the Mafia?  Is that like the Great Dictator?

What kind of a reliable ally is the EU now?  I can tell you with Juncker at the helm the EU is not an ally!  And what makes Juncker so sure he and his EU can dislodge Ohio and Texas from the Union?  What influence does Juncker think he has that can make such a plan succeed?  And how do we know that Juncker isn’t already working towards this end of subterfuge and sabotage against the United States?  And who in Ohio and Texas would be the traitorous compatriots of Juncker who would work to make succession a reality?  Too bad we no longer have an FBI that will look into this!  Most likely they would find DEMOCRATS behind Juncker’s plan!!!

Juncker gives Donald Trump’s ambivalence towards NATO even more credibility now with this outrageously undiplomatic statement!!!  Trump apparently thinks NATO has outlived its usefulness and is simply a drain on American resources.  Now Juncker proves Trump right after all!!!  And does he fully expect Trump to fold like a cheap camera and suddenly start loving Juncker and the European Union now that Juncker has made such an outrageous and intolerable threat???!!!!!   Is this Juncker’s idea of “diplomacy”???   No wonder the EU is falling apart!!!!  Who would want to deal with the likes of Juncker???

Outrageous!  And there is no going back on this now.  Mr. Juncker has sabotaged U.S.-E.U. relations perhaps permanently.  But maybe that was the purpose?  Maybe Mr. Juncker would be more comfortable in Mr. Putin’s pocket now.  This only goes to prove that there is no fool like an old fool!
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2017-03-29-054 A Question of the Day…

Do you think their phone lines were tapped, surveilled, spied upon by Democrats, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, Obama?  Do you wonder if they thought about it?  Do you wonder if the worry about it now?  Check out the link below and see the pictures at the bottom of the article.  In case you don’t know who is in those pictures that’s Joshua Kushner and “supermodel” Karlie Kloss.  Joshua Kushner is the billionaire brother of Jared Kushner who is the billionaire son-in-law to President Donald Trump and husband of Ivanka Trump. 

I’ll bet ALL of Karlie Kloss’s phone calls and emails and texts and PICTURES are on archive somewhere, maybe on those CIA file servers that Jeff Bezos’ hosts.  Maybe they are on the NSA servers way out there in the mega facility in UTAH!!!  But you can BET they have it ALL somewhere!!!

Meet me in St. Louis!
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2017-03-28-053 Make Sweden Great Again???

A YouTuber pundit journalist of the conservative type who actually does good work put together a video on the “conservatives” of Sweden begging President Donald J. Trump for help!!!  I link to that staggering video at the bottom of this post for those curious people who want to see it for themselves. 

The ultra-leftist nation of Sweden has destroyed itself.  Most Swedes are in leftist, liberal uber-denial about it.  And that’s why they are finished, not to be confused with Finns! 

But what has Donald J. Trump got to do with the welfare of Swedes in Sweden?  What do they think Trump can do for them?  Should Trump INVADE Sweden?  Should Trump send in the U.S. Third Army to LIBERATE Sweden from the fools they put in office to govern themselves?  Should Trump use NATO to evict the foreign mooooooslim invaders that are decimating the citizens of Sweden who up until just recently welcomed their own national suicide with open arms, pocket books and homes?  What should Donald J. Trump do for the Swedes that they can’t or won’t do for themselves?

Sweden is ruined.  Sweden and most of Europe will never recover from what has happened to them.  And every day it only gets worse as more invaders pour into the Western nations of Europe.  It’s a civilian invasion the likes of which we have never seen in modern times.  It will turn militant in short order.  It’s civilization suicide on a scale never witnessed before in human history.  It may have happened before but not on such a short time scale.

And the Swedes won’t do anything about it.  They can’t do anything about.  Their government wouldn’t let them if they could. 

But most of Europe is neutralized now.  Perhaps that may be a result of the last World War that decimated Europe.  Perhaps there is an inborn fear of warfare or combat or resistance after suffering the devastation of all-out war.  We may never know.  But one still has to wonder what in the world the “conservatives” of Sweden think Donald J. Trump can do for them.  Maybe Trump will built a wall of flowers and candles to remember all of the Swedes that have been raped by invaders.  Maybe Trump can build another wall of stuffed dolls as a memorial to all those Swedes who have been murdered by invaders.  And maybe Trump can build a wall of candles to memorialize a nation and a continent that lost it mind, its will, its very soul to an Evil that they simply refuse to recognize or acknowledge.

America is fighting the same suicidal drive imposed by globalists right now.  Trump has his hands full trying to stop the potential genocide that the global elites are importing into the United States by the Democrats and RINO Republicans in cahoots with American wealthy and Wall Street bankers. 

So, what in the world is Donald Trump supposed to do about Sweden?  LOL!!!  He’s got his hands full with America’s problems and the communist Democrats who are well on their way to destroying America!!!  Make Sweden Great Again????  Trump is have a rough time Making America Great Again!!!

And just remember that The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  It’s called globalism!!!
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Monday, March 27, 2017

2017-03-27-052 Will Trump Turn Blue???

The Alt-Right Media outlets are trumpeting headlines on Sunday night that Republican President Donald Trump is opening the door to his Democrat opposition after the Republican health care failure. 

So, we have to ask if Donald J. Trump will turn BLUE now that he has suffered an ignominious legislative defeat because he refused to accommodate Conservatives of the Freedom Caucus.  Will Trump open discussions with Democrats regarding the idea of Single Payer System for U.S. health care?  Will Donald J. Trump be the president who actually enslaves America with Single Payer Health Care?  Will Donald J. Trump jump to the left to save his faltering presidency only three months into it? 

Or did Donald J. Trump need to let House Speaker Paul Ryan lead the way to failure?  Did Donald J. Trump not resist the RyanCare plan because he needed Paul Ryan to fail big time?  Is the failure of the RyanCare plan the stuff out of which a Phoenix can rise?  What will that Phoenix look like?  Will it be something that will pull the entire Republican Party together?  Or will Donald J. Trump “reach across the aisle” to usher in an increased environment of socialized medicine with the Democrat opposition?

What does all this mean for the tax package that President Donald J. Trump will present later this year?  Will Trump back off on much if any of his proposed cuts to appease the Democrats?  How much will he sacrifice and what will he get for that sacrifice? 

Where does Donald J. Trump take his nationalism now that the Republican party has rejected it?  And by this I mean that the liberal side of the Republican Party has rejected it.  The only part of the party that has held fast to Trump’s nationalism is the Freedom Caucus who is now rejected by Trump for not supporting Ryancare.  Will Trump drop his nationalism?  What will he replace it with?  How will Trump go on another road trip to a rally and once again promise to “repeal and replace” Obamacare?  Is that promise now dead?  Will uttering those words drop like dead tree branches in the middle of a forest?

Beware of Trump’s talks to the Democrats.  Compromise is always won by the Democrats.  And compromise with the Democrats means America always loses, American citizens always lose.  If Trump reaches across that aisle the Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  We’ve seen this political play produced so many times in the past.   And America’s last chance at redemption will disappear.  Forever.  But maybe that’s the way it is supposed to be.
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017-03-26-051 They Said It Wouldn’t Happen…

Censorship.  That is what wouldn’t happen.  Remember all those many years ago when the Internet was first introduced to the world.  It was heralded as a permanent means of honest communications.  It was going to bring down the dictators and all the Evil governments of the world.  It would make the world FREE!!!

Now the very Western governments that heralded the openness of the Internet are now frantically trying to constrict its freedoms with the encouragement of the dictators and Evil governments that the Internet was supposed to over throw.

They said it wouldn’t happen.  But it is happening.  It’s happening right now.  It happening right in front of your faces.  What are YOU going to do about it?  Before it is too late.   It may already be too late to do anything about it.

The Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  And you will LOVE it one way or the other!!!
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

2017-03-25-050 The Strange Case of the Communist Pope…

Jorge Bergoglio, the Bishop of Rome, made some very curious statements regarding the use of exorcists.  It’s very curious indeed.  Jorge Bergoglio told his bishops of the world not to hesitate to call in exorcists regarding the confessions of Catholics.  This is a very strange link to make for any Pope.  In all of Church history, there has been no direct link of confession to exorcisms.  In fact, it’s been many the case that the victims of possession are not found in the confessional.  The victims of possession usually don’t think about going to confessions to seek forgiveness from God.  So what’s REALLY going on here with Jorge Bergoglio and his linking CONFESSIONS of Catholics to exorcists and exorcisms?

Could it possibly be that the exorcists that Jorge Bergoglio trained are going to be used for something quite other than the “traditional” purpose of exorcism?   What specifically would be a case where these exorcists would be called in to assist the confessor and the “possessed”.  What kind of things would draw the attention of the confessor priest to a Catholic to make the priest think that the Catholic required the attention of an “exorcist”?  As I have already said, you don’t usually find demon possessed people going to confession to seek the forgiveness of God. 

I wonder if something else is actually going on here.  What is Jorge Bergoglio up to?  I wonder if this is going to be some kind of system of enforcement of the Catholic Church’s Doctrine of Climate Change and One World Government.  I wonder if this is going to be a similar system that the Communists use to ensure the proper instructional propagation of doctrines to their enslaved masses.

Just wondering.  But this is very strange to say the least.  Jorge Bergoglio links confessions of Catholics to the need for exorcisms.  Very strange indeed!
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Friday, March 24, 2017

2017-03-24-049 World War III Imminent…

Just EXACTLY what are they thinking about when the Japanese and the Americans consider in public the possibility of a “first strike” on North Korea? 

Have the seriously thought this all through already? 

Do they believe it will be a NUCLEAR first strike? 

Who will execute the first strike, Japan or America? 

How will the rest of the world react to a first strike against North Korea? 

Are they ready for the complete followup to a first strike on North Korea?  Are they ready for a full invasion of North Korea? 

Are they ready for full annihilation of the North Korean military and government? 

Will the Chinese step in just as they did in the 1950s? 

Will China launch a first strike against Japan and the United States? 

Will Russia take advantage of this situation with its own first strike on the United States?

Have they thought this all through completely?

Is this Armaggedon?

Is this World War III which is about to commence?

Is this the annihilation of nations which was foretold in the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima?

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017-03-23-048 Screw Your Health Care Savings Accounts…

I repeat!  Screw your health care savings accounts.  Ninety percent of the people of the United States don’t have enough income to open regular bank savings accounts!  You clowns expect them to open health savings accounts also!  No!  This is a solution for the rich by the rich.  The rest of us will have to eat grass!

I heard Mike Pence on Rush Limbaugh yesterday and Pence hemmed and hawed when Rush asked him if the tax penalties go away.  The fact is that they don’t!  Pence said that they make enforceability negligible.  But that does not free America from the slavery to healthcare.  Why?  Because they WANT those penalties!  And they want to FORCE us all INTO buying health insurance!  They NEED to FORCE us to buy health insurance at any price the want to set for it!!!  This bill does NOT increase competition between health insurers which would bring down prices fast.  It protects insurers from failure.  And that’s all they care about.

You have to understand!  There are too many bankers, Republicans and Democrats all around making too much money from the current Obamcare scheme.  They RUN the state exchanges.  They provide massive consultations of healthcare regulations and liabilities.  They DON’T want these government enforced cash cows to disappear.  This is why they WON’T simply repeal Obamacare and be done with it.  This is why they WON’T return us to the pre-Obamacare days where there was some twisted version of a free market.  Nope.  They have the chain around our necks and they intend to keep it there.

Kill Trumpcare!  Kill Ryancare!  I don’t care what you call it but KILL it!!!  This is not what Trump promised in his campaign.  This is a screw job by the Republicans.  KILL IT!!!
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2017-03-22-047 A Bad Political Gambit…

It’s Obamacare 2.0.  That’s what it is.  Only this time the Republicans crafted it, Republican Donald Trump supports it and they want the voters who voted against Obamacare to love it. 

It’s a bad political gambit.  It’s a bad political gambit made worse by the outrageous fact that they are holding the tax cuts hostage for the passage of Ryancare.  No Ryancare.  No tax cuts.  Of course, if we fall for this and pass Ryancare then the next struggle will be that we won’t get all or many or maybe even any tax cuts after all. 

So, if the conservatives can kill Ryancare they should, they must.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017-03-21-046 Compromise with The Devil…

The headline on Drudge reads “Reach Across the Aisle, Mr. President!”  It was an opinion piece written by Peggy Noonan.  Do I need to say any more?

Notice how the Republicans ALWAYS need to “reach across the aisle”.  It’s because the Democrats NEVER do.  The Democrats ALWAYS make sure that their people do NOT “reach across the aisle”.  The Democrats do not compromise.  The Democrats NEVER reach across the aisle.   And this is how they always WIN.  They ALWAYS pull the conservatives to their LEFT, to their EVIL.  And this makes the conservatives just a little bit more EVIL, just a little bit more PROGRESSIVE, just a little more SOCIALIST, just a little more COMMUNIST.  That’s what compromise does!  That’s what “reaching across the aisle” does!!!  It pollutes the conservatives.  It compromises the very beliefs of the conservatives.  And the Democrats know this.  They are Satanically BRILLIANT at making their opposition “compromise”.

It’s the slippery slope of “compromise”.  But can you really compromise on your principles, presuming one has any principles at all?   If you REALLY believe in something can you compromise even a small piece of that something away for any kind of an agreement and still say that you believe in what you believe?  Clearly the answer is no.  It really means that you didn’t believe in what you said you believed at all.  Because a little compromise is a LOT compromised.

And this is how the communists always win!  Compromise with them!  Reach across that aisle, Mr. President.  Sell just a little part of your soul so that an agreement can be reached.  Move yourself just a wee bit to the Left so that they will reach out to you, Mr. President.  Maybe!  Or most likely maybe not! 

It’s the compromisers who ALWAYS lose in a compromise.  And that’s the way it is.  Eventually, we are going to have to say NO!  Absolutely NO MORE COMPROMISES!  We are going to have to dig our heels in and fight!  But it already may be too late.  Donald Trump may be learning that lesson right now.  The whole world is against Mr. Trump and the principles which he brought to Office of the President of the United States.  Most presidents never get to that office without being majorly compromised.  But that’s why they American Middle Class voted for Donald J. Trump.  He wasn’t a compromised politician.

Don’t reach across that aisle, Mr. President.  You will have to sell your soul to do it.  You will have to sell out the voters who put you in office to do what you said you would do.  We expect you to do what you said you would do.  Don’t compromise it away!!!
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Monday, March 20, 2017

2017-03-20-045 The Destruction of the American Middle Class…

Don’t look too closely.  Don’t think about it.  Don’t wonder what is going on here.   Don’t sweat it.  Don’t worry.  Be happy.  It’s this silly little thing called the American Retail Ice Age.  Have you ever heard of anything so stupid, idiotic and moronic in your life?  Yes, I have.  It’s called Global Climate Change.  But that’s another blog.

The American Retail Ice Age is the foolish name the cable business pundits have BRILLIANTLY tagged the fundamental collapse of the American Retail Industry.  This collapse is most notable for the skyrocketing closing of retail sales stores by some of the biggest retail businesses in America.  The loser pundits are now labeling the closing of retail stores as “over build”.  And the fools called business pundits try to claim that the collapse of the American retail system can be blamed on increased competition from online purchases at Amazon.  Horse poop!  Amazon isn’t pulling in nearly enough cash to equal the loss of all the American brick and mortar retailers. 

No.  Something else is going on here.  Something stealthy but devastating to the American middle class.  The American Middle Class no longer has the money to keep the functional retail organizations running.  The construction of all these retail malls which are now so starkly empty is the obvious indicator or the collapse of the American Middle Class. 

It was the American Middle Class who elected Donald J. Trump as president.  It was the American Middle Class who sees that it is being destroyed by the policies of the American Leftists, the Democrats and their RADICAL socialist, communist leaders.  It was the American Middle Class who rejected Hillary and her communist Alinsky ideas for a real business man who understands the true nature of economics and social interaction.  The election of Donald Trump is the American Middle Class’s last effort to survive.  The current Deep State government has been working since the 1960s with the Democrats and the communist, socialist organizations in America to destroy the American Middle Class and bring about their glorious idea of Marxism.  That is exactly where we are right now.

But what is the driving mechanism that is destroying the American Middle Class?  It the brilliant lie of Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Healthcare Act.  It is sucking so much money out of the pockets of the American Middle Class that they no longer have the money for much of anything else.  They can’t even afford clothes to keep the American retailers in business anymore.  And it’s such a brilliantly destructive economic monster that no one notices.  No one connects the destruction of the economy to the healthcare law.  No one connects the mandatory coerced redistribution of wealth via the healthcare law to the destruction of the American retail industry.   Americans are so stupid!!!

Donald Trump and his people understand.  They understand better than I do.  And they are trying to do something about it.  That’s what Make America Great Again is all about.  But Trump is face daunting, massive resistance from all those who make BILLIONS from the current status quo.  The massive redistribution of the American Middle Class’s wealth is making politicians and bankers very, very wealthy.  They want this destruction to continue.  That includes the RINO members of the Republican party.

America’s future is that of Venezuela today.  That’s the American Retail Ice Age right now.  It’s the brilliantly managed destruction of the American economy and the American Middle Class.  And most of the American Middle Class still is completely unaware of what is going on.  Most of the American Middle Class does not see the war that is being brilliantly waged against them.  Not with guns but with economics, interest rates, banks, loans, profits and losses, taxes, wealth redistribution. 

Now the retailers are closing shop.  There are no customers.  The customers have no money anymore.  It may already be too late.  Too late for the American Middle Class.   Too late for America.  And too late for the world.  Americans have been brilliantly mislead by virtually all of their leaders into accepting their own destruction.  It’s a truly remarkable achievement in the history of the human race!!!
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017-03-19-044 The Rising Tide of Nationalism…

2017-03-19-044  The Rising Tide of Nationalism…

In the United States and around the world, the people are rising up against Globalism, the current word for Communism.  Around the world, people are realizing now the dangers posed to the current citizens of Western Civilization by the uncontrolled flood of third world immigrants, legal and illegal, into their nations.  Around the world, Western Civilization as a group is coming to a real understanding of devastating effects Globalism will have to economies, law and life.  And around the world, people are rejecting it against the demands of their very own political and economic elites.

But could this be a part of the plan?  Most likely, the Globalists have calculated all of the angles.  They know what their goals are.  They know how they want to achieve them.  And, like the good chess players that they are, they have alternative plans in case something goes awry.  In fact, they might very well be counting on the rise of nationalism as the means to the end, that is the complete destruction of current world civilization to bring about the New World Order which Kissinger and George H.W. Bush spoke so longingly for in their speeches, interviews and books.

They knew that parts if not most of the world would come to reject their New World Order.  The effects of the world government system would begin to be felt at about the time that they were ready to formalize the New World Order system.  We see the effects in North Korea and China as well as the newly crowned jewel of the New World Order, Venezuela.  Can you imagine Venezuela on a global scale?  Can you imagine your life under the global version of North Korea?  Well that will be the New World Order when they get done with their scheme.  And they know most of the world would reject it.  So they needed to have a plan to handle that rejection.  You can bet that they have one.

Their Future of the World is Slavery!!!  Your Future!!!  Your Slavery!!!  It’s coming.  If they can’t impose it peacefully then they will impose it by war.  But it is coming.
Venezuela Responds to Bread Shortage ... By Arresting Bakers and Seizing Bakeries
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

2017-03-18-043 They Said It Wouldn’t Happen Here…

In the very early days of the Internet these new software applications appeared virtually out of nowhere.  They were called search engines.  They scoured the Internet cataloging all of the findable web sites on the Internet and then added them to gigantic databases.  The databases were searchable and this became the basis for the giant search engines we see today.

But back in those days many became concerned about the control of those search engines.  Who would come out on top of those databases in user searches?  How would they search results be ranked?  And worse, many worried about censorship controls.  But they said it wouldn’t happen here.   After all, this is America.  Right?  This is the land of the free.  We are protected by the Constitution.  Right?  Controlled speech?  Never!  Censorship?  Never!

And now it is happening right in front of our eyes.  And it seems that there is no end to the desire of our evil politicians to suppress free speech, especially on the Internet.  This is bad, folks.  This is VERY BAD!!  We are literally about to lose our rights to free speech, especially political speech. 
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Friday, March 17, 2017

2017-03-17-042 Trump’s New Immigrant Restriction Suspended by Communists Again…

The second executive order issued by President Donald Trump to restrict and control immigration from seven terrorist nations has been suspended by an Obama appointed judge in the state of Hawaii. 

I predicted it would happen.  The communists have deeply infected the judicial hierarchy throughout the United States.  They are BRILLIANTLY using the power of the judiciary to keep the unwanted policies of the communist Obama administration in place regardless of the law. 

This is what I knew Trump would face after his election.  The question is how Trump will respond to these issues because they are crucial issues.  If is obvious that the communist Democrats will do anything and everything to keep Trump from reversing any of Obama’s evil policies.  But even MORE, the Democrats are desperate to keep the Deep State of Obama in place.  That’s the REAL effort here.  They are working frantically to keep Obama in power even though Obama is out of the White House now. 

It’s going to take some big thinking to overcome the massive amount of organization and funding that Trump is up against right now.  And this extends through all of the American intelligence agencies.  This is why the Senate is dragging its feet in the approval process for Trump’s nominees.  It leaves those parts of the Trump administration in Obama’s hands and control.  The longer the approvals take the longer Obama controls Trump’s government. 

But what you really have to understand is that Hillary Clinton would be facing the same outside control of the government by Obama.  You see, Obama set all of this up long before Trump looked like he was going to win.  Obama set up his Deep State.  Obama bought his house in Washington DC a year before the election.  So, Obama was going to control the government even in a Hillary Clinton administration.  How that would have been handled will never be known because Trump successfully thwarted that plan by winning the presidency over Clinton.

So now Obama finds himself using all of his control of the government to undermine Trump.  One has to wonder if Obama has come to any agreements with Mike Pence.  I would not be surprised if they did.
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017-03-16-041 Microsoft Windows Update Complexity…

My system just underwent Microsoft’s March Windows Update.  And it is beginning to worry me.  The end result was a successful update.  There were five patch updates installed in this round of fixes. 

But what was not obvious was that the one of the updates, I believe it was the KB4013418 Update to Windows 10 Version 1607 was almost 700 megabytes in size according to Microsoft Technical Support whom I called regarding this Windows Update.  So it appeared to me that after almost an hour of downloading the patches and it was on 95% the whole time.  It appeared as though the update had hung up or failed.

What I think I am try to get at is that the Microsoft download indicators and information do not match the real time progress of the download and update process itself.  So the user has no way of telling the actual status of the download and update.  It appears as though the update is hung up when it actually is not.  Linux doesn’t have this problem.  Ever.  In Linux you can tell exactly where the update download is at any time. 

This issue of the poor Windows download and update status is getting to be a matter of trust for my Windows system.  Sure, it’s all supposed to happen in background anyway.  But the indicators don’t match the Windows Update Status at any time during the update.  So the user has no real clue as to where the download is during the process.  Once the downloads are complete the system indicates that the patches are ready to be installed and the use can click the install button to proceed. 

The installation of the patches occurred surprisingly fast once the download was complete.  Now my system shows all five patches installed successfully and I can forget about last month’s failed installation of the Malicious Software Removal Tool which failed to install and never did install after that failure.

Up until just the last four months or so I have never had a problem with the Windows Update process.  The patches always seemed to download and the progress always seemed to be represented well.  When the download process completed an install button appeared which allowed me to initiate the installation and reboot of the machine.  But during the last four months the download process seems to have proved problematic and I am not sure why.

Just simple observations from a Windows user.
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2017-03-15-040 Main Stream Media and Democrats LIE and LIE and LIE!!!

So the goof ball Rachael Maddow had a huge scoop on President Donald Trump’s taxes.  She claimed she was tipped off with a copy of Trump’s 2005 tax returns.  Maddow teased her audience with the Evil news!  What would they find on Trump’s tax returns?  Did she even look at them before she showed them to her audience?  Didn’t she understand that those returns would only make Trump look GOOD?

Well, for one major thing, Maddow and the loonytoons at CNN found that Trump actually DID pay taxes!  HUGE taxes!!!  Trump paid 25% tax rate on his 2005 income.  YUUUUUGE!  And that made a LIAR out of Hillary (Scumbag) Clinton who claimed that Trump paid no taxes!  It made a HUGE LIAIR out of Harry Reid, the former Democrat Leader in the Senate, who claimed on the floor of the Senate that Trump paid NO TAXES on his income!!!  LIARS  ALL!!!  SCUMBAGS!!!  Trump paid $38 MILLION DOLLARS in taxes to the Federal Government in 2005!!!  Trump PAID HIS FAIR SHARE, YOU LYING BASTARD SCUMBAG COMMUNISTS!!!

But what else would anyone have expected from them?  We can CLEARLY see where the REAL FAKE NEWS IS!!!  It’s CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC!  And that’s just for starters!!!  Remember that everything you see and hear on the main stream media is PROPAGANDA designed to influene and control your thinking and your feelings.
OBAMA [19%]... AND BERNIE [13%]!
$38M ON $150M...
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Monday, March 13, 2017

2017-03-13-039 RyanScam…

It’s a huge disappoint.  Yuge!  As Trump says!  Yuuuge!  What’s the disappointment?  RyanCare.  It’s the curse that Paul Ryan wants to enslave the American people with now that he has the floor.  The biggest disappointment is that Donald Trump is going along with it. 

Ryan’s plan is as bad if not worse than what Obama gave us in the UN-Affordable Healthcare Act.  We all know now that the ACA was a Ponzi scheme.  We all know now for certain by experience what we knew then by education and theory.  It was unsustainable as a government policy.  Completely unsustainable.  Only now with the revelations of one of ACA’s creators, Gruber, we know that it was designed to fail.  It was designed to fail spectacularly.  And Gruber admitted that they had to lie to the American people to get such a monstrously bad scheme passed.  These people are monsters.

And now Paul Ryan basically serves up Obamacare to us again with very minor modifications.  And those modifications actually make Ryancare worse than Obamacare.  The mandate to buy insurance is still there.  So the entire population of the citizens of the United States have had the shackles of healthcare slavery locked to their wrists and ankles again with the new plan.  You must buy Ryancare at whatever price the government or the healthcare insurance companies tell you is the price.  If you do not you will still be fined for not buying it.  But in Ryan’s plan those penalties are INCREASED over Obama’s plan.  That’s the modification I wrote about earlier. 

And most incredibly, Ryan and his sycophants are trying to sell this new ripoff to us with all of the same old jargon and slogans that the ObamaCommies used.  You can buy the insurance you need at the price you can afford.  That was a lie.  You can pick your doctor.  Well that’s not a big deal now.  Is it?  At least they aren’t promising that you can keep your doctor.  That was a lie.  Ryan and friends are keeping the “feature” that mandates coverage of pre-existing conditions.  This will cause Ryancare prices to SKYROCKET just as Obamacare skyrocketed.  All of the bad features of Obamacare are in Ryancare.

The essential features of Ryancare are directly from Obamacare.  And as such it does nothing to help We, the People, free ourselves of this governmental healthcare bondage.  And Trump is just standing there with his hands in his pocket and nodding in agreement with Ryan.  Trump likes this slavery plan.  Trump is promoting this healthcare slavery plan.  And this is deep reveal of Trump’s political ideology.

I was afraid of this.  This is Trump’s fatal flaw.  He is at heart a liberal.  So most of his policy programs are going to carry the stamp of liberal ideology.  You might wonder that the communist Democrats don’t go along with the plan?  They don’t go along because it is Trump’s.  Trump is a business man.  Trump is the arch enemy of the communist Democrats.  Trump is literally their Darth Vader.  Trump represents a free economy to them.  It’s like a crucifix to a vampire.  Trump represents business with profits and losses.  Communists hate that whole economic scheme.  And therefore, they hate Trump.  Badly.  Intensely.  If any other Republican had been elected that person might have received more cooperation from the Democrats than Trump will ever receive.  Why?  Because all those other Republican candidates were part of the Establishment.  They were part of the insider group.  They would go along to get along.

Maybe Trump and friends (Bannon, Conway) are going to use Ryancare as a lever against Ryan and McConnell in the future.  Maybe they will blame Ryan and McConnell for the equally bad impact Ryancare is going to have on the people of the United States as Obamacare did.  I don’t know that and I am a fairly bad strategic chess player.  I can’t see the future political moves from the current political positions.  But there must be reasons that I don’t see.

Non-the-less, I had hoped that I would never have to buy health insurance.  I avoided it under Obama and I had hoped that Trump would free us forever from the slavery of mandated health insurance.  Obviously that is not going to be.  Ryancare will still use the IRS as a mandatory enforcer of the law although all penalties will go to health insurance companies and not the IRS as under Obamacare, so I understand.  But now it looks like the enslavement will continue and I can be assured of eventually being impaled upon the healthcare penalty spike.  This is a great, great disappointment for me as a Trump supporter.  But what else is there or was there.  We had no other choice but to try Trump.  And now Trump is going to fail us.

It’s  big, big disappoint for me.
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

2017-03-11-038 Vault 7 – Wikileaks Dumps on the CIA…

Yet again our national security is struck by a massive leak.  Wikileaks and Julian Assange dumps a massive trove of documentation directly from the top secret vaults of the CIA regarding CIA hacking of computer operating systems and computer hardware devices for the purposes of information gathering. 

This particular document dump probably does more to damage CIA accumulation of foreign intelligence because it details the bugs that the CIA found in computer hardware and software.  This document dump details the applications that the CIA created to take advantage of those bugs.  And now the manufacturers of that buggy software and hardware are working with Wikileaks to close those buggy holes and thereby impede the CIA’s intelligence collection abilities. 

These buggy holes are called “zero-day” bugs.  They are flaws in the programming of the software or hardware which enable hackers to insert and run their own code.  Doing this gives the hackers control and access to systems that they wouldn’t normally have.

I have to say that I think only the ignorant or the stupid would have to be shocked at this latest dump from Wikileaks.  After all, that is what hacking is all about.  It’s the nature of the computer and the Internet.  It’s the nature of the technologies involved.  Why should anyone be shocked that the best hackers in the world would take advantages of the bugs found in software and hardware to penetrate target assets for intelligence collection? 

Those at Wikileaks think they may be doing the world a favor or better.  Maybe they are.  Maybe they are not.  The software and the hardware manufacturers will be hard at it to close those buggy holes and thereby deny the CIA and other intelligence organizations the capabilities they currently have.  But that won’t stop the CIA from finding new vectors of system penetrations.  Closing one set of bugs usually opens up new bugs.

The key here is that the intelligence agencies are taking advantage of bugs and other such quirks in the currently available hardware and software.  As far as we know right now, the intelligence agencies are not working with the software and hardware manufacturers to enable penetration of systems for intelligence collection.   So the applications the CIA developed for information collection were not created with the cooperation of the software or hardware manufacturers.  Rather, the CIA applications were created by hackers working in CIA research and development organizations.

And we can also be assured that, even as the software and hardware manufacturers work to close these bugs revealed by Wikileaks, the CIA and other intelligence agencies will simply continue to analyze the computer environment for more bugs to use to penetrate networks and computer systems.

Are there any new revelations with this Wikileaks dump?  Not really.  Most of what is revealed in this Wikileaks Vault 7 dump was already suspected for quite some time although the details of how the snooping was done was not available. 

And so the games will go on.  The technology begs for it to go on.  And it will.
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Friday, March 10, 2017

2017-03-10-037 Ryancare is Obamacare Lite and We are Still Slaves to It…

It’s Ryancare.  Make no mistake about it.  It’s RYANCARE.  It’s NOT Trumpcare.  It will never be Trumpcare.  This abortion of an Obamacare replacement is purely Congressman Paul Ryan’s creation.  And it is going to keep the American citizens enslaved to the Federal government and the government’s healthcare mandates.

The Ryancare Plan keeps the mandates that Trump promised to eliminate.  The Ryancare Plan also keeps the tax penalties for not buying health insurance but it changes the collection method from the IRS to health insurance companies.  These are the two worst parts of Ohomocare and they are just going to carry it over.  But what else could we have expected from the RINOs like Paul Ryan.  The RINOs are communist Democrats only Lite.

It seems like President Trump is taking a wait and see what happens in Congress before he says or does anything as there is little quoted from Trump in the news yet.

The worst part is that the government will simply not get out of health care ever again.  We are now permanently screwed with some form of socialized medicine.  And like the rest of the world, we can only be guaranteed that it will get worse until health care gets to a point where we pay maximum for NOTHING!!!  And then you die!!!  Just as you would have if you had to pay for NO healthcare insurance at all.

All in all, this is a big disappointment from the legislative side.
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